2023 Honda WR-V

2023 Honda WR-V Gets a Sporty Makeover at GIIAS 2023!

Car modification enthusiasts have been captivated by the 2023 Honda WR-V displayed at this year’s GIIIAS. The remarkable customization featured at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2023 is courtesy of Honda Indonesia. The personalized vehicle has undergone a lowering transformation and is equipped with a body kit that infuses a considerable amount of dynamism into the latest iteration of the WR-V.

Sporty Elegance

In the realm of competitive crossover hatchbacks, the latest-generation Honda WR-V has consistently held its own as a stylish contender. Within the approximately RM100k price range, the WR-V has stood out among its competitors, boasting contemporary design elements and a respectable ground clearance. However, the GIIAS 2023 exhibition has unveiled an entirely new dimension of sporty refinement for this widely embraced model.

Dressed in a bold red hue complemented by a contrasting black roof, this modified WR-V sits gracefully on noticeably lowered suspension. This adjustment lends the vehicle a notably aggressive posture. Further enhancing its allure are the striking seven-spoke alloy wheels by Work Emotion, presented in an understated shade of grey. These 17-inch rims, maintaining a resemblance to the stock size, are coupled with wider and lower-profile Michelin Primacy 4 tires (225/50), a departure from the standard 215/55 size.

2023 Honda WR-V
2023 Honda WR-V

Bold Accents and Striking Features

The modified Honda WR-V showcased at GIIAS 2023 encompasses more than just its lowered suspension and stylish wheels. At the front of the vehicle, an assertive and prominent air dam garners attention with its three distinctive central openings, exuding a sense of power and dynamism. This design feature is thoughtfully accompanied by substantial side skirts that contribute to the vehicle’s aerodynamic aesthetics. Shifting focus to the rear, the striking mega diffuser with twin exhaust pipes becomes a focal point, introducing a touch of sportiness to the WR-V’s rear profile. Moreover, a subtly extended tailgate spoiler discreetly enhances the car’s overall sporty allure, creating a harmonious and well-balanced visual composition.

Since its debut in Indonesia in November 2022, the WR-V has been pitted against competitors like the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky. Propelled by Honda’s dependable 1.5L i-VTEC NA engine generating 121 PS/145 Nm, paired with a CVT gearbox, the WR-V promises a reliable and efficient driving experience. Available in two variants – the Rp.271.9 juta E (RM81,786) and the Rp.289.9 juta RS (RM87,174) – Indonesian buyers are offered the flexibility to select the model that aligns with their preferences. Choosing to include advanced features such as Honda Sensing raises the RS variant’s price to Rp.309.9 juta (RM93,188). Conversely, the WR-V recently entered the Malaysian market, offering four variants with prices ranging from RM89,900 to RM107,900.

What We Think

Unveiled at GIIAS 2023, the customized 2023 Honda WR-V has successfully reshaped the perception of this well-received crossover hatch. Through its lowered posture, sleek rims, and captivating design accents, it effectively reimagines the potential for modifications on the latest iteration of the WR-V. While the standard WR-V already enjoys considerable popularity in Southeast Asian markets, the modified version elevates the ordinary into an enticing spectacle.

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