Volkswagen brand director

Volkswagen brand director: Safety is our top priority

In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift in the priorities of Indian car buyers when considering their new vehicles. The emphasis has evolved beyond mere fuel efficiency and price, now encompassing safety, quality, and features. This transformation has prompted automakers to reassess their strategies, and one name that has prominently emerged is Volkswagen.

Volkswagen, renowned for its unwavering commitment to safety, has further elevated its standards through recent accomplishments. In the 2023 Global NCAP evaluations, both Volkswagen’s Virtus and Taigun models attained the prestigious 5-star safety ratings. This achievement underscores the brand’s resolute dedication to manufacturing cars that place safety at the forefront. Significantly, the brand’s signature “German build-quality” has become more accessible to a wider range of buyers through its INDIA 2.0 models.

Volkswagen brand director
Volkswagen brand director

The shift in consumer preferences has not gone unnoticed, particularly among Indian car buyers. People are now willing to invest more for the assurance of safety, as reflected in the statistics. Volkswagen India has witnessed a remarkable 30 percent Year on Year sales surge in 2023 compared to July 2022. This substantial upsurge isn’t confined to a single model; demand for the Taigun has surged by 36 percent Year on Year in July 2023. This positive momentum extends beyond the Taigun, with similarly favorable increments observed for the Virtus and Tiguan.

Ashish Gupta, Brand Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars India, highlights the significance of this transformation. He notes that safety has now become one of the top three priorities for customers when making purchasing decisions. He contrasts this shift with the past, where factors such as fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and price held precedence. This shift is a reflection of the broader industry trend, as other carmakers now spotlight their safety standards during new vehicle introductions, striving to match Volkswagen’s esteemed reputation.

Volkswagen’s strategy of providing “premium accessible” vehicles has reaped rewards, evident in the success of the MQB-A0 platform and the INDIA 2.0 initiative. The Virtus and Taigun have resonated positively with the Indian audience. However, while these models have solidified the brand’s market position, Volkswagen’s fundamental trajectory still leans toward the premium spectrum. According to Gupta, ensuring profitability and sustainability is crucial for the survival and expansion of any brand.

Gupta articulates,

“Our focus is towards the premium segment and bringing in more cars from our global portfolio.”

The objective is to maintain a robust market presence while securing resources for forthcoming endeavors. While affordability remains a concern, Volkswagen remains steadfast in its pursuit of the premium segment. Their journey to balance accessibility and premium quality continues to influence the Indian automotive landscape. In summary, Volkswagen’s unwavering commitment to safety, its accomplishments in the Global NCAP assessments, and its strategic moves have firmly positioned the brand in the Indian market.

With safety emerging as a primary concern for buyers, Volkswagen’s unwavering dedication to producing secure and high-quality vehicles has reshaped the landscape. The triumph of the Taigun and Virtus sets a positive tone, and while budget-friendly choices remain valuable, Volkswagen’s focus on the premium segment appears poised to steer its future endeavors.

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