Apple AirTag Tracks Down Stolen Honda Car in Canada

Apple AirTag Tracks Down Stolen Honda Car in Canada

In today’s technology-driven world, an Apple AirTag played a remarkable role in locating a stolen Honda car in Canada. The escalating issue of car theft in Canada over the past years has become increasingly concerning. Statistics and news reports consistently caution citizens to remain vigilant against such incidents. Criminals have also become more sophisticated, finding ways to circumvent modern technology. Consequently, car owners face challenges in monitoring their vehicles at all times. Let’s delve into the specifics of this recent case.

Apple AirTag Tracks Down Stolen Honda Car in Canada

This video comes from Harry Gill Show on YouTube. These are Indian vloggers living in Canada. They mention that their car was stolen right in front of their driveway and the entire episode was captured in their CCTV camera. That is why they were able to call the cops and provide the necessary evidence. However, it is common in Canada that if the Police are not able to find the car within the first few hours, chances are that the vehicle is lost forever. But this particular case had another important piece to the puzzle. The car owner had put AirTag in the car.

AirTag from Apple can keep track of anything you want. With the help of that, the owner was able to locate the car. He called the cops and the car was parked on the side of the road. Obviously, the robbers were not there. The YouTuber documents the ordeals to get the vehicle to open using a spare key first and then transporting it to Honda after it was found that the car was not able to start. Talking to the Police officer, it was established that they can’t investigate the family where the car was found just based on this evidence. They will carry on their investigation separately.

Use of AirTag

This serves as a prime illustration of the remarkable utility of the AirTag. Individuals employ it to safeguard their luggage during extended flights, pinpoint their wallets within their homes, and trace their possessions in public spaces. Essentially, these Bluetooth-enabled devices emit signals that can be traced through smartphones or laptops. It’s truly astonishing how the owner managed to reclaim his car using these tools. Even the Police officer acknowledges that retrieving a stolen vehicle after a few hours in Canada is a rarity.

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