Innova Hycross

These Strong Hybrid Cars Are Selling Like Hotcakes

Toyota has emerged as a leader in the strong hybrid segment, with four of its models making the list – the Innova Hycross, Hyryder, Camry, and Vellfire. These strong hybrid vehicles offer several advantages, including better fuel efficiency and lower emissions compared to traditional vehicles. Additionally, their production costs are lower than battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), making them more affordable to a wider range of buyers in the country.

The strong hybrid market has seen remarkable growth in recent times. In Q1 2021, it stood at 190 units, but this number surged significantly to 15,841 units in Q4 of 2022, and further increased to 22,389 units in Q1 2023. However, there has been a recent decline in sales, with Q2 2023 showing a dip in strong hybrid sales, totaling 14,399 units.

Toyota’s dominance in the strong hybrid segment is a testament to the growing interest and demand for eco-friendly and cost-effective vehicles in the market. While there may be fluctuations in sales figures, the strong hybrid category continues to attract attention from consumers seeking more sustainable transportation options.

Innova Hycross
Innova Hycross

Strong Hybrid Car Sales Q2 2023 Decline

The strong-hybrid segment experienced a remarkable surge in sales, surpassing BEV sales in two consecutive quarters – Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. This success can be attributed to the introduction of new and enticing products by Toyota and Maruti Suzuki. However, the momentum could not be sustained in the past quarter, with Q2 2023 witnessing a dip in sales. The market share of hybrid cars dropped from 2.2 percent in Q1 2023 to 1.4 percent in the latest quarter.

In the strong hybrid segment, MUVs emerged as the frontrunners, commanding a 51 percent market share, followed closely by SUVs with 42 percent, and sedans at 7 percent. Toyota dominated this category with a 69 percent market share, while Maruti Suzuki held a strong position with 28 percent, and Honda followed with a 4 percent share.

The Toyota Innova Hycross emerged as the top performer, with 7,073 units sold in Q2 2023, capturing an impressive 49 percent market share. The Maruti Grand Vitara secured the second spot, selling 3,763 units in the past quarter, and commanding a 26 percent market share.

Toyota continued to showcase its prowess in the strong hybrid segment, offering three more models. The Hyryder recorded 2,251 unit sales in Q2 2023, while the Camry and Vellfire sold 389 and 151 units respectively. The Camry and Vellfire held a 3 percent and 1 percent market share, respectively, on the strong hybrid list in Q2 2023.

While the segment witnessed a dip in sales during the past quarter, the strong hybrid category remains an exciting and competitive space, driven by the appeal of eco-friendly and cost-effective vehicles offered by leading automakers like Toyota and Maruti Suzuki.

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Honda City sedan, Maruti Invicto Sales Q2 2023

In March 2023, Honda launched the facelifted hybrid version of its popular City sedan, which performed admirably in the market, securing the 4th position on the list with 569 units sold in Q2 2023. The Honda City hybrid sedan captured a 4 percent share in this segment. Another notable contender was the Maruti Invicto MPV, a recent entrant to the market, which recorded sales of 203 units in Q2 2023, commanding a 1 percent market share.

The Maruti Invicto MPV, priced at Rs 24.79 lakh (ex-showroom), competes with the Toyota Innova Hycross, boasting similar technical specifications. It is available in Zeta Plus and Alpha Plus variants, and its hybrid powertrain is borrowed from the popular Innova Hycross.

Both the Honda City hybrid sedan and the Maruti Invicto MPV represent strong contenders in the competitive hybrid segment, offering eco-friendly and technologically advanced options for buyers. As the demand for hybrid vehicles continues to rise, these models are sure to attract attention from customers looking for fuel-efficient and environmentally-conscious transportation solutions.

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