Tesla Launches New Wall Charger That Works With All Electric Cars

Tesla has unveiled its latest innovation in wall chargers, showcasing a highly advanced Level-2 charger dubbed the Universal Wall Connector. This cutting-edge charger boasts the capacity to deliver an impressive 11.5 kW of power through a 50-amp connection. The uniqueness of this charger lies in its compatibility with both Tesla and non-Tesla vehicles, a feat achieved through an ingenious NACS to J1772 adapter seamlessly integrated into the plug.

While the market for EV wall chargers is already saturated with options, many companies are striving to outshine car manufacturers by offering more advanced charging solutions. Tesla owners have largely remained aloof from this segment, as Tesla’s own chargers have consistently received acclaim for their features. These compact and efficient chargers have effectively catered to the needs of most Tesla owners. However, the quest for a reliable wall charger remains a challenge for those who drive other electric vehicles.

Tesla Launches New Wall Charger

Enter Tesla’s game-changing Universal Wall Connector, which extends its comprehensive feature set to non-Tesla EV owners. This versatile wall charger can accommodate both Tesla and non-Tesla EVs, ensuring consistent access to advanced features and convenience. Inspired by Tesla’s Magic Dock used at Supercharger stations for CCS vehicle compatibility, the wall charger incorporates a manual NACS to J1772 adapter operation.

A simple button press on the plug releases the adapter, facilitating the charging of non-Tesla EVs through the J1772 plug. Conversely, without pressing the button, the NACS plug is freed, enabling the charging of Tesla vehicles. The plug incorporates auto-sensing capabilities, automatically opening the Tesla charge port. The charger’s output of 11.5 kW/48 amps can provide a range boost of up to 44 miles per hour. Remarkably, this charger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, catering not only to residences but also to hospitality properties and workplaces.

Owners can exercise control over the Universal Wall Connector via the Tesla app, facilitating usage monitoring and charging schedule management. Leveraging Wi-Fi connectivity, the charger can be remotely controlled and updated over-the-air. Remote diagnostics are also available for troubleshooting. Owners can customize amperage configurations based on their electrical system and installation site. Additionally, the charger supports power circuit sharing with up to six wall connectors, making it a valuable asset for commercial applications.

The new Tesla wall charger carries a price tag of $595, representing a compelling value proposition for those in search of a home charging solution. While slightly pricier than its predecessor, the Tesla Wall Connector ($475), the enhanced features more than justify the difference. For context, the Rivian Wall Charger is priced at $800, and Ford’s Connected Charge Station, though affordable, is also priced at $799.

With its superior features and competitive pricing, the Tesla Universal Wall Connector is poised to capture market share from carmakers and charging solution providers alike. Notably, the Tesla charger seamlessly integrates with a Tesla Powerwall and solar panels, adding an extra layer of convenience and sustainability. While available for order through the Tesla Shop and Best Buy, deliveries are expected to commence in October, marking the introduction of a game-changing charging solution.

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