Nextbase 522gw

Nextbase 522gw Problems and Solutions

Curious if the Nextbase 522gw lives up to its reputation as one of the top dashcams on the market? Well, let us share a little secret – even the crème de la crème of technology isn’t immune to hiccups.

Among the noteworthy challenges reported by Nextbase 522gw users are Auto Camera Errors (Card Formatting Lock), hiccups with the Rear Camera add-on, pesky Bluetooth connection troubles, Recording Camera Failure, and the occasional Battery drainage.

It’s a reminder that even the best can have their off days.

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Most Common Nextbase 522gw Problems And Solution

While the Nextbase 522gw stands as a highly regarded dashcam, it isn’t without its imperfections. Here’s a rundown of common issues users have reported and their solutions:

Nextbase 522gw
Nextbase 522gw

1. Auto Camera Error (Card Formatting Lock)

Encountering a formatting lock after selecting the memory card format option is a known glitch. To resolve:

Manual Reset:

  • Locate the reset button, usually a small hole.
  • Insert a pin or paperclip into the hole, holding for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release, allowing the camera to restart.

Power Cycle:

  • Disconnect the camera from power.
  • Leave it disconnected for a few minutes.
  • Reconnect and check for proper startup.

2. Rear Camera Add-On Problem

Issues with the rear camera add-on can be fixed by updating the firmware. Here’s how:

  • Connect the dashcam to a computer.
  • Download the latest firmware from the Nextbase website.
  • Format the SD card and copy the firmware files.
  • Initiate the firmware update on the dashcam.

3. Bluetooth Issues

Several Bluetooth problems can occur; here are potential solutions:

Bluetooth Pairing Failure:

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices.
  • Restart both the dashcam and mobile device.
  • Delete existing Bluetooth connections and attempt pairing again.
  • Stay within the manufacturer’s specified Bluetooth range.

Unstable Bluetooth Connection:

  • Keep devices in close proximity.
  • Remove potential sources of interference.
  • Reset Bluetooth settings on both devices.

Audio Synchronization Issues:

  • Ensure compatibility with audio codecs.
  • Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth.
  • Consider using a wired connection if issues persist.

4. Recording Camera Failure

For sudden recording cessation, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check power and charging.
  • Verify memory card status and format if needed.
  • Reset camera settings to default.

5. Battery Drainage Issues

To tackle battery drainage concerns, consider these optimizations:

  • Implement Auto Power Off feature.
  • Introduce Low Power Mode for customizable settings.
  • Include a Battery Saver Notification in the user interface.


In the grand scheme of things, despite its occasional quirks, the Nextbase 522gw stands tall as a fantastic investment for those seeking a trustworthy dashcam. Boasting remarkable features, user-friendly design, and stellar video quality, it’s a camera that delivers the goods while cruising on the road.

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind the typical hiccups that may pop up and be ready to troubleshoot them when needed.

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