Volkswagen New Tharu Price, Colours, Mileage, Top-speed, specs and More

Volkswagen Tharu , aka “mini-Teramont”, aka Skoda Karoq twin brother. How similar is a German crossover to a Skoda Karoq, and what will its engines and other technical parts be? The VW Tharu’s name is not just a random string of letters. People with the same name Tharu live on the border between India and Nepal.

But it’s still not clear why the Germans chose to name their car after an Indian tribe. In April 2018, a cousin of the Skoda Karok was shown to the public for the first time. The main target market is active people who live in big cities and want to get around in a good SUV from a well-known brand that doesn’t cost much. The full line of Volkswagen cars.


The new car is based on the Skoda and is a cheaper alternative to the pricey Tiguan for those who can’t afford it. The car is set up for both North America and South America. Even so, you can buy a VW Tharu from an official dealer in Russia for 1,339,000,000 rubles. The top-of-the-line version with the most features costs 2 million 59 thousand rubles.


vw is not confirmed colors yet. but reveal as soon as possible.



Characteristics Volkswagen e-Tharu
Mileage without recharging by the NEDC system, km 315


Vw tharu top speed is not confirmed in india.

Volkswagen New Tharu Specs


A quick look at a picture of the VW Tharu is all it takes to see that the new crossover has the same look as the Skoda Karoq. From the shape of the doors to the arches, everything is the same. The front end is the only thing that has changed. Here, the Volkswagen Tharu looks more like a Teramont.

The LED headlights and mirrors that are built into the legs are another unique difference. Also, the side windows in the back are much smaller. The VW Tharu is almost the same size as the Tiguan. The body is 4.45 meters long and 1.84 meters wide. The car is only 163 cm tall, and its wheelbase is 268 cm.


The inside of the Volkswagen Tharu is not completely known. It could be “drawn” in the same way as the Skoda Kodiak and Teramont. The car will have 5 seats and a big trunk, and the ergonomics will be perfected down to the last detail. Normally, it should be able to hold at least 500 liters.

The VW Tharu will come standard with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine and front-wheel drive. It has 125 horse power and a six-speed ICPC gearbox. Hundreds of crossovers can speed up in 10.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of 190 km/h. The average amount of water used is only 6.5 liters.

If you order a Volkswagen Tharu model with a robot, neither the fuel economy nor the way it drives will change. The “robot” is already built into the version with a 150-hp motor. The result has grown a lot: it now goes 198 km/h and picks up speed in 9.2 seconds. Fuel consumption is 6.8 l.

Volkswagen New Tharu Dimensions

The Tharu will measure 4,453mm in length, 1,632mm in height and 1,841mm in width. Interestingly, as the figures reveal, the Tharu is longer and taller than the upcoming (in India, that is) Karoq by 71mm and 27mm, respectively.

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