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2023 Tata Vista Price in India, Launch Date, Full Specifications, Colours, and More

Tata Vista Price: From its debut, the Tata Vista has been a favourite among automobile shoppers in search of something simple yet stylish at a reasonable price. The current pricing of the Tata Vista is important information if you are shopping for a car in India in 2023. This page summarises the car by discussing its specifications, gas mileage, cost, and customer ratings and comments. You may make an educated purchase decision after reading this article, as it contains details on the Tata Vista.

The Tata Vista Pricing is worth thinking about if you’re in the market for a high-end SUV that can accommodate the needs of affluent motorists. Priced between Rs. 5.08 Lakh and Rs. 6.25 Lakh in India, this vehicle gets a remarkable 18 km/l on the highway. The leather seats, panoramic roof, and premium audio system are just the icing on the cake. Overall, it’s a terrific choice for luxury drivers, despite the fact that some critics have pointed out that it isn’t very fuel efficient (averaging 13 kmpl). If you’re thinking about purchasing the Tata Vista Pricing, then you should check out our reviews and specifications first.

Tata Vista 2023

The Indica Vista, intended to replace the popular but ageing Indica V2, is a passenger automobile manufactured by Tata Motors. It is said to improve upon the original model’s features and performance. Also, it is much better now. The vehicle’s exterior, interior, and mechanics are all brand new, and it’s larger and more capable than the V2. The Vista may be outfitted with either an engine or a Fiat-made Quadrate engine, both of which are diesel. There are three different models available: the base LS, the mid-range LX, and the top-tier VX Tech.

The Vista has been thoroughly redesigned; it now has strong performance and can be had with either a diesel or gasoline engine. Tata’s strategic alliance with Fiat allowed it to have access to Fiat’s top-tier engines, considerably benefiting the quality of the car. With its sturdy build, attractive styling, and faultless fit and finish, the Vista makes for a great family hatchback. The Vista D90 ZX+ variant is also quite well-equipped.

Tata Vista Details 2023

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Tata Vista Price in India 2023

Starting at 5.08 Lakh and going up to 6.25 Lakh, the price of a Tata Vista Tech is rather reasonable. Vista Tech’s diesel model has a price tag of between 5.08 Lakh and 6.25 Lakh. Because of this, it is a fantastic option for folks who want a reliable vehicle but don’t want to spend a fortune. Many satisfied customers have raved about the Tata Vista, calling it “one of the nicest luxury automobiles they have ever driven or rode in.” The roomy cabin and smooth ride are just two of the many things that set the Tata Vista apart.

Tata Vista
Tata Vista

The Price of Tata Vista Diesel

Vista Quadrajet LS(Base Model) Rs. 5.26 Lakh
Vista Quadrajet VX Tech Rs. 6.19 Lakh
Vista TDI LS Rs. 4.74 Lakh
Vista TDI LX Rs. 5.27 Lakh
Indica Vista Quadrajet LX Rs. 5.49 Lakh
Vista Quadrajet VX Rs. 5.90 Lakh
Vista Quadrajet 90 VX Rs. 6.09 Lakh
Indica Vista Quadrajet ZX Rs. 6.40 Lakh
Vista Quadrajet 90 ZX Plus(Top Model) Rs. 6.83 Lakh

Tata Indica Vista  Mileage

Expect the TDi unit to get roughly 19 kmpl on the highway and close to 16 kmpl in the city. On the other hand, the Quadrajet can get close to 19 kmpl in the city and more than 20 kmpl on the highway.

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Mileage  City Mileage
Diesel Manual 22.3 kmpl 19.1 kmpl
Petrol Manual 16.7 kmpl 13.3 kmpl


Tata Vista is available in 6 different Colours – Dew White, Cavern Grey, Jet Silver, Artic Silver, Blue Chill and Mint White.

Tata Indica Vista Key Features

Change the backlight of the instrument cluster to your liking. High-Resolution TFT Touchscreen:- Listen to your favourite tunes on your stereo by hooking up an iPod to a USB connection. The satellite navigation system provides up-to-date information on the best path to your destination. You no longer have to worry about getting lost on the road.

Power Steering Yes
Air Conditioner Yes
Wheel Covers Yes
Power Windows Front No
Anti Lock Braking System No
Driver Airbag No
Passenger Airbag No
Automatic Climate Control No
Fog Lights – Front No

Tata Indica Vista Performance and Handling

All-terrain tyres size 175/65 are mounted on the car’s 14-inch wheels. Keeping in mind the suspension’s predisposition towards comfort, it may be an excellent tourer. Although the Vista isn’t the easiest vehicle to manoeuvre in congested urban areas or on long stretches of highway, doing so isn’t too much of a challenge either. When its restrictions are understood, though, it proves to be a fun diversion.

Tata Indica Vista Braking and Safety

Disk brakes are standard on the front wheels of all models, while drum brakes are standard on the rear wheels. The lower trim levels lack standard safety features including anti-lock brakes and electronic brake distribution (ABS and EBD), which are only included in the top-tier VX Tech model.

The only real advantages of this vehicle are its crumple zones, side impact beams, and foldable steering. Every single one of these vehicles has a safety feature built into the engine immobiliser. Central locking and keyless entry are available as extras on all levels outside the LS. The VX Tech, on the other hand, has a door-ajar, seatbelt, and key-in reminder.

Tata Indica Vista Engine & Transmission

The Fiat-sourced 75 PS Quadrajet engine is one option for the Indica Vista’s powertrain, while the 71 PS TDi engine is the other. Tata did, for a short while, offer a 93PS variant of the latter, but has since sadly stopped doing so. The Quadrajet is the more agile and sophisticated option.

Each motor has access to a five-speed transmission. It’s not the sleekest tool out there, but it does the job. Due to the torquey nature of diesel engines, the car rarely needs to change gears, especially with the Quadrajet engine.

Tata Indica Vista boot space

In the nouveau riche demographic, hatchbacks are the most desirable car body style. The 2017 Tata Vista hatchback stands out among its rivals for its upmarket features and spacious 232-liter trunk. Since this is a little family car and hatchbacks aren’t exactly known for their capacious trunks, 232 litres is a good quantity. In terms of load capacity, rival hatchbacks like the Ford Figo, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Elite i20, and Tata Zest are all very similar to one another (360 liters).

Tata Indica Vista Ground Clearance

Our test vehicle, the Tata Vista, is a little taller alternative to the compact hatchback Tata Indica V2, with a ground clearance of 165 mm. Because of this, the vehicle is better able to speed through obstacles, such as stone chip heaps and spoke breakers. Even on rural roads, where the most difficult terrain is likely to be mountainous, this little hatchback can provide an exhilarating ride.

Tata Indica Vista Fuel Tank Capacity

With improved handling and a larger fuel tank, the Tata Vista hatchback is the natural successor to the Tata Indica. Its gasoline tank capacity powers all four iterations of this hatchback, which achieves fuel economy of between 19.4 and 22.3 kilometres per litre. A vehicle’s low fuel indication works as intended when the fuel level in the tank drops, alerting the driver to the need to visit the gas station.

Tata Indica Vista Air Conditioner

When it comes to conveniences, this vehicle’s air conditioning system is among the best in the business. In addition, there are vents in the front dashboard, but none in the back. Vista’s rivals include the Tata Bolt and the Toyota Etios Liva, both of which provide air conditioning in select trim levels.

Tata Indica Vista Airbags

TATA’s lovable little hatchback Vista comes standard with advanced safety features including two airbags in higher trim levels like the GVX Safire 65, GVX Safire 90, GZX Safire 90, VX Quadrajet, ZX Quadrajet, GVX Safire 65, GVX Safire 90, GZX Safire 90, VX Quadrajet, ZX and Quadrajet. In the case of a collision, the driver and front passenger are protected by these air bags, which operate as a barrier between them and the hard surfaces of the vehicle. There is no option for rear airbags in any of these packages. If the air bags are to do their job, it is imperative that the passengers buckle up.

Tata Indica Vista Bluetooth Connectivity

Due to its compact design, the Vista’s inability to support Bluetooth connectivity is yet another one of the vehicle’s flaws. In contrast, the Bolt’s built-in Bluetooth interface makes it possible to answer calls and listen to music from your phone even when there’s no wired connection between the two devices. Sadly, Vista’s lack of a Bluetooth interface is a major drawback. The car’s comfortable cabin makes up for this. Everyone inside will be comfortable enough. There is space for five people in the seats provided. The smooth operation of the power steering and the excellent power windows are two of the Tata Vista’s many good points. The FM mp3 player is high tech and has a USB cable.

Tata Indica Vista Steering Mounted Controls

The Indian manufacturer’s elegant hatchback, the Tata Vista, is available in two trim levels: the base Tata Vista and the top-tier Tata Vista VX Tech Quadrajet. The Tata Vista’s steering wheel includes four broader horizontal spokes where various controls are positioned. The driver can access the phone and audio functions with these buttons. The volume, radio channel, and phone are all easily accessible to the driver.

Tata Vista Specifications

The Tata Vista has 2 Diesel Engine and 1 Petrol Engine on offer. The Diesel engine is 1248 cc and 1405 cc while the Petrol engine is 1172 cc . It is available with Manual transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Vista has a mileage of 16.7 to 22.3 kmpl & Ground clearance of Vista is 165mm. The Vista is a 5 seater 4 cylinder car and has length of 3795mm, width of 1695mm and a wheelbase of 2470mm.

ARAI Mileage 16.7 kmpl
City Mileage 13.3 kmpl
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Displacement (cc) 1172
No. of cylinder 4
Max Power (bhp@rpm) 64.1bhp@5500rpm
Max Torque (nm@rpm) 96Nm@3000rpm
Seating Capacity 5
TransmissionType Manual
Boot Space (Litres) 232re
Fuel Tank Capacity 37.0
Body Type Hatchback
Ground Clearance Unladen 165mm

Tata Indica Vista Interior

The interior makes it difficult to identify as a Tata. In spite of the fact that the plastic isn’t nearly of the highest quality, it has improved greatly. After getting unfavourable comments from customers, the Vista’s instrument panel has been moved back to the conventional location from when it was first introduced.

The dual-tone design inside makes what is already a very roomy cabin seem much more so. The VX Tech version includes the most advanced features and specifications. The VX Tech trim adds a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen and several audio and visual options. Moreover, a navigation system will be added.

Tata Indica Vista Exterior

Apart from the Tata Indica V2, the Vista is an entirely new model. Conversely, many shoppers will be interested in the Indica because it serves as a sleek and practical family hatchback. The front fascia is particularly well-executed, with a stylish bumper, a sizable grille, and upswept headlights. The one crease on the bonnet gives the look even more character.

The sides are a little less interesting, but the overall proportions are fine. The A-pillar turn signals and the single crease that runs through the door handles are the Vista’s most distinctive features. The roundedness of the roof gives it an undulating profile, though this is largely a matter of personal preference. The rear is similar to the sides in most respects and is, at best, uncomplicated. Although the Christmas tree taillights are attractive, the back is too reminiscent of the Indica V2. But that’s fine, because Indica wasn’t a terrible design to begin with.


Your thoughts on the Tata Vista’s estimated cost in India in 2023? Is buying a car in India on your near-future agenda? If that’s the case, then you should check out our blog for the most up-to-date details on the Tata Vista Pricing. All you need to know about the Tata Vista, including its price, gas mileage, and advantages and disadvantages, can be found in this blog post. Please share your opinions with us by responding to this post.

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How many models of Indica Vista are there?

It is available in 14 variants, 1172 to 1405 cc engine options and 1 transmission option : Manual.

Is Tata Indica a successful car?

All Tata Indica Reviews. 3) Looks wise Its a Ok look That we have seen from 2 decades , Performance of the car is Adequate – Diesel 1.4L cr4 engine is torque’y Very Good fuel economy -Average 20-22 kmpl highway/city. 4) Large Aftersales Service Network.

What is the price of Tata Indica eV2?

Tata Indica eV2 is a 5-seater Hatchback available at a starting price of Rs. 5.08 Lakh.

What is the mileage of Tata Vista?

Tata Vista Tech mileage starts at 19.1 kmpl and goes up to 22.3 kmpl. The mileage of Vista Tech Diesel ranges between 19.1 kmpl – 22.3 kmpl.

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