Kia Carnival Hybrid

Kia Carnival Hybrid Production to Start in 2023

According to Korean media reports, the fourth-gen Kia Carnival is set to receive a facelift this year, and with this update, a Hybrid variant will be introduced to the minivan’s range. The Kia Carnival Hybrid is expected to combine a 1.6L turbo engine with an e-motor, offering a perfect balance of power and efficiency. This electrified minivan could potentially achieve an EPA-estimated fuel economy of around 35 MPG.

As competitors in the U.S. market are already offering hybrid and plug-in hybrid options, the chances of the new Kia Carnival Hybrid making its way to the U.S. are quite promising. If it does arrive, it is likely to be introduced as a 2025 model.

The addition of a Hybrid variant to the Kia Carnival lineup would be a significant step for the brand, offering customers a more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient option in the minivan segment. More updates on the Kia Carnival’s sales and availability in various markets are expected to follow.

Kia Carnival Hybrid
Kia Carnival Hybrid


The upcoming new Kia Carnival (codename: KA4 PE) is set to undergo significant visual changes on the exterior, as per an exclusive report by eToday on May 25, 2023. The modifications will be seen in the headlamps, radiator grille, and front bumper of the minivan.

In our rendering, we have envisioned an SUV-inspired look with a more upright front-end, featuring a taller radiator grille and vertical headlamps. The upper grille has been redesigned with criss-cross vertical inserts, lending a more sophisticated appearance. The inclusion of XL-size LED DRLs will ensure the new minivan stands out even from a distance. The refreshed bumper completes the updated front-end design. Prototypes have also been spotted with 19-inch two-tone wheels, wrapped in Goodyear 235/55 R19 101H tires. However, the production version is expected to offer various wheel options.

At the rear, changes will be seen in the roof spoiler, combination lamps, tailgate, and bumper of the new Carnival. Spy shots indicate that, similar to other Kia utility vehicles like the Seltos and Carens, it will feature L-shaped tail lamps, giving it an SUV-like character. The vertical shape of the new taillights adds to this effect, and we anticipate a horizontal light strip connecting the new tail lamps as well.

The visual updates to the new Kia Carnival will undoubtedly enhance its overall appearance and provide a fresh and distinctive look to the minivan’s design.

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As reported by eToday, the upcoming refreshed Kia Carnival will see significant changes in its interior compared to the outgoing model. Several elements such as the instrument cluster, door decor, speaker grille, and center console will undergo revisions to enhance the overall look and feel of the cabin.

Moreover, the new Carnival will boast some exciting new features, including a head-up display, Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2), and a camera-based digital interior rear-view mirror known as ‘Digital Center Mirror (DCM).’ These additions promise to elevate the driving experience and provide advanced technology and convenience to passengers.

With these interior updates and new features, the Kia Carnival is set to offer a more refined and technologically advanced cabin, enhancing both comfort and safety for its occupants.


According to reports from The Drive and eToday, Kia has clarified that the upcoming Carnival Hybrid will not have a 2.5-liter engine as previously rumored. Instead, it will feature a powertrain based on a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, similar to the ones used in the Sportage Hybrid and Sorento Hybrid models. This engine, combined with an electric motor, is expected to produce 227 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Carnival Hybrid will also be slightly taller than the regular new Carnival, measuring 1,750 mm in height. The increased height is to accommodate the traction battery pack, which will have an energy storage capacity of 1.49 kWh. The hybrid variant will offer wheel choices of 17-, 18-, and 19-inch units.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Carnival Hybrid is expected to outperform the gas-powered Carnival 3.5L V6, which has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 22 MPG (combined). The Carnival Hybrid’s EPA-estimated fuel economy rating is projected to be around 35 MPG, providing a significantly more efficient driving experience. Moreover, the Carnival Hybrid is expected to offer an impressive EPA-estimated range of over 550 miles, reducing the need for frequent stops at gas stations.

It is important to note that there is no official confirmation from the company regarding the Carnival Hybrid’s availability in the U.S., and these details are based on estimates. However, if the hybrid model does come to the U.S. market, it could offer consumers a more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly option compared to the gas-powered variant.

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Local reports indicate that the refreshed Kia Carnival and Carnival Hybrid will be manufactured at the Kia Autoland Gwangmyeong plant, which was previously known as the Kia Sohari plant, and it is the current production site for the minivan.

The production timeline for the new Kia Carnival is as follows: Trial production for the standard Carnival model was set to begin on June 1, 2023. During a three-week period, 24 units of the Carnival Hybrid variant were planned to be produced. The second phase of trial production, which takes place between June 26, 2023, and July 19, 2023, is expected to yield 99 units of the hybrid minivan. Finally, series production of the new model, including the Carnival Hybrid variant, is slated to commence on November 11, 2023.

This production schedule indicates that Kia is gearing up to introduce the updated Carnival and its hybrid version, offering customers an array of new features and options in the minivan segment.

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Kia Carnival Hybrid release date

According to recent reports, Kia has ambitious plans to launch five new models in South Korea between July and November 2023. The first release, the new Picanto, is already available. The highly anticipated new Carnival, including the Carnival Hybrid, is set to be the final launch, expected to hit the brand’s home market in November 2023.

Interestingly, another report by eToday suggests that the new Carnival.

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