Nissan Models Have 360 Camera

Which Nissan Models Have 360 Camera?

Tired of those annoying parking dings? Want to maneuver your Nissan like a pro? Then you need a 360-degree camera! This amazing feature gives you a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings, making parking, merging, and navigating tricky situations a breeze. But which Nissan models come with this incredible technology? Read on to find out!

Here are those Nissan models with 360 Camera :

Nissan Model360-Degree Camera
Nissan AltimaYes
Nissan MaximaYes
Nissan MuranoYes
Nissan RogueYes
Nissan PathfinderYes
Nissan ArmadaYes
Nissan TitanYes
Nissan AriyaYes
Nissan KicksSelect trim levels
Nissan Rogue SportYes
Nissan LEAFYes
Nissan VersaYes
Nissan SentraYes
Nissan FrontierYes
Nissan TITANYes
Nissan TITAN® XDYes
Nissan GT-RNo

NOTE📝 check the features of each car model, as they can vary based on the model year and trim level. We gather information from the official Nissan website for the latest and most accurate details.

Is Nissan Around View Monitor Aftermarket Available?

Nissan’s Around View Monitor (AVM) system is mainly a factory-installed option on new Nissan vehicles. It integrates into the car’s electronics and is not typically available as an aftermarket add-on.

If you don’t have Nissan’s AVM but want a 360-degree camera, some companies claim to install aftermarket systems. However, this requires complicated modifications to a car’s wiring.

Additionally, aftermarket 360 systems can’t match the integration level of factory AVM.

If maintaining your vehicle’s original wiring is important, aftermarket systems involve risky alterations. But if you’re willing to modify vehicle electronics, companies offer 360 camera add-ons, albeit with less seamless performance than Nissan’s integrated AVM.

The key is weighing modification complexity with camera utility. But for those focused on originality, Nissan didn’t design AVM availability beyond factory installation.

A good option to consider instead is a 360 degree dash cam. These dash cams provide lots of useful features:

🔹 Parking protection – Records activity if someone hits your parked car 🔹 Evidence gathering – Video proof helpful for insurance/liability claims

🔹 Encourages safer driving – Knowing you’re on camera makes people more careful

🔹 Fraud protection – Video can resolve fraudulent claims when not at fault

🔹 Capture scenic drives – Relive trips with 360 degree views

🔹 Parental monitoring for new drivers – Keep watch over teens learning to drive

🔹 Potential insurance discounts – Some offer reduced premiums for using dash cams

So for many key benefits beyond just a rearview backup camera, install a 360 dash cam. You’ll get security, transparency and driving aids without altering car electronics like an integrated AVM system requires.

1. Razo DC3000A d’Action 360

Video Resolution2880×2880 @ 30 fps front cam, 1920×1440 @ 30 fps interior cam
Screen2” LCD screen
Lens Viewing Angle195° front cam, 165° interior cam
StorageMicro SD card up to 512GB
Extra FeaturesWifi, GPS, Motion Detection Parking Mode
Dimensions4.1 x 1.85 x 1.14 inches

2. FocuWay t5 360

Video Resolution2560×1440 @ 30 fps front cam, 2048×1536 rear cam
Lens Viewing Angle360° surround view
StorageMicro SD card up to 128GB
Extra FeaturesParking Monitor, G-Sensor
Dimensions4.5 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches

How Does Nissan 360 Camera Work?

Nissan Models Have 360 Camera
Nissan Models Have 360 Camera

Nissan’s Around View Monitor (AVM) system uses multiple cameras – on the grille, side mirrors and vehicle rear. These feed video to a central computer.

It stitches together the individual camera views to create an overhead composite bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and surrounding area. It displays this on the infotainment screen.

The display also overlays helpful parking gridlines and object detection zones. This allows assessing obstacles and distance from other vehicles when maneuvering.

The AVM system lets drivers pick different viewing modes like front and rear cameras along with the bird’s-eye view. Very helpfully, it does a split-screen showing an overhead map plus an up-close side camera view when reversing or using parking assistance.

Having side views simultaneously with the aerial angle helps better calculate space and clearances. This really assists parking in tight areas safely.

So Nissan’s seamless and intelligent camera integration provides comprehensive visual coverage from all angles – making AVM a huge asset for confident and secure parking.

How Does Nissan Overhead Camera Work

Nissan’s 360-degree camera system (AVM) generates a simulated aerial view of the vehicle’s surroundings. It does this by combining video footage from multiple cameras – strategically located on the front grille, side mirrors, and rear of the car.

The cameras provide overlapping visual coverage of the areas around the car. Specialized software then takes the different perspectives and stitches them together. The end result is an integrated top-down view that looks like it’s from a camera above the car, letting the driver see all around the vehicle on screen.

So Nissan AVM uses clever camera placement and image processing to synthesize an overhead surround view. This bird’s eye perspective delivers great situational awareness for drivers when parking and maneuvering.


Calibrating Nissan’s 360-degree camera system (or any car’s surround view system) is an important process to ensure the cameras accurately display the vehicle’s surroundings.

Here’s the basic rundown:

First, the vehicle is precisely positioned at a Nissan service center, as calibration can only be done by trained technicians with special tools.

The 360-degree camera system, along with its cameras and sensors, is installed in the car. It then goes through an initial calibration procedure. This adjusts the camera angles using Nissan’s diagnostic software and equipment.

After the system is calibrated, technicians do some testing to verify everything is working correctly and the cameras are capturing accurate views around the entire vehicle.

Proper calibration ensures the 360-degree cameras can precisely display potential obstacles around your Nissan, making parking and tight maneuvers much safer and easier. It’s a precision tuning process best left to authorized service centers.

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