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Tata Hexa Price, model List, Colors, Mileage And Auto facts

Tata’s new SUV, the Hexa, debuted in India in February 2019.

The lowest price for a brand new Tata Hexa in India is 13.69 Lakh. Hexa comes in five different colours: pearl white, tungsten silver, arizona blue, urban bronze, and sky grey. Seating for six to seven people as possible in a Hexa. The Hexa-mileage equivalent is 14.6 km/l.

There are 17 different iterations of the Hexa, each powered by either gasoline or diesel. All diesel variants have a 2179cc motor that produces 148 horsepower at 4000 rpm.

In India, Hexa faces off against the likes of the Mahindra Thar, Tata Safari, and the Hyundai Alcazar.

Tata Hexa Price

Ex-showroom prices for a Tata Hexa range from approximately 16.16 Lakhs to 22.76 Lakhs. The base Diesel model of the Tata Hexa can be purchased for approximately 16.16 Lakhs, not including destination charges.

Tata Hexa Model List

Hexa ModelPriceKey Specs
XE 4×2 7 STR₹ 13.69 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XE 4×2 6 STR₹ 13.69 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XM 4×2 7 STR₹ 15.20 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XM Plus 4×2 7 STR₹ 16.28 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XMA 4×2 7 STR₹ 16.41 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Automatic (TC)
XT 4×2 Dual Tone 6 STR₹ 17.31 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XT 4×2 Dual Tone 7 STR₹ 17.31 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XT 4×2 7 STR₹ 17.93 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XT 4×2 6 STR₹ 17.93 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XTA 4×2 Dual Tone 6 STR₹ 18.45 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Automatic
XTA 4×2 Dual Tone 7 STR₹ 18.45 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Automatic
XT 4×4 Dual Tone 6 STR₹ 18.62 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XT 4×4 Dual Tone 7 STR₹ 18.62 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XTA 4×2 7 STR₹ 19.08 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Automatic (TC)
XTA 4×2 6 STR₹ 19.08 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Automatic (TC)
XT 4×4 7 STR₹ 19.25 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual
XT 4×4 6 STR₹ 19.25 LakhDiesel, 2179 cc, Manual

Tata Hexa Colours

Tata Hexa is available in 5 colours – Pearl White, Tungsten Silver, Arizona Blue, Urban Bronze, Sky Grey.

tata hexa price
tata hexa price

Tata Hexa Mileage

According to ARAI data, the Hexa achieves 14.40 km/l in fuel economy. The gasoline tank on a Hexa is 60 litres, which equates to a range of about 864 kilometres. Take note that the ARAI-reported mileage or fuel economy is based on laboratory testing under regular conditions.

Tata Hexa Mileage

Diesel Manual11 km/l
Diesel Auto10 km/l

Tata Hexa Key Specifications

Price icon


₹ 13.69 – 19.25 Lakh
Fuel Type icon

Fuel Type

Mileage icon


14.4 km/l
Seating Capacity icon

Seating Capacity

6 – 7 People
Warranty icon


3 Years or 100000 km
Engine Size icon

Engine Size

2179 cc
Transmission icon


Manual, Automatic (TC), Automatic
Size icon


4788 mm L X 1900 mm W X 1785 mm H
Fuel Tank icon

Fuel Tank

60 litre
Ground Clearance (mm) icon

Ground Clearance (mm)

200 mm

Tata Hexa Design

The foundation of Tata Hexa is the original Tata Aria. From the sides, this is immediately apparent. But that’s about it in terms of physical resemblance. Muscular and chiselled best describe the Tata Hexa’s fascia. A clamshell hood, smoked headlights, and an LED strip on the front bumper provide a sleek, modern appearance. The taillights are now horizontal, which is a change from the traditional Tata design. The Hexa’s strengths lie in its visual depth and its understated elegance. As far as aesthetics go, they are neither too ‘in your face nor overly passive. The appearance can be described as “classy” in a single word. The Tata Hexa, despite its lack of chrome, manages to seem quite upscale. The company provides access to all functions.

Tata Hexa Interiors

Each room’s decor is as understated as the building’s facade. They are sophisticated, tidy, and expertly assembled. The interior is among the nicest you’ll find in a Tata, and the decision to go with an all-black colour scheme only serves to up the luxury factor. The Tata Hexa’s cabin is well-organized, with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a touchscreen audio system with 10 Harman and JBL speakers. Cruise control, a rearview camera, projector headlights, and leather upholstery are just a few of the features. The top-of-the-line XT trim comes standard with six airbags, a hill start aid, an electronic stability programme (ESP), ABS with electronic brake distribution (EBD), and traction control (TRC).

Both six and seven-seat configurations of the Tata Hexa are on offer. The front two rows have plenty of room for passengers to stretch out. You can also recline your seat on the second row. The Tata Hexa’s third row can be reclined and has sufficient legroom. However, those of ordinary height or build in India should feel comfortable. When all three rows are up, the boot is relatively compact.

Tata Hexa Engine

A turbo diesel engine displacing 2.2 litres powers the Tata Hexa. This is offered with your choice of a 148 horsepower or 154 hp engine. The less powerful one has a five-speed manual transmission, while the more powerful one has a six-speed manual or automatic transmission available. The engine has minimal NVH levels. This engine has enough of torque for normal driving. In the city or on the highway, you won’t need to change gears too often.

The notchy shifter of the six-speed manual is annoying. It takes time to get used to. The 4×4 manual includes four different settings for the vehicle’s driving modes. In order, we have “Auto,” “Rough Road,” “Comfort,” and “Dynamic Although the other two can function on 42, the Auto and Rough Road are 44. In contrast, the automatic transmission is fantastic. Every single shift, including the downshifts, are seamless. You won’t believe its capabilities until you try it in Sport mode. The tiptronic mode also provides a good response.

Tata Hexa Ride and Handling

When it comes to ride quality, Tata cars have always been at the top of their class, but the new Tata Hexa raises the bar even higher—not just for the brand, but for the entire market. We were impressed by how well this UV rode, despite its relatively small 19-inch wheels. When it comes to comfort and control, the Tata Hexa is unparalleled. Having excellent line-of-sight, little blind spots, and a quick-witted chassis. A quick and responsive vehicle, this. At no point does it feel like a large space.

The Tata Hexa’s reduced body roll is another intriguing feature despite the vehicle’s high ground clearance of 208 mm. Furthermore, the steering wheel may be easily manoeuvred. The leather-wrapped option is much more comfortable to hold. Clearly, this represents a new direction for Tata’s wares.

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