Tata Punch Accessories

Tata Punch: On-Road Price, Images, Variants, Colours, Accessories List

Tata Motors’ Tata Punch is a fantastic vehicle. Tata finally unveiled the car on August 23rd, 2021, after releasing the first exterior image to the public. Moreover, the vehicle can now be seen on public roads. Experts and media reports had speculated that the car would be called “Tata Hornbill,” but Tata surprised everyone by naming it “Tata Punch.”

Auto Expo 2020 in Greater Noida, India, was the first time the product was shown to the public. A concept vehicle, however, was not the actual production vehicle. However, this vehicle has been spotted being tested in Trivandrum, Kerala, in the last few months.

It will directly compete with Maruti Suzuki’s Ignis and Mahindra’s KUV100 NXT as a micro-SUV built on Tata’s highly successful ALFA-ARC modular platform. The upcoming Hyundai AX1 will join Hyundai in this market segment. It will also compete with some Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger variants in its price range.

Tata Punch Launch

The Punch was unveiled by Tata Motors on August 23, 2021. However, the car has not yet been fully released by the company. Officially, Tata Motors has stated that the car will go on sale around the time of Diwali in 2021.

Even in 2020, there have been rumors of a launch. After that, Punch was supposed to be released in early 2021, which was not the case. Tata Punch’s debut may have been pushed back because of a general slowdown in the automotive industry and the devastation caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic to the industry. Even so, Tata Motors’ recent increase in testing has sparked speculation about an impending launch, which hopefully will occur during the festival season in August.

Tata Punch Accessories
Tata Punch Accessories

Tata Punch Accessories

We’ve curated a list of accessories available for Tata Punch after extensive testing by our team to give a real-life review of recommended accessories. It includes:

  1. Body Covers for Tata Punch
  2. Perfumes for Tata Punch
  3. Mobile Chargers for Tata Punch
  4. Seat Covers for Tata Punch
  5. Floor Mats for Tata Punch
  6. Touchscreen Guard for Tata Punch
  7. Wheel Caps for Tata Punch
  8. Key Cover for Tata Punch
  9. Puncture Repair Kits & Tyre Inflators
  10. Battery Jumper Wires

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Pack Details



Rhythm Pack: 4-inch infotainment system, four speakers, and steering-mounted audio controls.

Rs 35,000


Rhythm Pack: 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, two tweeters, and a reverse parking camera.

Rs 35,000


Dazzle Pack: 16-inch dual-tone alloy wheels, LED DRLs, projector headlamps, and blacked-out A-pillar.

Rs 45,000


iRA Pack: Connected car tech

Rs 30,000

Tata Punch On Road Price

Pure MT costs 6 Lakhs, while the Creative iRa AMT version costs 10.5 lakhs INR on the road in New Delhi.

Since the Tata Punch competes directly with the Maruti Ignis in this price range, we can accurately estimate the on-road price of the vehicle. To compete effectively on the market against already well-established products in the segment, Tata Punch must also be priced in this range.

Visit the Tata Punch Variants section for an in-depth analysis of On-Road Price based on the variant.

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Tata Punch Specifications

To buy a vehicle that is expected to last for a long period, a buyer must take into account the car’s specifications. An impressive array of features, as well as sturdy and reliable specifications, are included in the Punch. Tata Punch-‘s expected specifications are listed below.


Tata Punch produces a mileage of 21 km (ARAI)


Engine 1199 cc, 3 Cylinders Inline, 2 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC
Engine Type Revotron 1.2 L
Fuel Type Petrol
Max Power (bhp@rpm) 84 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque (Nm@rpm) 113 Nm @ 3300 rpm
Mileage (ARAI) 19.8 km
Driving Range 693 Km
Drivetrain FWD

Dimensions, Weight & Capacity:

Length 3,840 mm
Width 1,822 mm
Height 1,635 mm
Wheelbase 2,450 mm
Ground Clearance 180-185 mm
Kerb Weight
Doors 5 Doors (including Boot Door)
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Boot space 275 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity

Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres:

Suspensions Independent, lower wishbone, McPherson (dual-path) strut-type [Front];
Rear twist-beam with coil spring mounted on hydraulic shock absorbers [Rear]
Brake Type Front – Disk; Rear – Drum
Minimum Turning Radius
Steering Type Power-assisted (Electric)
Wheels Steel Rims
Spare Wheel Steel
Front Tyres 175/65 R15
Rear Tyres 175/65 R15

Tata Punch Features

Tata Motors has come a long way in the last few years in providing cars with world-class features. Compare Altroz, Tiago, Tigor, Nexon, Harrier, and Safari to Indica, Indigo, or even Safari Strome to see how much they’ve improved the interiors and features. Furthermore, the interior quality and feel are among the best in their respective markets. JBL Music Systems are now only available from Tata, making it the only brand offering them, and they have no competition at all within their respective markets.

1. Push Start/Stop Button

The days of having to insert a key and turn on the ignition are long gone. Push Button Start/Stop is standard on the Tata Punch, as can be seen in the interior photos. Because it is perceived to be safer, Push Button Start/Stop is far more practical. In 1998, Mercedes-Benz was the first to offer this feature, but by 2021, it will be standard equipment in vehicles of all price ranges.

2. Best in segment JBL Music

Punch, like other recent Tata cars, has four speakers and two JBL Tweakers that produce the best-in-segment music for customers. Customers of Tata Motors’ Tiago, Tigor, Altroz, Nexon, Harrier, and Safari models have praised the company’s choice of JBL speakers as an excellent audio system. These JBL systems have been widely praised for their bass and clarity.

3. Touchscreen Display with Connected Car Technology

With a 7-inch heads-up touchscreen and connected car technology, it’s ready to go. With Tata’s recent rebranding, one can see the inclusion of a touch screen in many of the company’s vehicles. It is also more convenient for drivers to use GPS because the display is on the dashboard. With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, you can connect your smartphone to the car and use features like Maps and Siri. In addition, Bluetooth, Aux, and Tuner are all supported.

4. Digital + Analog Instrument Cluster

This type of instrument cluster had previously been employed by Tata Motors in other Tata vehicles. Digital displays are used for other information such as the Tachometer (mileage), the Fuel Indicator (miles per gallon), and the Distance to Empty. Because electrical failures are so rare, the introduction of an analogue speedometer may be a precautionary measure.

5. 16-inch Alloy Wheels

Cars spotted on the road with perfectly finished alloy wheels demonstrated the SUV look of the vehicle. Alloy Wheels not only look better than steel rims, but they are also more durable, lighter, and don’t require a wheel cap like steel rims.

Furthermore, the use of Alloy Wheels is far more secure. In the event of a collision, alloy wheels reduce braking distance by 45 to 50 per cent compared to steel wheels.

6. Cruise Control

The use of cruise control makes long drives more comfortable. You no longer have to constantly press down on the gas pedal while driving on the highways. Setting a cruise speed with Cruise Control means you don’t have to worry about stepping on the gas pedal for as long as you want. Isn’t it wonderful?

Changes in car variants can affect the features of the vehicle. All of the various configurations are priced differently and include various features. As you can see below, the Top Model has a wide range of features. Please refer to the Variants section below for more information on specific variants.

Tata Punch Interior

  • Recent images shared by our team have revealed the interior of the car.
  • In the interior, rectangular AC Vents and Steering Wheels can be seen to have gotten the Golden touch. It is in line with Tata Motor’s new ‘Gold Standards’ tagline.
  • On the left, a big Glove Box can be seen, perhaps a Cooled in the Top Variant.
  • Bottle Holders are visible on both of the front doors.
  • The rest Interior is found black which looks classy.

Tata Punch Colors

There are likely to be white, black, blue, brown, grey and red Tata Punch options. Dealerships in India are already stocking the colours black, red, and brown.

Tata Punch Variants (with Features & Price)

Tata Motors has added new Tata Punch models to its line-up of vehicles. The premium version is Pure, Adventure, Accomplished, and Creative. All of these variants, however, come with a variety of optional features, such as additional fuel options and transmission selections. To learn more about a specific variant, simply click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Tata Punch be booked online?

No. You will have to visit the nearest Tata Motors Showroom and book your Tata Punch after submitting the token money.

What will be the price range of Punch?

It will cost you between 6 to 10.5 Lakh INR (On-Road)

Is Tata Punch as SUV?

Not really. It’s a “Micro-SUV”. Micro SUVs are like hatchbacks with higher ground clearance.

What colour options are available in Punch?

Like other Tata cars, Punch will also be available in White, Red, Blue, Grey and a dark edition.

Is Tata Punch Safe?

Up to this point, the safest car in India has been the Tata Punch. In the Global NCAP safety evaluation, it received a perfect score of 5 stars. Definitely! The Tata Motors brand is known for its high safety standards. Tata Motors has been one of India’s safest carmakers. Previous Tata Motor models like the Altroz, Nexon, and Harrier have received 5/5 stars in the Global NCAP Test Ratings.

Will Tata Punch be available in CNG?

There have been sightings of the Tata Punch CNG in various cities across India. Tata Motors insiders have confirmed that Tata Punch CNG will be launched in 2022.

Bonus: Car Buying Guide

In search of an automobile that’s ideal for your needs? Prioritizing your wants and needs is essential. Buying a car for yourself or your family? There’s no point in buying a full-fledged SUV to transport a family of four because of its looks or its practicality. Furthermore, why would you buy an expensive Premium Sedan for off-roading purposes? If you drive less than 10 kilometres per day, don’t worry about saving money on gas. Which is better, a gas or a diesel engine? With these questions in mind, we’ve put together this guide just for you to help you get the most out of your car shopping experience. The following are some things to keep in mind:

New or Used?

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide whether to buy a used car or a brand-new one.

A brand new car comes with a factory-installed and completely untouched vehicle when you spend tens of thousands of dollars on it. It will last a long time if it is properly cared for. Furthermore, the experience of purchasing a brand-new car is incredibly alluring. However, the value of a brand-new car is rapidly eroding. Vehicles lose the most value in the first two or three years of their existence on public roads.

Depreciation is avoided, on the other hand. For example, a used car purchased for Rs. 4 lakhs can be sold for Rs. 3.5-3.8 lakhs after two years of use. Older cars depreciate more slowly. However, your life will be a living hell if you get your hands on the wrong vehicle. Take a thorough look at any used car before making a final decision.

Petrol or Diesel?

Petrol and diesel in India will be nearly identical in price in 2021, based on current market conditions. In some cities, the difference in per litre costs has shrunk to less than a rupee. As a result, buying a more expensive Diesel vehicle to save money on gas is a bad idea. There is a narrowing of the gap between Diesel Engines and gasoline engines as time goes on. Also, Diesel cars are more fuel-efficient than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Consider purchasing a Diesel vehicle if you drive at least 1200-1500 kilometres per month. It’s fine if you don’t drive your car more than once a week to buy a Petrol Car.

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