Toyota Fortuner Fire

Toyota Fortuner Fire: Aftermarket Accessories to Blame?

A Toyota Fortuner was recently engulfed in flames due to the installation of aftermarket accessories. The trend of modifying cars with aftermarket parts has reached an all-time peak. Enthusiasts are rushing to car shops to make various alterations, aiming to distinguish their vehicles from the norm. Unfortunately, these modifications are also leading to a rise in incidents involving such vehicles. The Fortuner, a highly successful 7-seat off-roading SUV in the country, has experienced such an incident. This success has been especially pronounced after the departure of the formidable Ford Endeavour from the Indian market, causing the Fortuner to sell exceptionally well. Toyota, the Japanese automaker, has introduced numerous new editions of the Fortuner to cater to this demand. In this context, let’s delve into the specifics of this recent event.

Toyota Fortuner Fire
Toyota Fortuner Fire

Toyota Fortuner Aftermarket Accessories

This Instagram post originates from motorpoint_arena and captures a distressing scene. The imagery displays a white Fortuner vehicle engulfed in flames by the roadside. Upon closer examination, it’s evident that the vehicle is a Fortuner, though the intense flames obscure many details. The footage then shifts to showcase the vehicle’s front profile, which is barely recognizable due to the extent of the fire’s damage. The individual recording the video shares that the fire’s cause is linked to the owner’s installation of aftermarket headlights.

Reportedly, the owner had replaced the original headlights with 130W bulbs, surpassing the company’s recommended 110W. Subsequently, a short circuit occurred the following day, resulting in a massive and uncontrollable fire. The intensity of the flames led to the vehicle’s swift destruction; it was reduced to ashes within a brief span of time. This incident highlights a recurring issue with modified aftermarket cars. Often, the components used in such modifications do not meet the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. Consequently, these non-standard components can lead to short circuits and fires. Many individuals tend to tamper with their cars’ electronics when pursuing such modifications, which can have disastrous consequences. While the primary appeal of these modifications lies in their visual enhancements, it’s crucial to acknowledge the substantial risks associated with such alterations.

What We Think

Instances like these are unfortunately growing increasingly prevalent in recent times. Opting for budget-friendly aftermarket modifications, especially when it comes to the electrical aspects, poses an extremely dangerous scenario. It’s crucial, therefore, to make a concerted effort to avoid these practices at all costs. While the allure of enhancing the aesthetics for a unique car appearance is strong, it’s imperative to also take into account the potential drawbacks.

Foremost among the negative aspects is the nullification of the company warranty following such customizations. Consequently, in the event of an incident like the one depicted, insurance companies will not provide coverage, placing the entire financial burden squarely on the car owner’s shoulders. As tempting as it might be to pursue these modifications for the sake of uniqueness, it’s essential to consider the consequences and potential risks that accompany such decisions.

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