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2024 Kia K5 Price in India, Specs, Colurs, Top-Speed, and Launch Date

Kia K5 Price in India: The Kia K5 lies in the mid-size sedan segment and competes with Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

The 2023 Kia K5’s radical redesign and cutting-edge amenities sent shockwaves through the compact-to-medium car market. The fifth generation of the Kia Optima, formerly known as the Kia Cadenza, will debut in 2019. It also goes by the names Kia Magentis (in Europe and Canada) and Kia Lotze (in other parts of the world) (For South Korea). Since its debut in 2000, the Kia K5 has through five generations. The sixth iteration, which will hit the market in 2023, features a number of significant enhancements across the board and a striking new look, notably up front. The Kia Telluride SUV showed the same thing.

We’ll be talking about the Kia K5’s 2023 price in India, as well as its release date, specifications, top speed, power output, and features in this article. All of your questions and concerns will be answered in this article; if you have a specific one, you may use the table of contents to jump right to the section that addresses it.

What is the Kia K5 Price in India?

Kia K5 Price in India: The ex-showroom price of a Kia K5 in India can be anywhere from Rs 19.91 and 24.99 million. The cost is an exact reflection of the K5 cost in the United States. After the K5’s official release in the Indian market, we will have more accurate pricing information to share.

Kia K5 Price
Kia K5 Price

How many variants are available in the Kia K5?

The five planned trims for the 2023 Kia K5/Optima are the LXS FWD, GT-Line FWD, GT-Line AWD, EX, and GT, which should satisfy the needs of most car buyers. There is a price difference of around $3,000 between the base and top-of-the-line versions of the car because all-wheel drive is only available on the middle trim (GT-Line AWD).

What is the variant-wise price of the Kia K5?

The sedan is available with five trims and FWD and AWD powertrains, and the trims-wise price details are mentioned below. You can check-

The Kia K5 is a midsize sedan available in several variants with different features and prices. Here’s a breakdown of the variants and prices in the USA and India:

In the USA:

  • LXS FWD: priced at $25,090
  • GT-Line FWD: priced at $26,490
  • GT-Line AWD: priced at $28,190
  • EX: priced at $28,990
  • GT: priced at $31,490

In India:

  • LXS FWD: priced at Rs 19.91 lakh
  • GT-Line FWD: priced at Rs 21.03 lakh
  • GT-Line AWD: priced at Rs 22.38 lakh
  • EX: priced at Rs 23.01 lakh
  • GT: priced at Rs 24.99 lakh

Which is the most value for money trim?

That’s what we found if you’re the sort who values peace and quiet in the car as much as practicality and convenience, and isn’t overly interested in delivering a heart-pounding driving experience. We advise going with the LXS entry-level model if you want the most value for your money.

There are LED headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot detection, lane keeping, and the following aid, and safe exit assist. Considering all the amenities, the price tag of little over $25,000 seems fair.

What is the launch date of the Kia K5?

Kia, a manufacturer based in China, has made significant inroads in the Indian market, rising to the ranks of the country’s top 5 automakers. Currently on sale are Kia’s Sonet, Seltos, and Carnival models. It seems like everyone involved stands to benefit from the introduction of a new high-end SUV.

Despite all the speculation and research, we’re sad to report that the Kia K5 won’t be making its appearance in India anytime soon. Sales are low because, among other things, only buyers with a minimum of Rs. 25 lakh to spend are seriously considering SUVs.

Consequently, Kia would be better to introduce a new large SUV like the Kia Telluride to the Indian market rather than the K5.

What are the exterior colour options?

The K5 gives you a choice between seven different external and interior colours to find the perfect match. We recommend the Passion Red Tint or Sapphire Blue for the GT models. The car’s personality is reflected in the paint job, which is vibrant and cheerful.

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Kia K5 Features

The Kia K5 is a midsize sedan that offers several key features, some of which are listed below:

  • Powerful 2.5L Turbocharged Engine: The Kia K5 is equipped with a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers up to 290 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque. This engine provides plenty of power for acceleration and passing on the highway.
  • 8-Speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission): The K5 comes with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that offers quick and smooth shifting. This type of transmission is typically found in high-performance sports cars and provides a more engaging driving experience.
  • Paddle Shifters: The K5 also comes with paddle shifters that allow you to manually control the gears, giving you greater control over the car’s performance.
  • Panoramic Sunroof: The K5’s panoramic sunroof is one of its standout features. It provides a large opening that allows natural light and fresh air to enter the cabin, making it feel more spacious and airy.
  • 19-inch Gloss Black Finished Alloy Wheels: The K5 also comes with 19-inch gloss black finished alloy wheels that give the car a sporty and aggressive look.
  • Sport-Tuned Suspension: The K5’s GT trim comes with a sport-tuned suspension that provides better handling and a more engaging driving experience.
  • Heated Steering Wheel: The K5 comes with a heated steering wheel that provides warmth on cold winter days, making driving more comfortable.
  • Wireless Phone Charger: The K5 has a wireless phone charger that allows you to charge your phone without having to plug it in.
  • Heated and Ventilated Front Seats: The K5’s front seats are heated and ventilated, providing maximum comfort no matter the weather.
  • Syntex Seat Trim: The K5’s seats are covered in a high-quality Syntex material that provides a premium look and feel.
  • 10-way Power Adjustable Driver Seat: The K5’s driver seat can be adjusted in 10 different ways, allowing you to find the perfect driving position.
  • LED Interior Lighting: The K5’s interior is illuminated with LED lighting that provides a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Three Drive Modes: The K5 comes with three different drive modes (Normal, Sport, and Smart) that allow you to customize the car’s driving characteristics to your liking.
  • AWD Optional (All-Wheel-Drive): The K5 is available with all-wheel drive, which provides better traction and handling in slippery conditions.
  • 10.25-inch Touchscreen Infotainment Display: The K5’s infotainment system is controlled by a large 10.25-inch touchscreen display that provides easy access to navigation, music, and other features.
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay: The K5 also comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which allow you to connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system and access your favorite apps and features.

What are the Dimensions of Kia K5/Optima?

The Kia K5 is 4904 mm in length, 1859 mm in the width, and 1445 mm in height, while the ground clearance and wheelbase are 134 mm and 2850 mm respectively. Whereas the front and rear wheel tracks are 1633mm and 1640 mm.

Dimensions in mm. metrics:

Particularsin mm.
Length4904 mm
Width1859 mm
Height1445 mm
Wheelbase2850 mm
Ground Clearance134 mm
Front Wheel Track1633 mm
Rear Wheel Track1640 mm

Dimensions in inch. metric:

Particularsin inch.
Length193.1 in.
Width73.2 in.
Height56.9 in.
Wheelbase112.2 in.
Ground Clearance5.3 in.
Front Wheel Track64.3 in.
Rear Wheel Track64.6 in.

Exterior and Styling

Wow, what a classy and advanced design from the future. In a word, the Kia K5 describes everything perfectly. The sedan is unconventional in both its interior and exterior appearance. The headlights are the vehicle’s primary selling point because of how beautifully they’ve been crafted. The LED daytime running lights (DRLs) are designed in a zig-zag pattern and are paired with projectors in the headlights to serve as a turn signal and danger light.

The lower portion of the bumper is finished in matte black and has side fog lights and Kia’s distinctive tiger nose grille at its centre. The Kia K5’s sloping hood is designed to improve aerodynamics, and it features sharp cuts and edges.

Massive five-spoke black alloy wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter and shod with 245/40 R19 Pirelli tyres adorn the vehicle’s flanks. All around the vehicle are sharp angles and corners, and the roof line slopes downwards like a fastback or Grand Touring vehicle (GT).

The outside chrome work is expertly executed without being gaudy; the chrome on the window line, rear diffuser, exhaust tip, and alloy wheels all appears where it should. On the other hand, there are models available with an entirely black appearance, including black chrome accents.

The Kia K5’s back end is just as impressive as its front: the LED tail lamps are linked by a glowing LED strip light, and the trunk lid features a spoiler to improve aerodynamics. The bumper also features black highlights, reflectors, a diffuser with a silver finish, and four exhaust pipes.

Interior and Comfort

The cabin also displays the high quality of its engineering; the dashboard’s design is well thought out, featuring prominent, massive air vents and a three-spoke wheel (D-cut for the GT trims). Because of the minor incline of the dashboard’s central section toward the driver’s side, he or she need never take their eyes off the road.

The 1859mm width makes for a roomy central console. The climate control screen and toggle switch are conveniently positioned just below the air vents. The two cupholders in the centre console have a shiny silver coating, the gearshift lever takes design cues from aeroplanes, and the armrest is comfortably wide and moveable back and forth.

The K5 may get the same redesigned gear selector knob that will debut on the next Kia Seltos refresh.

You’ll find normal hard plastic on the floor, but the dashboard, door lining, and door armrest areas are covered in plush leather for a more luxurious feel. Wooden inserts placed just below the air vents and the infotainment screen give the cabin a more high-end feel.

The Kia K5’s comfortable seats are available in both fabric and leatherette and may be heated and cooled to keep you toasty on those cold winter days (limited to front seats). The front seats are electronically adjustable in 8 different ways, while the back seats each include an armrest with a pair of cup holders. The seats’ depth and holding are admirable, and the side bolsters and under-thigh support are sufficient for maintaining a comfortable driving position even in tight turns.

There is plenty of fresh air and light in the car thanks to the large panoramic sunroof and the little glass panel located between the C and D pillars. Although four adults and one child are most comfortable in this vehicle, five persons can squeeze in for quick trips if they don’t mind jostling for the shoulder roof. The centre passenger in an AWD vehicle will always be cramped.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Navigation, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio are all compatible with the Kia K5’s 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system. You can use a tonne of features and have a great riding experience with the help of the Kia smartphone app, which is linked to the display.

Bluetooth, voice recognition, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are just some of the available wireless connectivity options. The speech quality of the infotainment display is unquestionably superior than that of competing products thanks to the 6-Speakers BOSE sound system.

The Kia smartphone application features controls for the vehicle’s ignition, air conditioning, doors, and sunroof. Particularly useful is the air conditioner’s pre-entry temperature control, which reduces the car’s interior temperature to a more comfortable level before the driver or passenger ever gets inside.


From the outside, you can see the multi-reflector LED headlights with high beam assist, LED daytime running lights (DRLs) with turn indicator signals, automatic headlight control, variable intermittent windshield wipers, turn indicator on outside rearview mirrors (ORVMs), door handle illumination, heated and powered ORVMs, sound-absorbing windshield glass, powered tailgate, and machine cut chrome 19-inch alloy wheels.

While on the inside, you’ll find a 4.2-inch driver’s MID, smart key, push start/stop, keyless go, navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, Bluetooth/Wireless connectivity, voice recognition, steering mounted controls, dual-zone climate control ac, and an 8.0-10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment display (depending on trim).

The article concludes with a more comprehensive index. Please have a look.

Engine, Transmission, and Power

There are two different turbocharged 4-cylinder engines available to power the Kia K5, each measuring in at 1.6 litres. Those interested in the GT-Line models will be happy to know that a potent new motor was installed this year.

The 1.6-liter motor produces 180 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 264 Nm from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm. The torque output from the 2.5-liter engine is 421 Newton-meters between 1,650 and 5,500 revolutions per minute. Both a 6-speed automatic and an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox will be available (DCT).

The K5’s performance and ride quality are top-notch, and its class-leading wide tracks and 19-inch Pirelli rubbers further improve the car’s manageability. All four wheels are powered by the class-leading torque output and the gearbox’s shifts are as smooth as butter.

The All-Wheel-Drive model makes the K5 significantly more capable in the snow, and its drivetrain operates by dynamically dividing torque between the front and back axles. Which means you’ll have more grip and less sliding on wet roads.

Both the 1.6 and 2.5-liter Kia K5 engines have their top speeds capped at 180 and 249 kilometres per hour, respectively. While it takes 7.8 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph and 8.3 to 20.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kmph/mph.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Kia K5 comes packed with smart safety and driver assistance features and the list starts with:

  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist Technology
  • Smart Cruise Control w/ Stop and Go
  • Highway Driving Assist (Cruiser Control Feature)
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist
  • Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist-Rear
  • Safe Exit Assist
  • Surround View Mirror

The sedan’s intelligence is realised through its suite of safety and driver-assistance systems, which allow it to anticipate and avoid potential hazards. However, for reasons of security, certain elements do not actively function. Although it does its job admirably.

Mileage, Range, and Fuel Tank Capacity

There are four different trim levels available for the Kia K5/Kia Optima transmission, each with its own powerplant and transmission options and varying fuel economy. The DCT FWD model of the Kia K5 has the lowest fuel economy of the bunch, returning just 32 mpg (in the City) and 11 km/l (on the Highway) on average. However, the fuel economy of the other available trims is listed below. Check it out.

Mileage in KMPL (KiloMeter Per Liter)

Driving ConditionsFWDDCT FWDAT AWD
City11.48 km/l10.2 km/l11.05 km/l
Highway15.73 km/l11.9 km/l14.45 km/l
Combined13.60 km/l11.05 km/l12.75 km/l

Mileage in MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

Driving ConditionsFWDDCT FWDAT AWD
City27 mpg24 mpg26 mpg
Highway37 mpg28 mpg34 mpg
Combined32 mpg26 mpg30 mpg

The K5/Optima has a range of 644-778 kilometres (384-473 miles) on a single tank of gas. The fuel tank holds 14.8 gallons. The road conditions and the drivers’ actions will determine the outcome. One can achieve a mileage of 14.15 km/l with a light foot.


How much will the Kia K5 cost?

The Kia K5 price in India will cost Rs 19.91-24.99 lakh, ex-showroom.

Is the Kia K5 a fast car?

The Powerful 2.5-liter, turbocharged engine can run at 249 km/h. Which makes the Kia K5 a fast car.

Is the Kia K5 a sports car?

The Kia K5 is a fastback-type sedan car and from the exterior, it somehow looks like a sports car.

Which Kia K5 is fully loaded?

The GT-Line FWD trim is the most fully loaded and costly trim in the lineup.

Is Kia K5 worth buying?

The sixth generation Kia K5 does express its character with its sharp and sporty design and the number of features and power makes it a worth buying car.

Detailed Specifications

Engine and Transmission

Engine Type2.5L, Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder
Engine Displacement2,498 cc
Engine Valve TrainDouble Overhead Camshafts (DOHC)
Engine Valves4-Valves per cylinder
Engine Valve GearContinuously Variable Valve Duration (CVVD)
Engine Compression Ratio10.5:1
Engine Fuel Delivery SystemGasoline Direct Injection and Multiport Injection
Engine Horsepower290 bhp @ 5,500 rpm
Engine Torque421 Nm @ 1,650-4,500 rpm
Transmission8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
Drive ModesEco, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy11.48 kmpl
City10.9 kmpl
Highway14.2 kmpl
Combined12.46 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity56 Liters

Body and Chassis

Body ConstructionSteel Unibody
Steering TypeElectric, Column-Mounted Driven Power Steering (C-MDPS)
Front SuspensionMacPherson Struts, Stabilizer Bar
Rear SuspensionIndependent, Multi-Link, Stabilizer Bar
Steering Wheel Range (Lock-to-Lock)2.6 turns
Turning Radius10.9 mtr
Front BrakesVentilated Disc w/ ABS
Rear BrakesVentilated Disc w/ ABS
Front Brakes Diameter12-inch
Rear Brakes Diameter11.2-inch
Electronic Parking w/ Auto HoldYes


Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist w/ Pedestrian DetectionYes
Driver Attention Warning w/ Leading Vehicle Departure AlertYes
Lane Keeping AssistYes
Lane Following AssistYes
Rear View MonitorYes
Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance AssistYes
Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance AssistYes
Rear Occupant AlertYes
Safe Exit AssistYes
SRS Airbags9

Airbags Position

Dual FrontYes
Dual Front SideYes
Dual RearYes
Full Length Both Side CurtainYes
Driver’s KneeYes


Front GrilleHyper Silver
Door Handles Body ColouredYes
Door Handles IlluminatedYes
Side View Mirrors Body ColouredYes
Heated & Power-Adjustable Side View MirrorsYes
Power Tail GateYes
Solar Control GlassYes
Sound-Absorbing Windshield GlassYes
Multi Reflector HeadlightsYes
Auto Headlight ControlYes
High Beam AssistYes
LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)Yes
Tail LightsYes
Variable Intermittent Windshield WipersYes
Alloy Wheels16-inch
Tyre Size205/65R16
Spare TyreSpace Saver


Multi-Information Display4.2-inch
Infotainment Display8.0-10.25-inch
Apple CarPlayYes
Android AutoYes
Bluetooth/Wireless ConnectivityYes
Voice RecognitionYes
Audio System6-Speaker
Steering Mounted ControlAudio, Calls, and Cruise Control
Front Power OutletsUSB and 12 V
Rear Power OutletsUSB Only
Steering Wheel AdjustmentsTilt and Telescopic
Power Door LocksYes
Power Window w/ One Touch Auto Up/DownDriver Side Only
Power WindowAll Four
Smart KeyYes
Push Start Stop ButtonYes
Remote StartYes
Automatic Climate ControlYes
Dual-Zone Climate ControlYes
Three Zone Climate ControlNo
Front Arm RestYes
Rear Arm RestYes
Rear Arm Rest Cup HoldersYes
Front Door Bottle HoldersYes
Rear Door Bottle HoldersYes
Day/Night Rear View MirrorYes
Automatic Day/Night Rear View MirrorYes
Driver Side Vanity MirrorYes
Passenger Side Vanity MirrorYes
Leather SeatsNo
Fabric SeatsYes
Adjustable Driver SeatYes
Electrically Adjustable Driver SeatNo
Adjustable Passenger SeatYes
Electrically Adjustable Passenger SeatNo
60:40 Rear Seat SplitYes
Bench Folding Rear SeatNo
Height Adjustable Front Seat BeltsYes
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