Toyota Unveils Flex-Fuel Fortuner

Toyota Unveils Flex-Fuel Fortuner That Can Run on E-100

Toyota has unveiled a Fortuner model powered by 100% flex fuel, specifically bioethanol, showcasing their proactive commitment to developing vehicles that utilize alternative fuel sources. The prominent Japanese automaker is notably engaged in the pursuit of innovative solutions to power vehicles.

The growing consensus around the imperative to move away from traditional petrol and diesel cars, due to their pollution emissions, is widely acknowledged. Adhering to increasingly stringent emission regulations would inevitably render the continuous updating of these conventional engines financially burdensome. Thus, the transition to cleaner energy sources becomes an imperative.

Despite the prominence of electric vehicles (EVs) as a viable choice, there exist significant challenges in their widespread adoption. To address this, Toyota is proactively exploring technologies such as biofuels and hydrogen. This dedication to innovation is exemplified by their presentation of a bioethanol-powered Fortuner, underscoring Toyota’s multifaceted approach to sustainable transportation solutions.

Toyota Unveils Flex Fuel Fortuner

During the ongoing Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2023, Toyota is showcasing this distinctive Fortuner model. Externally, there are minimal alterations, with the overall design and aesthetics remaining consistent with the conventional ICE version. However, notable distinctions include the introduction of green body graphics, serving to differentiate it from the pollution-emitting counterparts. Furthermore, a conspicuous door sticker proudly displays “Flexy Fuel Bioethanol E-100,” signifying the SUV’s remarkable capability to operate exclusively on 100% biofuel. This achievement is undeniably impressive.

In addition to the bioethanol-powered Fortuner, Toyota has also unveiled the Corolla Cross E-100 and the Corolla Cross H2 concept, which operates on hydrogen. This multifaceted display underscores Toyota’s ongoing commitment to exploring diverse sustainable technologies in their pursuit of environmentally conscious mobility solutions.

Toyota Unveils Flex-Fuel Fortuner
Toyota Unveils Flex-Fuel Fortuner

Flex Fuel Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner Flexy Fuel features a distinctive blue backdrop, accentuating its Multi-Information Display, while a leather-coated steering wheel adds a touch of luxury. Sporting 18-inch alloy wheels and an eye-catching front grille crafted with a blend of gloss black and chrome, the vehicle boasts an ensemble of refined design elements.

Among its notable features are side mirrors with integrated indicators, headlamp projectors, and fog lamps. Safety is prioritized with Dual SRS Airbags and a dedicated knee airbag, while convenience is assured through power windows and electrically retractable mirrors.

A host of tech features includes steering-mounted controls, a touchscreen monitor head unit, and illuminating cabin lights. The interior is adorned with a soft pad on the dashboard, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere. The AC Auto Climate Control system guarantees a pleasant environment, while practicality is enhanced with features like seat-back pockets and second-row armrests with cup holders.

The cabin boasts sophistication with brown leather seats and door trims adorned with leather accents. A range of modern amenities encompasses a power tailgate, sunvisors with vanity mirrors, and efficient front and rear disc brakes. These features collectively embody the essence of the Toyota Fortuner Flexy Fuel, delivering both style and practicality.


Undoubtedly, several adjustments have been made to the fuel system and ECU programming to ensure compatibility with 100% bioethanol. The vehicle is equipped with a 2.7-liter DOHC Dual VVT-i petrol engine that delivers a robust output of 163 hp and 243 Nm of peak power and torque, slightly lower than the 166 hp and 245 Nm offered by the pure petrol version. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through an automatic transmission.

The future trajectory that Toyota has planned for powertrains like these is bound to be intriguing, considering the constant pursuit of innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.

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