Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept: Electric Hot Hatch of the Future

Volkswagen is gearing up to electrify the quintessential hot hatchback segment with its retro-themed ID. GTI Concept, which made its debut at IAA Mobility 2023. This concept car aims to bridge 48 years of GTI history powered by combustion engines with Volkswagen’s electric future.

The striking red car you see here may look familiar, as it draws inspiration from the VW ID. 2all Concept that was introduced earlier this year. This resemblance is intentional, as Volkswagen’s designers had the GTI in mind while crafting the ID. GTI Concept. You’ll find many of the same features, albeit with a distinctive black and red trim. The front and rear fascias exude a sportier appeal, while the wheels take inspiration from the Mk1 GTI. The taillights feature a darker hue, and a wing atop the hatch seamlessly integrates with the black window trim. The grille adopts a blacked-out design with red accents, and GTI branding is proudly displayed throughout.

Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept
Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept

While we’d love to share detailed information about the powertrain propelling this dynamic red hatchback, Volkswagen has yet to provide specifics. What we do know is that it utilizes a single-motor, high-performance powertrain with an electronic differential lock for the front wheels. Furthermore, it offers extensive customization options through the GTI Experience Control, allowing adjustments to suspension settings, steering response, sound, and even simulated shift points to evoke the essence of GTIs from bygone eras.

The nostalgia for bygone eras continues inside the ID. GTI Concept, and it’s not limited to the iconic plaid seats. The digital interior carried over from the ID. 2all includes dual screens but with a twist, as VW offers a range of settings, including classic gauge displays. Fancy cruising in a Mk2 GTI? You can set it up that way. And should you find yourself on a renowned racetrack like the Nurburgring, an augmented heads-up display will project a track layout onto the lower corner of the windshield. Meanwhile, the passenger can keep tabs on lap times, also conveniently projected onto the windshield.

While it remains uncertain whether such tech will make it to production, VW does reveal that the interior layout, featuring a 12.9-inch center screen, a 10.9-inch driver screen, and an array of physical controls, is close to production-ready. The automaker goes a step further by confirming that the ID. GTI Concept is more than just a showcase, stating, “it’s a first glimpse of the exciting GTI future because the decision has been taken that it will go into production.” Despite its focus on performance, VW emphasizes that this concept retains practicality, with the ability to accommodate five passengers and offer 17.3 cubic feet of cargo space in the trunk.

As for when this exciting concept will become a reality, VW has yet to disclose specifics. However, you can catch a glimpse of the future at IAA Mobility 2023, where the ID. GTI Concept will be showcased starting September 5th.

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