Tesla cars DANGEROUS for Indian roads

Why are Tesla cars DANGEROUS for Indian roads?

We can all see the potential of EVs as eco-friendly modes of mobility in the future. In terms of individual transportation, the globe is now adopting the switch from ICE to EVs, and Tesla has played a significant role in this. Not only are we familiar with Tesla, but we also know that its electric vehicles are the best in their respective categories. Let’s go right to the point and discuss why the highly innovative Tesla automobiles are actually VERY DANGEROUS in India.

Why Tesla is dangerous for India?

Tesla vehicles run only on batteries and have an abundance of cutting-edge gadgetry. There are various amenities and even games provided for us in the vehicle to ensure that our time spent behind the wheel is never dull. All of this cutting-edge technology has the potential to blow your mind, but some of it is also quite risky. That property belongs to which category? Tesla is betting the farm on its ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ technology, which employs radar sensors and cameras to accomplish a degree of autonomous driving.

Having this option in a car is great for those who prefer to take a less active role behind the wheel. Nonetheless, it suffers from a significant defect that must be fixed before it can reach India. The organisation has compiled and improved upon self-driving technology that is acceptable for use in the North American market. This technology, however, was unable to reliably distinguish between motorcycles and bicycles. Having Tesla’s autopilot is extremely risky because of how crowded the roads are with two-wheelers in practically every part of India.

It may not be able to distinguish between different types of bikes, which might lead to collisions and perhaps fatalities if it were ever implemented in Indian towns. For this reason, Teslas may soon pose a serious danger on India’s highways. Given the nature of Indian traffic and urban driving, this autopilot technology is likely to be of limited utility outside of designated roadways.

Tesla cars DANGEROUS for Indian roads
Tesla cars DANGEROUS for Indian roads

What happened to Tesla’s India plans?

When asked about promising markets, Elon Musk cited India as one of the most advanced. Tesla established a research and development centre in the Indian state of Karnataka. In addition, the state government of Karnataka had welcomed Tesla with open arms when the company decided to locate a production unit there.

It was more likely that Tesla vehicles would be manufactured and sold in our country. But. Sadly, the situation deteriorated. According to Elon, India’s increased automotive import levies have become a huge barrier for foreign-made vehicles. In addition, Tesla is unable to produce automobiles in India unless the government permits the company to test the market by selling and servicing imported vehicles.

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