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Are you curious about the xuv 700 ADAS and its capabilities? Do you want to know everything there is to know about ADAS features? The ADAS situation on Indian roadways will also be discussed.


The acronym ADAS refers to cutting-edge driver aid technology. It describes a suite of aids for driving and parking that are available to motorists. With an improved human-machine interface, ADAS helps make cars and roads safer. It makes use of automated technologies including vehicle sensors, cameras, and radars to detect obstacles and rectify driver errors.

Human error accounts for the vast majority of traffic accidents, so ADAS was developed to automate, adapt, and improve vehicle technology to make driving safer and more convenient. It has been demonstrated to reduce fatal accidents by lowering the rate of human mistake.

Mahindra is the first Indian company to mass produce a vehicle using this ADAS technology. The Mahindra xuv 700 comes with available advanced driver assistance systems. Let’s dive into the xuv 700 adas features right away.


xuv 700 adas features

The xuv 700 comes standard with advanced driver assistance system (adas) level one features, including numerous tools for ensuring your safety on the road and timely notifications of critical events.

xuv 700 adas: Adaptive cruise control

This cutting-edge driver aid automatically adjusts your speed to the pace of traffic around you. For me, this is the icing on the cake when it comes to xuv 700 adas. Let’s learn more about this function and how practical it is in India.

The radar in this device can detect any automobile, bus, or bike in front of you. Every vehicle, regardless of size, can be detected, and its speed compared to your own; if the slower vehicle is ahead, your car will slow down to maintain a safe distance. In response to an increase in speed from the car in front of you, you increase your own speed while keeping a safe distance.

The million-dollar question now is whether or not this approach holds up well in the chaos that is Indian traffic. In your opinion, what does this mean?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Mixed opinion

If you choose any of the options above, then you are right. Surprised!

On the highway, the xuv 700 system works perfectly since most drivers stay in their lanes and give you space. However, in heavy traffic, where no one follows the laws, you can’t count on the xuv 700 to get you where you need to go quickly. There is no way for this system to make all of its detections in real time under these conditions.

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xuv 700 adas: High beam assist

You need to use high beams for maximum visibility on the highway at night, but some drivers don’t turn them down when they pass a car in front of them. The xuv 700 adas system does this task mechanically for you.

When the xuv 700 adas detects an oncoming vehicle, it will automatically convert to low beam, and once it has passed, it will switch back to high beam.

xuv 700 adas: Traffic sign recognition

Behind the IRVM is a camera that monitors traffic signs so that you always know what’s going on. For example, a speed limit sign indicates how fast you must travel in order to avoid breaking the law.

This technique is effective, although as you have seen, in some areas the traffic signs are not legible to the camera.

xuv 700 adas: Front collision warning

The xuv 700 adas can identify an impediment in front of the vehicle in a matter of microseconds and sound an alarm.

xuv 700 adas: Automatic emergency braking

In the event that the driver fails to respond in time to a collision, the xuv 700’s intelligent system will apply the brakes on its own. Collisions and fatal accidents can be avoided using this.

xuv 700 adas: Lane keep assist

The camera in the lane keep assist system constantly scans the road ahead of you to ensure that you remain safely in your lane.

While the condition of Indian national highways is good and getting better, travelers may encounter lane shortages on state highways and other routes. Even though the xuv 700 adas’ convenience features are useful in most situations, they are useless on roads like these.

xuv 700 adas: Smart pilot assist

A digital pilot’s helper manages the vehicle’s lane-keeping, speed, and brakes in the smart pilot aid. We all know that lane assist uses clever pilot assist to help keep you in your lane. Its intelligent pilot help works in tandem with other driving aids, such as emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Our in-depth assessment of the XUV 700 will fill you in on all the details, including how well it drives.

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Q. Which XUV 700 variant have ADAS?
Ans. Mahindra offers the XUV700 in two series: MX and AX. The base series MX includes features such as dual front airbags and other useful basic features. In the AX series it offers most premium features, and the top end varient of this series which is AX7 has ADAS.

Q. What is ADAS?
Ans. Advanced driver assistance systems. It refers to a group of technologies that assist drivers with duties such as driving and parking. By offering a secure human-machine interface, ADAS increases car and road safety. It employs automated technology like as vehicle sensors, cameras, and radars to detect and respond to surrounding obstructions and driver errors.

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