Brand new Tata Nexon EV break

Brand new Tata Nexon EV breaks down minutes after leaving showroom! Customer demands new car.

Presently, Tata Motors stands as a prominent electric car manufacturer in India, showcasing their commitment to sustainable mobility. Their existing electric vehicle lineup includes the Nexon EV, Tiago EV, and Tigor EV, with further expansion anticipated in the near horizon. Notably, Tata’s Nexon holds its position as a market favorite, acclaimed for its affordability as one of India’s most accessible electric SUVs. With a surge in ownership review videos since its launch, a particular incident unfolds in Gujarat. Here, a newly acquired Nexon EV encountered a breakdown merely 10 hours post-delivery, instigating dissatisfaction and prompting the owner to seek a replacement.

On July 14, 2023, a customer made a purchase of the Tata Nexon EV, taking possession around 1:30 PM. The delivery process seemed uneventful, and the customer even took the vehicle for a test drive. However, an incident unfolded later that day, as recounted in a tweet shared online. Around 11 PM, after covering a distance of 15-20 km, the vehicle experienced a breakdown. The tweet included an image displaying a Critical Alert on the instrument cluster, prompting the customer to contact the service center for assistance. Interestingly, the odometer reading stood at 82 km, while the car still retained a remaining range of 201 km.

Swiftly, the customer reached out to the service center, leading to the dispatch of a flatbed to retrieve the stranded vehicle. Following this, the service center confirmed the vehicle’s receipt and initiated an inspection process. Within hours, the customer received another call, informing them that a part called PSA had been replaced, rectifying the problem.

However, the customer expressed dissatisfaction with the situation, highlighting the compromised quality of a vehicle owned for only 10-12 hours. Consequently, upon understanding the significance of the replaced component, the customer refused to accept the vehicle. Focusing on obtaining a replacement, conversations were initiated with the dealership, Progressive Cars, the entity responsible for selling the Nexon EV.

Subsequent interactions with the dealer appeared to dwindle, indicating a lack of resolution. A follow-up email from the dealership urged the customer to take possession of the car. Faced with this scenario, the customer resorted to sharing the experience on various social media platforms, reaching out to Tata Motors for intervention and a resolution. Similar instances have surfaced in the past, including instances where Tata Motors replaced entire components such as batteries and gearboxes for other EV models like Tata Tiago EV.

In response to the customer’s tweet, Tata Motors sought clarification on the matter. Hopes are pinned on achieving a suitable resolution to this issue, with Tata Motors expected to address the concerns and ensure customer satisfaction.

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