India's first Maruti 800

India’s first Maruti 800 after thorough restoration! (Video)

The classic Maruti 800 introduced affordable cars to the automotive sector, helping Maruti Suzuki gain market dominance. Maruti Suzuki remains market leader. After over 40 years, people still love the Maruti 800. Maruti Suzuki India restored and displayed the original model to honor it. Maruti Suzuki’s Delhi office proudly displays the refurbished automobile. Here’s a full walkaround video regarding India’s first Maruti 800.

Baiju N Nair uploaded it to YouTube. This video recounts the hatchback’s journey to Maruti Suzuki’s Delhi headquarters. The film states that Maruti consulted with various automakers, including Volkswagen, before launching cars in India. They considered bringing the Jetta to India, but for numerous reasons, it didn’t happen. After visiting Japan, the team found the Suzuki SS80.

India's first Maruti 800
India’s first Maruti 800

Sanjay Gandhi, the managing director of Maruti Udyog, observed the SS80 and wanted to introduce it to India. A middle-class affordable little automobile was the goal. In 1983, Maruti 800 production began after meeting all expectations. To avoid confusion, the first customer was chosen via raffle. Indian Airlines employee Harpal Singh won the first Maruti 800. Indira Gandhi gave India its first Maruti 800.

Harpal was offered roughly a lakh to sell the hatchback since demand was so great. The Maruti 800 cost Rs 47,500 then. Harpal Singh owned DIA 6479 Maruti 800 till his 2010 death. The car was abandoned after Harpal Singh and his wife died in 2010 and 2012, respectively. His children no longer used it.

The internet was abuzz with photos of this abandoned automobile. Maruti saw the photos and bought the automobile from the previous owners. Maruti Suzuki restored the car with genuine spare parts and components. The laborious restoration gave the automobile fresh vitality. But, the car is too old to drive. Maruti Suzuki kept this car at its headquarters to demonstrate their first marvel. Car interiors were also renovated. This video shows a new automobile.

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