xuv 700 diesel manual

XUV 700 Diesel Mileage Test in City and on highway with AT and MT Check Now

XUV 700 Diesel Mileage : Only the Xuv 700 has a waiting time of more than a year. The car’s reasonable price and high quality have won over a wide audience. In this article, we’ll talk about the fuel economy of the diesel version of the Xuv 700. Both the automatic and manual versions of the vehicle have been thoroughly road tested by us.

Although it was initially priced slightly higher than compact SUVs, the XUV 700 MX series is now available at extremely affordable rates. When compared to other tiny and mid-size sport utility vehicles, the xuv 700 premium series is far superior.

The topic of how many miles per gallon it can achieve is likely on the minds of most would-be buyers, and we’ve answered that question in full. In order to give you accurate data, we have put the diesel models through comprehensive testing.

Below, we list a few of the xuv 700’s features, but if you want the full lowdown, check out our detailed article.

Diesel Engine Specifications
Type Turbo Diesel with CRDi
Capacity 2.2 L
Maximum Power 150 bhp for MX series
180 bhp for AX series
Maximum Torque 360 Nm for MX series
420 Nm (MT) for AX series
450 Nm (AT) for AX series
Transmission Type 6 MT/6AT

The xuv 700 diesel has a 60-liter fuel tank. Because you don’t have to stop for gas as often, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying the journey. Since gas mileage is crucial, we put both the automatic and manual versions of the automobile through their paces here.

Note that we won’t be disclosing the odometer reading, but instead will provide you with information based on actual fuel consumption and distance driven.

xuv 700 diesel manual
xuv 700 diesel manual

xuv 700 diesel manual mileage

I prefer manual transmissions, so I always go with that option when I get to pick the automobile I’ll be driving initially. Then, we fill up the tank and take the xuv 700 for a brisk but safe highway spin. There was a 100 kph speed limit in effect. We were able to get 15.1 km/l in our tests.

Next, we started our second test, which is in the city. In the city where we are testing, the traffic is fairly light and there is hardly bumper to bumper driving. We can still get 12.4 km/l in this. These numbers seem reasonable to me for a car of this size.

xuv 700 diesel automatic mileage

The xuv 700 diesel automatic variant was next, so we filled it up at the gas station and hit the road. We put around 100 kilometers on it and have had no complaints about the ride quality. We averaged 15.5 km/l in an xuv 700 diesel manual.

This monster is great for driving around the city because of its automated transmission and small size. We average 12.9 km/l in traffic, which is rather good.

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xuv 700 driving modes mileage

xuv 700 provided there driving modes which really helps to give you better performance and mileage as per your road environment.

  • zip mode
  • zap mode
  • zoom mode

We compared gas mileage in all settings while driving a diesel automatic car on the interstate.

We started with the mileage results from the zoom mode tests, which came in at 11.4 km/l. The amount of power delivered in this mode is really ridiculous. You’ll get a kick out of the ride’s oomph.

The second test was done in zap mode, and the results were 14.6 kmpl. If you are a light driver, the power you get from this is fine for the highway.

Finally, we switch to zip mode, albeit we should note that it is not intended for use on the highway. We saw that the car had some trouble getting up to speed. We average 14.1 km/l in fuel economy.

I can’t believe the gas mileage is worse than zap mode! I, too, entertained the thought for a while. But, you should know that the zip mode is only intended for use in urban areas; if you try to exceed the speed limit while in this setting, the engine will try to generate more power than it is able to and will instead waste gasoline in the process.

xuv 700 diesel mileage verdict

The xuv 700, in my opinion, is a reliable vehicle that delivers both a pleasurable driving experience and excellent gas mileage. When taking into account the vehicle’s engine and its size, the gas mileage is satisfactory. Visit your local dealership to test drive the XUV 700 if you’re in the market for an SUV.

If you are truly curious about xuv 700 petrol mileage, then this post will provide you with all the information you need.

If you were confused about the xuv 700 diesel’s gas mileage, I hope this post helped to clear things up. You can find all the information you need about xuv 700 in our review. I appreciate it.

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