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Ways to Conquer Driving Anxiety

There are certain situations and events where anxiety and panic are inevitable. Some experience distress while sitting behind the wheel. New drivers, in particular, feel anxious to drive. Bridges and tunnels are horrifying for the weak-hearted.

You can reduce the intensity of panic by employing a reliable vehicle for difficult terrain. You don’t have to purchase it to experience it. There is an attractive option for Dodge Challenger rental Dubai to take the car home temporarily at a minimal cost.

Ways to Overcome Anxiety are suggested below:

  • Drive Local

Drive around your block or near your city to get used to driving before going to more high-speed roads. Try driving when roads are empty or in big parking lots to overcome the anxiety of maneuvering around. Your mind would get bored driving on empty roads which is a positive sign.

  • Acknowledge Your Anxiety

The first step in rectifying a problem is accepting that you have one. Take a moment and think of all possible memories or events which might be responsible for anxiety or panic to come across when you press the accelerator. Gathering this information is a wise way to cope with distress. There might be some underlying problems like PTSD, OCD, or other mental disorders. You require professional help if you are diagnosed with any such disease.

  • Carry a Friend

If you don’t have any medical condition, you can try to experiment with driving with a company. Bring someone from your friends or family along with you. The person sitting with you will help you stay focused and support you if you break down during your journey. The rewarding words of your companion to wonders at times. 

  • Focus on Present

One of the major causes of anxiety in general is overthinking. People tend to think ahead and get scared by the events or hurdles they may encounter in the future. In case of driving, an upcoming hard terrain, old bridge, or dark tunnel may pass chills down your spine. You need to focus on the road and always keep yourself occupied with the current situation. Filling your mind with positive outcomes and occasional productive self-talk is the key to overcoming panic.

  • Beat Emotions

The news we see and the catastrophic stories we hear put fear in our hearts. Our brain warns us that the same can happen to us on our next drive. You need to stop listening to those frightening warnings in your mind. Be a reasonable driver and learn to cope with it. Once you train your mind to prioritize real-life experiences over news and fears, you will feel a dramatic improvement in your driving and a significant boost in your confidence.

  • Avoid the Avoidance

You need to be aware of your fears and never ignore the needle of constant fear poking your thoughts throughout transit. Deal with your fears and familiarize yourself with all possible terrifying outcomes. Take a moment or two and let your nerves calm if you encounter severe panic attacks while driving. Neglecting these calls from your body worsens the situation and in the worst case, your fears may turn into reality.

  • Positive and Calm Environment

The most effective way to curb the intensity of the anxiety is to create a positive soothing environment in the car. Use air conditioning as required, music is a mood lifter and helps relieve stress, use car fragrance and seat cushions for optimal comfort. You may also consider singing in the car which takes your mind away from dreadful thoughts. Think of the destination you are going to and the exciting places you are yet to travel to.

  • Try Relaxation Methods

If nothing is going your way, you can opt for some mind and body relaxing methods. Do meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), deep breathing, and autogenic training. These methods are scientifically proven to be effective in overcoming anxiety and giving people insight into their minds and give knowledge about their bodies and their working

  • Take Driving Classes

Some new drivers fail to keep all the rules and tips while driving and the overall driving experience deteriorates as a result. This can put fear in the mind of the driver. A person should take driving classes and take precautionary measures to avoid any hiccups in riding. 


Whether you could identify your enigma from the above points or not, one thing to keep in mind is that there is always a solution to every problem. Keep yourself calm and composed in the driving seat. Have confidence in your skills and basic instincts to defeat your terror. The anxiety is not something rectified in a day or two so you have to be patient to conquer it.

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