Which Nissan Models Have 360 Camera

Which Nissan Models Have 360 Camera in your car?

In the Modern era, everyone became smarty cars and took security in every car. Nissan buyers are looking for Nissan models which are equipped with a 360-degree camera system. This is also called Around View Monitor (AVM) or Intelligent Around View Monitor.

Here are those Nissan models with 360 Camera :

  1. Nissan Altima
  2. Nissan Maxima
  3. Nissan Murano
  4. Nissan Rogue
  5. Nissan Pathfinder
  6. Nissan Armada
  7. Nissan Titan
  8. Nissan Ariya
  9. Nissan Kicks
  10. Nissan Rogue Sport
  11. Nissan LEAF
  12. Nissan Versa
  13. Nissan Sentra
  14. Nissan Frontier
  15. Nissan TITAN
  16. Nissan TITAN® XD
  17. Nissan GT-R

NOTE📝 We collect that data from the official Nissan website for the most recent up-to-date information.

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Nissan Around View Monitor Aftermarket Available?

Good question! So Nissan’s Around View Monitor system (or AVM) is their branded name for the 360-degree camera tech that comes built into some of their newer models. Since it’s proprietary and integrated into the car’s electronics from the factory, the AVM isn’t really available as an aftermarket add-on.

You CAN get some generic aftermarket 360 cams installed, but it’ll require splicing into wiring which some aren’t comfortable with. And it definitely won’t sync up as nicely with the dash display or other functions compared to Nissan’s original AVM setup.

I feel you on not wanting to hack up your vehicle if you don’t need to! Maintaining originality is big for a lot of drivers. So for most people, having the true Around View Monitor feature already on board is key. Otherwise aftermarket systems are limited in capability by comparison.

The takeaway is: if 360 visibility and tight integration matter most, upgrade to a Nissan model like the Pathfinder or Armada that offer the built-in AVM from the start. Or if you just want a basic bird’s eye camera and don’t mind custom installation, generic aftermarket kits are there as an option too. Either way, drive safe and watch those blind spots!

Which Nissan Models Have 360 Camera
Which Nissan Models Have 360 Camera

How Does Nissan 360 Camera Work

Nissan’s “Around View Monitor” (AVM) 360 camera system is pretty trick. It uses 4 cameras – one under each side mirror, one on the front grille, and one on the rear bumper. These cameras give a bird’s-eye view around pretty much the entire vehicle.

So when you shift into reverse, the camera feeds automatically turn on and stitch together an overhead view of your Nissan on the dashboard screen. It’s like you’re magically seeing right through the vehicle! You can see obstacles all around you in tight spots, making parking a breeze without curbing your wheels or nudging anything.

The front camera activates when you’re creeping forward too, so even pulling out of alleys or seeing how far you are from a wall is crystal clear. Some Nissan models even project guidelines on the 360 view to show your direction and how close things are. It takes out all the guesswork!

And on top of parking help, having eyes pretty much all around your ride just gives peace of mind on the road when changing lanes, avoiding hidden pedestrians, and more. The Nissan 360 setup makes it feel like you have supernatural Spidey-senses for danger! It’s one clever camera system for sure.

How Does Nissan Overhead Camera Work

The “overhead camera” in Nissans refers to the bird’s eye view you get from their 360 degree camera system. It’s a super helpful feature when parking or maneuvering your vehicle in tight spots.

Basically, Nissan stitches together video feeds from 4 cameras mounted around the car – front, back, and side mirrors. By combining the videos, it generates a live overhead view of your vehicle and surroundings projected right onto your dash screen.

So in any parking scenario, you can see a top-down perspective that makes distances and alignment much clearer. It highlights obstacles around you and can add projected path lines when moving as well. This takes out all the second-guessing of whether you’re too close to objects or if your wheels are positioned right.

The overhead view activates whenever you shift into reverse by default. But many Nissan models with the 360 system also allow you to manually trigger it while slowly driving forward. This lets you inch out cautiously from garages, tight trails, and other tricky scenarios.

So in short, Nissan’s overhead camera view gives you a superhuman, X-ray vision-like perspective of your vehicle’s placement. It makes navigating cramped areas or avoiding hidden curbs a total breeze! The transparency takes a lot of the stress out of maneuvering.


Getting those multiple 360 cameras perfectly dialed in is tricky business – but super important! If one’s off even a little bit, your bird’s eye view of the car won’t sync up right. Luckily Nissan’s got it down to a science to make the calibration magic happen.

See, first the service techs get your car parked in just the right spot in the shop. We’re talking perfectly centered lines and everything. Precise vehicle placement is step one for oriented camera angles.

Then when the Around View Monitor system is installed, the real camera calibration begins. Using specialized Nissan software and equipment, the techs can digitally adjust each camera’s field of view. It’s like a virtual tuning knob for aligning every feed to create one unified overhead image.

Once calibration is complete, the final verification test drive confirms all the camera views blend smoothly into that flawless 360 panorama. Like an orchestra of lenses coming together in perfect visual harmony!

So in short – it’s an intricate, fine-tuning process to make your Around View camera seamlessly in sync. But that attention to detail is what gives you crystal-clear confidence when guiding your ride! Just takes some calibration magic to align the lenses just right.

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