Tata Avinya

2023 Tata Avinya Price in India, Launch date, Colours, Features, Full Specification, and More

Tata Avinya- The Tata AVINYA Concept represents a major advance in the evolution of electric cars (TPEM). The GEN 3 design represents the company’s goal of producing an all-electric vehicle. The Sanskrit word for “innovation” is whence AVINYA gets its name. The AVINYA Idea unveils an innovative mode of transportation that does away with the need for rigid categorization and frees up enormous amounts of space and luxury.

Tata Avinya

The Tata AVINYA Concept, created by Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, represents a major milestone in the evolution of electric cars (TPEM). In terms of its GEN 3 design, it represents the company’s aspiration to produce a Pure Electric car. The Sanskrit term for “innovation” is where AVINYA gets its origin. The AVINYA Idea unveils an innovative mode of transportation that does away with the need for rigid categorization and frees up enormous amounts of space and luxury. It’s packed with state-of-the-art hardware, software, and AI that work in the background to ensure passenger health and relaxation.

Modern technology, software, and AI work in the background to keep you healthy and stress-free on the go. In today’s high-volume, rapidly developing market segments, this notion will be realistically accessible to the majority of clients while providing a premium, stress-free, and easy customer experience. With this, TPEM is ready to introduce an entirely new category of electric vehicles that will revolutionise the automotive industry.

Tata Avinya Details 2023

Name of the Car CompanyTata
Car NameTata Avinya
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Tata Avinya Launch date in India

Offering a high-end, stress-free, and convenient service, this Tata Avinya will nonetheless be within most customers’ price ranges in today’s high-volume, rapidly growing market segments. As a result, TPEM is about to release an all-new line of electric vehicles (EVs) that will shake up the auto market. This innovative EV will be on sale to the public by 2025.

Tata Avinya
Tata Avinya

Tata Avinya Price in India 2023

Tata may sell it for under Rs 30 lakh (ex-showroom). The Tata Avinya is the company’s newest concept car and it’s an electric vehicle. The electric crossover will be manufactured on Tata’s own Generation 3 EV platform and will have a range of over 500 kilometres. The all-electric car, scheduled to hit the market in 2025, will feature a sophisticated exterior design, a roomy interior, and a plethora of cutting-edge technologies, such as individual speakers for each passenger, voice-activated in-car functionality, advanced driver assistance systems, and connected car technology.


Keeping the entire theme of serenity alive, this concept is showcase in the colour – Gentle Dawn.

Tata Avinya Features

The new branding is prominently displayed on both the front and rear of the vehicle. An important step forward for EVs, this new recognition as a part of the DRL gently symbolises our commitment to bettering people’s lives. The Tata Avinya will include numerous advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and connect automobile technology. There will most likely be a voice-recognition system and a music system with surround sound and dedicated speakers for each passenger.


The AVINYA idea was first motivated by the idea of a catamaran and represents a radical vision for electric mobility. This idea is a vehicle that takes cues from premium hatchbacks, SUVs, and MPVs to produce a stunning new form with a fresh take on familiar features. The new logo will be a prominent feature on the front and rear of the car. Our new position inside the DRL is a compliment to our dedication to bettering people’s lives, and it also marks a significant milestone in the development of EVs. As the manifesto for the movement, it highlights the boundless opportunities that the third-generational electrification of transportation will provide. Sliding “Butterfly” doors usher you into a luxuriously roomy cabin that sets the standard for its class and is sure to put you at ease.

The AVINYA idea, which prioritises the user’s experience, promises a novel sensory adventure. The sky dome, which lets in more natural light and expands the feeling of space, the console-inspired steering wheel, the voice-activated technologies, the environmentally friendly materials chosen to represent the product’s ethos, and the scent diffuser all combine to create a soothing environment.

In addition, the purpose of this concept is to convince individuals that reducing their screen time is the best option, anticipating a potential future trend. As this is the case, the AVINYA idea has been made screenless to prevent any mental or emotional strain when travelling.


The AVINYA concept is an innovative automobile layout that prioritises comfort, space, sustainability, and cutting-edge features. EM means “empathy in motion.” The Pure EV GEN 3 Architecture, which incorporates this principle with a flexible design, provides next-generation connectivity, state-of-the-art driver support technologies, and enhanced performance and economy. India is the birthplace of the first truly global platform, which features cutting-edge dust and water resistance as well as excellent structural stability and is ready for any terrain.

Powertrains and Range

Its design is the result of the use of state-of-the-art construction methods and materials, high-performance electronic components, and novel approaches to energy management and efficiency management algorithms. Lightweight materials, a construction optimised for an electric vehicle (EV) only powertrain, and the enabling of suitable stiffness all contribute to better weight management. In addition, once the necessary infrastructure is built out, the battery will be able to offer ultra-fast charge capability, recharging for at least 500 kilometres in under 30 minutes. For greater efficiency, the motto “Minimize-Maximize-Optimize” would serve as a guiding concept.

Tata Avinya Specification

The electric crossover car. It is anticipated to have a battery pack with a greater range, greater than 500 kilometres. Tata’s first EV built on the Gen3 platform will be that car. It will be capable of a 500-kilometer range after only 30 minutes of charge. The Avinya EV is expected to

a plethora of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), built-in Bluetooth, and voice recognition. Second-row passengers can listen to music through speakers located on the door panels. The panoramic sunroof opens up the entire cabin. The Tata Avinya’s cabin is well-equipped, with features such as an aroma diffuser located in the centre console.

Seating Capacity5
Body TypeSUV


Interior highlights of the Tata Avinya include a two-tone beige and brown scheme, a panoramic sunroof, a two-spoke, flat-bottom steering wheel with a floating instrument console, a soundbar in the centre of the dashboard, speakers mounted on the side of the front seats for the second-row passengers, and an aroma diffuser on the centre console.

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Tata Avinya FAQ’S

Is Tata Avinya real?

Tata Motors has stated that Avinya is slated to enter production sometime in 2025. The Indian carmaker has also confirmed that Avinya will be a pure electric vehicle and will measure over 4.3 metres in length and will have a wheelbase of 1.3metres.

What is the mileage of Tata Avinya?

Details are scarce for the time being, but Tata Motors does say the unspecified battery pack has enough juice for at least 310 miles (500 kilometers) of range after charging it for less than 30 minutes.

Who is designer of Tata Avinya?

Martin Uhlarik, Head of Global Design at Tata Motors tells editor Sirish Chandran what went into the making of the Tata Avinya, and what the future of Tata EV design looks like.

Is the Avatar car electric?

It’s not only fully-electric, but it takes interesting forms, somewhat inspired by elements of the films. Blue light represents the bioluminescence on the fictional planet Pandora, and scale-like flaps on the sloped rear were inspired by the planet’s flying banshees.

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