Honda WR-V RS

Honda WR-V RS Debuts at GIIAS 2023, Is This the Hot Hatchback of SUVs?

Highly regarded within Asian markets, the Honda WR-V competes directly against formidable contenders like the Toyota Raize and the Daihatsu Rocky. This sporty subcompact crossover SUV has been strategically designed with a focus on burgeoning markets including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei. Notably, it enjoyed a presence in the Indian market as well, although it was recently phased out earlier this year. The decision for discontinuation in India could be attributed to sluggish sales and the implementation of new real-driving emission (RDE) regulations, among other factors.

Nonetheless, the WR-V continues to flourish in various Asian markets, underlined by its remarkable sales performance. At the ongoing GIIAS 2023, Honda has unveiled an even more exhilarating version of the WR-V crossover SUV. This latest iteration boasts a sportier and more grounded stance, characterized by a captivating kit. Infused with an extra dose of dynamism, the updated WR-V holds the power to captivate enthusiasts and onlookers alike.

Honda WR-V RS
Honda WR-V RS

Kitted Honda WR-V styling, features

In a departure from the usual practice handled by third-party workshops, Honda Indonesia has taken the reins to orchestrate a significant transformation of the WR-V. Notably, this official modification is exhibited through the modded version unveiled at GIIAS 2023, with the foundation resting on the Red RS variant.

Accentuated by a dual-tone color scheme, highlighted by a blacked-out roof, this configuration stands out as the sole dual-tone option available for the WR-V in Indonesia. The selection of the RS variant as the base for this customized version was a natural fit for Honda Indonesia’s vision.

Striving to amplify the SUV’s sporty allure, Honda has meticulously designed cosmetic enhancements that seamlessly integrate into its profile. A key visual element is the notably lowered ground clearance, accomplished through an array of thoughtful updates. The distinct body kit takes center stage at the front, sides, and rear, marked by a prominent air dam at the front and equally imposing side skirts.

Adding a dynamic touch below the windows is a sporty decal in a contrasting grey hue, emblazoned with WR-V lettering. The focal point of the design includes the attention-grabbing 7-spoke Work Emotion alloy wheels in a cool grey shade, each measuring 17 inches. At the rear, the SUV is adorned with a robust diffuser complemented by dual exhaust tips, alongside an extended tailgate spoiler. While the majority of features remain akin to the standard variant, these subtle yet striking modifications redefine the WR-V’s visual identity.

Notably, the reduced ground clearance has been achieved through a lowered suspension system. To enhance its athletic prowess further, the alloys are shod with low-profile 225/50 Michelin Primacy 4 tires—a deviation from the standard WR-V’s 215/55 tires. The broader tires are a definitive choice, amplifying the sporty appearance and tactile experience.

While the interior of the enhanced Honda WR-V hasn’t been unveiled, the potential to align the interiors with its sporty exteriors exists. This opens the door for Honda to potentially consider introducing the low ground clearance version as a special edition model, offering a holistic driving experience. However, the feasibility and timeline of such a development remain uncertain at this point.

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Honda WR-V performance

Under the hood of this enhanced version of the WR-V, no changes have been made. The SUV retains its robust performance through the utilization of a 1.5-liter i-VTEC NA engine, propelling it with a commanding 121 PS of maximum power and a peak torque of 145 Nm. This powerplant is seamlessly coupled with a CVT gearbox, ensuring a smooth and efficient transmission. Notably, its counterparts, the Toyota Raize and the Daihatsu Rocky, offer engine options in the form of a 1.2-liter NA and a 1.0-liter turbo respectively.

In the Indonesian market, the Honda WR-V RS stock variant is available at a competitive starting price of Rp 289.9 million, approximately translating to INR 15.75 lakh. For those seeking the added benefits of Honda Sensing, the RS variant can be acquired for Rp 309.9 million, approximately INR 16.84 lakh, making it an attractive proposition for discerning consumers.

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