Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Delayed to 2023, Despite Over 1 Million Reservations

Tesla’s highly anticipated electric truck has entered production at Gigafactory Texas. The Cybertruck boasts up to four motors for impressive performance and is projected to outperform the Silverado EV with an EPA-estimated range surpassing 500 miles. Enthusiasts can secure their spot by reserving the Cybertruck with a fully refundable deposit of $100. Noteworthy updates include a new wheels option and various modifications to enhance production, specifications, and reservations. Since its debut in November 2019, the Cybertruck has captured widespread attention, garnering a massive following and generating anticipation in the pickup truck and EV markets. After a series of delays, the innovative electric pickup is finally gearing up for market availability in the near future.

Tesla Cybertruck design

The Tesla Cybertruck’s distinctive design has been a topic of ongoing debate and discussion since its inception. While there have been suggestions that Tesla might refine the wedge-shaped pickup’s appearance for production, it appears that significant alterations are unlikely. In a Ride the Lightning podcast posted on YouTube on January 15, 2023, Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen indicated that the overall design and style of the Cybertruck has largely been finalized.

Despite its unconventional appearance, the Cybertruck’s design isn’t as unprecedented as it may seem. A USPTO design patent application has revealed resemblances to several classic and early 2000s vehicle models. Tesla’s design patent application for the Cybertruck highlights influences from classic sports cars, a unique off-roader, and even a streamlined pickup bed cover, as reported by Electrek.co.

Build Quality

Before the Cybertruck can be deemed ready for its official launch, it requires a number of enhancements and adjustments, which will inevitably extend the timeline. The current stage of development reveals a range of imperfections within its design. Notable among these are substantial panel gaps, instances of misaligned panels, components that have suffered damage, and sections that have been affixed using adhesive on the prototype. These observations underscore the considerable tasks that lie ahead for the quality assurance department. Given Tesla’s commitment to delivering products with high standards, it is imperative to rectify these inconsistencies and imperfections to ensure a seamless and impeccable experience for customers upon delivery.

DIY scratch removal

During the Ride the Lightning podcast, von Holzhausen fielded a question regarding the stainless steel body of the Cybertruck and its susceptibility to scratches. The host inquired if owners could address potential scratches, to which Tesla’s Chief Designer explained that the Cybertruck boasts a remarkably durable stainless steel exterior that is coated with a ‘self-curing’ finish. In the event of a scratch, Franz indicated that owners should have the ability to personally address it, restoring the affected section to its original pristine finish.

Tesla’s own stainless steel grade

During Tesla’s Q3 2021 earnings conference call on September 30, 2021, Lars Moravy, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, unveiled that Tesla has created a unique stainless-steel grade specifically for the exterior of the Cybertruck. The company has initiated the initial casting-ins using this custom stainless-steel variant and is actively collaborating with suppliers and vendors to secure an adequate and timely supply of this specialized material.

Changes expected on the Cybertruck production model

In a June 2022 interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley and The Kilowatts (available on YouTube), Tesla’s co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, disclosed that the design of the Cybertruck has been definitively finalized. Drawing from the prototypes that have been showcased on multiple occasions, here are the anticipated modifications we can anticipate in the ultimate iteration:

New and rearranged lights

Tesla has made notable changes to the Cybertruck’s front-end design. The headlights have been relocated from the top to the bottom, and individual headlights have been used instead of a continuous light strip. The company also appears to have adjusted the nose and bumper to adhere to pedestrian safety regulations, resulting in a slightly more contoured appearance. The latest prototypes now feature integrated mud flaps within the front bumper.

In the original Cybertruck concept, distinct marker lights were positioned in the lower front fascia. During Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting on May 16, 2023, a pre-production Cybertruck was showcased at Gigafactory Texas. A video shared by the YouTube channel Farzad Mesbahi highlights the model’s marker lights situated at the corners of the front fascia.

Positioned just above the front bumper of the most recent Cybertruck prototype are two horizontal LED light bars, one on each side. These light bars elegantly incorporate the marker lights, which are located at the outer ends of the units.

New wheels

Tesla is considering introducing 2-3 fresh wheel designs for the Cybertruck. A Twitter user named DimaZeniuk unveiled a test mule on July 31, 2023, showcasing new wheel covers adorned with a sleek black finish and a distinctive star-shaped cut-out at the center.


The initial 2019 unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck didn’t feature windshield wipers, yet the production version, revealed on July 15, 2023 via Twitter, now includes one. Notably, the production Cybertruck showcases a single, substantial windshield wiper situated at a slight angle near the left A-pillar.

YouTuber Brad Sloan has presented a video showcasing the functionality of the Cybertruck’s large windshield wiper. At the 13:42 mark in the video, the wiper comes to life, sweeping across the windshield from right to left. Its motion effectively cleans a significant portion of the driver’s side glass, and on the passenger side, it provides extensive coverage. In essence, the windshield wiper spans over 80% of the windshield’s area.

Conventional mirrors

The revised Tesla truck now includes traditional mirrors, a design change noted by Musk as being “easily removable.” Additionally, the truck incorporates digital mirrors utilizing side cameras integrated into the front fender flares, which will serve as replacements for conventional side mirrors when regulations permit.

In recent prototypes, the Cybertruck showcases standard side mirrors, albeit in a distinct triangular form that aligns with the vehicle’s unconventional exterior design. Notably, a recent sighting of the Cybertruck at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting displayed these distinctive triangular mirrors, as depicted in the accompanying video.

No door handles

The evolving design of the Tesla truck as it transitions to a production model includes a significant alteration in its profile – the elimination of flush door handles. Instead, Tesla appears to have incorporated touch-operated door open/close buttons within the B-pillars and C-pillars’ small rectangular sections. Additionally, the vehicle is likely equipped with sensors that detect the presence of the key as the user approaches, enabling automatic door unlocking.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, highlighted this design evolution during the Tesla Cyber Rodeo event on April 7, 2022, expressing that the absence of traditional handles is compensated by the vehicle’s ability to sense the user’s proximity and initiate door opening accordingly. Musk’s anticipation for an exceptional Cybertruck product to be unveiled the following year underscores the company’s commitment to delivering an innovative and impressive vehicle.

Glass roof & tonneau cover

On February 25, 2023, a video was shared on the YouTube channel “What’s Inside?” via Twitter, showcasing the Cybertruck in motion within what appeared to be a parking area. Notably, this particular unit featured two previously unseen elements – a glass roof and a tonneau cover.

In the era of electric vehicles, pickup trucks are embracing enhanced comfort features typically associated with passenger cars. Models like the Rivian R1T and Chevrolet Silverado EV have introduced a glass roof option, and it seems that the Cybertruck is also set to offer this feature as an optional addition, aligning with the trend of elevated sophistication in the EV pickup segment.

Relocated charging port

In the upcoming production version of the Cybertruck, the charging port is expected to be positioned on the rear left fender flare, a departure from its location behind the flap in the concept. Gentle pressure on the flap should prompt it to open smoothly, revealing the charging port. Upon full opening, an illuminated Cybertruck logo situated above the port is anticipated to light up.

However, the chosen location of the charging port may not be the most convenient, particularly for taller individuals who might find reaching it a bit challenging. Its proximity to the wheel could also pose cleaning difficulties, especially during rugged off-road excursions.

Minor changes around the bed

The production version of the Cybertruck introduces a new cut-out in its cargo bed near the cab, indicating a potential access point for servicing the truck’s components. While no mid-gate is evident, this specific configuration might exclude it, leaving the possibility for other configurations to offer it as an option. Departing from the concept, a small latch on the tailgate is likely for opening it, and there’s a subtle variation in the button layout on the sidewall.

A patent publication from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), released on June 22, 2023, and reported by Twitter and InsideEVs.com, hints at an upcoming remote tailgate open/close function for the customer-shipped Cybertruck. This functionality would allow users to conveniently open the tailgate using either the EV’s key fob or the Tesla smartphone app.

Color options

In a December 1, 2022 interview with CNBC, von Holzhausen shared insights into the Cybertruck’s exterior. He emphasized Tesla’s intention to convey durability right from the vehicle’s outer layer, opting for stainless steel over conventional paint. This choice aligns with Tesla’s pursuit of robustness, even at the surface level. Von Holzhausen acknowledged that stainless steel is challenging to shape, particularly in thick applications, which influenced the Cybertruck’s distinctive angular and simplified design.

The decision to manufacture a vehicle in a single standard color or even without paint can streamline production processes, reduce complexity, and have positive environmental implications. For customers desiring color options, the use of wraps before painting was considered due to the exposed stainless steel.

However, recent job postings on Tesla Careers suggest a potential shift in approach. Tesla is actively recruiting engineers, a manager, and a supervisor specializing in the Cybertruck’s paintwork, indicating the company’s inclination to offer color options for the upcoming Cybertruck launch. This adjustment highlights Tesla’s evolving strategy regarding the Cybertruck’s exterior finish.


The interior of the Tesla Cybertruck maintains the brand’s signature minimalist design, consistent with its current lineup. Reflecting the aesthetics of other Tesla vehicles, the cabin boasts a sleek and digital appearance, anchored by a generously sized touchscreen infotainment system that centralizes the majority of functions. The seating arrangement accommodates up to five occupants, aligning with the typical configuration found in most electric pickup trucks.

In response to customer feedback and internal research, Tesla is refining the Cybertruck’s interior design before its market debut. The original 2019 concept served as a starting point, but the company is leveraging insights gained from the show model’s reception to better align with evolving customer preferences and expectations. This adjustment underscores Tesla’s commitment to delivering an interior that resonates with the needs and desires of its future Cybertruck owners.

Digital instrument cluster

During the Tesla Megapack project launch in Moss Landing, California, on June 6, 2022, an intriguing detail caught the attention of observers: a sleek and sharp instrument cluster that was notably absent in the earlier concept version. This addition indicated an evolution in the Cybertruck’s interior design.

As the Cybertruck progresses toward its final production, the finished model set to be delivered to customers might showcase further enhancements. Notably, two additional screens positioned on the outer edges of the dashboard could be introduced, enabling live feeds from the side cameras for improved visibility and awareness.

The prototype unveiled at the Tesla Megapack project launch showcased several other interior features as well. Among them were a sizable central display, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, robust metal pedals, and a pragmatic floor console. The interior was captured in images shared on KSBW8’s website, offering a glimpse of the functional and utilitarian aspects of the Cybertruck’s cabin.

Subsequently, the prototype presented at the 2023 Investor Day provided additional insights into the interior configuration. It highlighted the inclusion of electrically adjustable front seats, foldable rear seats to optimize cargo space, and ambient lighting that enhanced the cabin’s atmosphere. These continuous refinements underscore Tesla’s commitment to delivering a thoughtfully designed and user-friendly interior for its upcoming Cybertruck.

Steering options

A distinctive feature within the Cybertruck’s interior is the yoke steering wheel, often referred to as the ‘open-topped’ steering wheel. This futuristic design element made its debut in Tesla’s Model S in 2021, marking a departure from the traditional round steering wheel. Despite some criticism, Elon Musk confirmed its presence in the Cybertruck, emphasizing its compatibility with the brand’s ‘Auto Pilot’ driver-assistance system.

During a discussion on the Ride the Lightning podcast, Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, highlighted that the yoke steering wheel offered an improved user experience in the Cybertruck compared to a conventional steering wheel. He also noted its enhanced integration with the vehicle’s driver-assistance capabilities.

Elon Musk further elaborated on the advantages of the yoke steering wheel on Twitter. He explained that the traditional round steering wheel can obstruct the instrument cluster and asserted that the panoramic view of full self-driving mode is more aesthetically pleasing with a yoke. He positioned the yoke as a representation of technology from a “post-apocalyptic future.”

However, a twist occurred on March 1, 2023, during Tesla’s Investor Day, when the company showcased a modified steering wheel for the Cybertruck prototype. This iteration retained the unique squircle shape with two spokes and a flattened top and bottom. The steering wheel incorporated capacitive touch controls, allowing for functions such as activating turn signals, answering phone calls, toggling high-beam headlights, operating the wipers, issuing voice commands, and more. Additionally, a glimpse of metal pedal caps in one of the revealed images further demonstrated Tesla’s attention to detail.

On May 17, 2023, Tesla introduced yet another steering wheel option for the Cybertruck. In a video titled Tesla Bot Update on YouTube, a brief segment displayed a Cybertruck with a more conventional, round steering wheel. This potential alternative suggests that Tesla is considering various steering wheel designs to accommodate different customer preferences.

The evolution of the Cybertruck’s steering wheel showcases Tesla’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, offering drivers a range of choices that blend futuristic aesthetics with practical functionality.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

Dimensions & Weight
Length231.7 in / 5877 mm
Width81.1 in / 2063 mm
Height75.8 in / 1924 mm
Wheelbase149.9 in / 3804 mm
Kerb Weight3,976-5,301 lb / 1,798-2,405 kg
Ground Clearance16 in / 406 mm
Seating Capacity5-6
No. of Seating Rows2-3
Boot Space100 cu. ft. / 2,832 L
Fuel Tank Capacity12.0 gal / 45 L
DisplacementSingle motor: 288 kW / 390 hp, dual motor: 358 kW / 480 hp, tri-motor: 835 kW / 1,100 hp
Engine TypeSingle motor: rear-wheel drive, dual motor: all-wheel drive, tri-motor: all-wheel drive
CylindersSingle motor: electric, dual motor: electric, tri-motor: electric
ValvesSingle motor: electric, dual motor: electric, tri-motor: electric
Max Power (BHP)Single motor: 390 hp, dual motor: 480 hp, tri-motor: 1,100 hp
Max Torque (NM)Single motor: 472 lb-ft, dual motor: 568 lb-ft, tri-motor: 900 lb-ft
Mileage (ARAI)Single motor: 250-300 miles, dual motor: 250-300 miles, tri-motor: 200-250 miles
Transmission TypeSingle motor: 1-speed direct drive, dual motor: 2-speed automatic, tri-motor: 2-speed automatic
No of gearsSingle motor: 1, dual motor: 2, tri-motor: 2
Engine type:Single motor: electric, dual motor: electric, tri-motor: electric
Transmission:Single motor: 1-speed direct drive, dual motor: 2-speed automatic, tri-motor: 2-speed automatic
0-60 mph:Single motor: 6.5 seconds, dual motor: 4.5 seconds, tri-motor: 2.9 seconds
Drive TypeSingle motor: rear-wheel drive, dual motor: all-wheel drive, tri-motor: all-wheel drive
Fuel TypeElectricity
Fuel Tank Capacity12.0 gal / 45 L
Seating Capacity5-6
No. of Seating Rows2-3
Boot Space100 cu. ft. / 2,832 L
Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres
Suspension FrontDouble wishbone
Suspension RearMulti-link
Front Brake TypeVentilated disc brakes
Rear Brake TypeSolid disc brakes
Steering TypeElectric power-assisted rack-and-pinion
Spare WheelFull-size spare wheel
Wheel Size (inches)20
Tyre Size Front285/50R20
Tyre Size Rear285/50R20

Tesla Cybertruck accessories

In a recent update, Tesla has established a dedicated team focused on developing a range of accessories for the Cybertruck. This initiative was revealed by Donegan-Ryan in a post on Twitter on March 10, 2023. Collaborating with aftermarket companies, Tesla is crafting specialized accessories, such as off-road lights and winches, optimized to leverage the Cybertruck’s 48-volt auxiliary battery for enhanced electronics performance. The company’s efforts encompass various accessory categories, catering to diverse purposes such as camping, off-roading, and Baja racing. This initiative was further detailed in a subsequent Twitter post by Donegan-Ryan on the same day.

During the groundbreaking ceremony for its proprietary lithium refinery in the vicinity of Corpus Christi, Texas, on May 9, 2023, Tesla unveiled a Cybertruck prototype outfitted with a distinctive black tool rack. This tool rack’s design appears versatile, potentially serving as both a functional tool organizer and a roof rack. While Tesla has not yet confirmed the availability of this tool rack as an official accessory, its design suggests practical applications. Customers could potentially utilize its sides for hanging worksite tools and explore options like mounting a roof box, a bike on a dedicated rack, or even a tent.

These endeavors reflect Tesla’s commitment to enhancing the Cybertruck’s utility and versatility, catering to a wide array of customer preferences and lifestyles. As Tesla continues to innovate and refine its offerings, prospective Cybertruck owners may have the opportunity to tailor their vehicles to their specific needs and interests.

Production & Release date

Production of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is now underway, with customer deliveries projected to commence by August 2023. During Tesla’s Q2 2023 earnings conference call, CEO Elon Musk revealed that initial deliveries will start this year, but substantial production volume will be achieved in 2024. This phased approach suggests limited availability initially. Recent observations have unveiled a disguised Cybertruck prototype camouflaged as a Ford F-150, indicating ongoing road tests and final assessments.

Musk, speaking at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting on May 16, 2023, outlined a production S-curve, signifying a gradual production ramp-up. The company envisions manufacturing between 250,000 to 500,000 units annually based on demand. However, a report from Electrek on June 8, 2023, revealed internal plans for Tesla to manufacture 375,000 units of the Cybertruck annually under the codename ‘Project Everest.’ This ambitious target exceeds the official estimates and necessitates potential capacity expansion at the Giga Texas plant in Austin, USA, where the Cybertruck is produced.

Notably, Tesla is employing advanced manufacturing techniques, such as giga castings, to enhance the Cybertruck’s structure. These single-piece front and rear castings can enhance noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels, reduce weight, and improve safety. Drone footage from June 2023 showcased stockpiled rear castings at Gigafactory Texas, indicating preparations for low-volume production. Expert analysis suggests that the Cybertruck’s weight may be around 6,800 lbs, making it lighter than competitors like the GMC Hummer EV Pickup and Rivian R1T. The Cybertruck features giga castings in the front and rear, distinguishing it from its rivals.

Elon Musk emphasized the benefits of single-piece castings during a Q1 2022 earnings conference call, highlighting their lightweight, cost-effective, and superior NVH properties. Tesla aims to implement this innovation not only in the Cybertruck but also in future models, streamlining manufacturing processes. As Tesla’s flagship product, Musk anticipates that the Cybertruck will set new benchmarks, embodying the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence.


Before the conclusion of 2021, Tesla made the decision to remove the Cybertruck’s pricing details and launch timelines from its official website. As outlined in the Specifications section, Elon Musk, Tesla’s co-founder and CEO, addressed the matter during the company’s annual shareholder meeting on August 4, 2022. During this event, Musk candidly revealed that the original pricing structure for the Cybertruck, as initially presented (referenced in the table below), would need to be revised.

The evolving landscape, marked by factors like inflation and unforeseen challenges, has led to unanticipated cost increases. When the Cybertruck was unveiled back in 2019, reservations were made available at a cost of USD 99. However, Musk acknowledged that since then, significant changes have occurred that impact both specifications and pricing. He noted that the extent of inflation and various complexities that have emerged were difficult to predict.

Musk’s insights, shared during the annual shareholder meeting, shed light on Tesla’s dynamic approach to adapting to the changing economic and operational realities as it strives to bring the Cybertruck to the market.

VariantOriginal Price
Single-motor RWDUSD 39,900
Dual-motor AWDUSD 49,900
Tri-motor AWDUSD 69,900

Tesla Cybertruck reservations

Reserving the Tesla Cybertruck requires a modest deposit of USD 100, regardless of the chosen configuration. As of July 25, 2023, estimated reservations for the Cybertruck have reached an impressive 1,943,876 units, according to data sourced from a crowd-sourced tracker (via Teslarati). It’s important to note that Tesla has not officially disclosed specific figures pertaining to reservations.

A noteworthy trend is emerging among potential Cybertruck customers, many of whom are current Model 3 owners. A recent survey conducted by Bloomberg, involving 5,000 Model owners, revealed that nearly 75% of them have intentions to acquire a new Tesla vehicle in either 2024 or 2025. Delving deeper into the survey results, it was found that the Cybertruck emerged as the top choice for 51.8% of respondents who expressed plans to purchase another Tesla within the next two years.

During an interview at the Future of the Car conference on May 10, 2022 (viewable on YouTube), Elon Musk stated that Tesla has the potential to fulfill orders for up to three years following the commencement of production, based on the current order book. While Musk indicated that reservations for the Cybertruck are booked solid from 2023 through 2025, he did not disclose specific reservation volume figures.

Tesla has opted to restrict Cybertruck pre-orders beyond North America. This shift is evident from a quick examination of Tesla’s market-specific websites, which now reflect limited availability for new Cybertruck orders exclusively in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This marks a departure from the previous option of pre-ordering the Cybertruck in European countries and Australia.


Positioned to be among the sturdiest and most proficient pickup trucks available, the Cybertruck is set to make a distinct mark. While its unconventional design has sparked debates, its ability to attract hundreds of thousands of potential customers underscores a remarkable openness to embracing a bold and innovative concept within the conventional realm of vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck FAQs

When can we expect the Tesla Cybertruck to be released?

The anticipated commencement of Tesla Cybertruck deliveries is projected for the latter part of 2023.

What are the potential alternatives to the Tesla Cybertruck?

Rivaling the Tesla Cybertruck, contenders include the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, Chevy Silverado EV, Ram 1500 REV, and an upcoming GMC electric truck.

What is the estimated range of the Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla envisions the Cybertruck to achieve an EPA-estimated range surpassing 500 miles.

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