Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta – Top 6 Features for Perfect SUV

Hyundai Creta - Top 6 Features for Perfect SUV

Hyundai Creta – Top 6 Features for Perfect SUV:- Hyundai Creta 2023 pricing starts from Rs. 10 lakh for petrol and reaches up to 17.60 lakh. And for diesel variants, initial pricing commences from Rs. 10 lakh and for the top model it costs Rs. 17.60 lakh. It is available in 18 variants and 9 colors.

ModelEngineTransmissionPrice (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)
E1.5L PetrolManualRs. 10,84,900
S1.5L PetrolManualRs. 11,81,900
S1.5L PetrolCVTRs. 12,68,900
S+1.5L PetrolCVTRs. 13,55,900
SX1.5L PetrolCVTRs. 14,53,900
SX (O)1.5L PetrolCVTRs. 15,42,900
S1.4L DieselManualRs. 12,23,900
S1.4L DieselDCTRs. 13,10,900
S+1.4L DieselDCTRs. 13,97,900
SX1.4L DieselDCTRs. 15,05,900
SX (O)1.4L DieselDCTRs. 15,94,900

First in the segment – Hyundai Creta 2023 Top Features

Front ventilated seats: They can reduce sweating and any dry moisture between your body and the seat. It also helps in reducing the temperature of seats while the vehicle was parked in the sun and becomes hot. Ventilated seats have increased comfort, especially for long journeys.

Wireless phone charger: When the system is on there is a blue light, which indicates it is ready to use. When a device is placed on a unit the blue light will turn red indicating that charging is in progress. The positioning of the phone must be correct, if not, then it is unable to charge the device.

Smart Electric Sunroof: The new Hyundai Creta now gets an electric sunroof. This feature is powered by the SX and SX(O) variant of Creta SUV. This feature in SUV is getting more and more popularity nowadays for Indian customers. Hyundai Creta is the latest compact SUV offering this feature in India.

Smart key band: The 2018 Creta is offering smart key band feature. This advanced feature enables the doors to be locked and unlocked automatically. This band can also be connected to an app, allowing the driver in measuring the steps taken and the number of calories burnt. It also notifies the incoming calls, texts, alarms and shows time through its OLED screen.

Powerful 1.6 Petrol & Diesel engine: Hyundai Creta has 1 petrol engine and 2 diesel engines. The petrol engine is 1591 cc while the diesel engine is 1396 cc and 1582 cc. It is available in automatic and manual transmission.

6-speed AT ( Petrol & Diesel ): The 6-speed automatic transmission comes with five modes: reverse, park, neutral, drive and manual. The first four models are straight forward while the last one is for those who enjoy driving.

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