Tata Motors’ Plan to Dominate the SUV Segments

Tata Motors is making significant strides in introducing a variety of SUV models across different segments in the Indian market. The demand for SUVs remains strong and has been a prevailing trend over the past years. This popularity has prompted car manufacturers to focus on producing more compact SUVs to appeal to a wider audience.

Tata Motors holds a prominent position in the Indian automotive industry, consistently securing the third spot among the best-selling carmakers. This places it just behind Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. However, with its ambitious future endeavors, Tata Motors could potentially surpass the Korean automotive giant in terms of market presence and sales.

Outlined below are the upcoming SUV products that Tata Motors has in store, showcasing their dedication to expanding and diversifying their offerings in response to the evolving market trends.

Tata Motors to Dominate SUV Segments

Alongside the Nexon, the duo of Harrier and Safari emerged as prominent contenders in our SUV market. These models currently stand as the flagship offerings from Tata Motors. However, it has been a considerable duration since their last updates. Meanwhile, a slew of new competitors has entered the arena. Consequently, a comprehensive revamp is deemed necessary for these two products.

Tata Motors has been actively engaged in testing these vehicles for a notable period. The imminent launch of the Harrier facelift is anticipated in the upcoming weeks. This refresh is expected to encompass not only exterior enhancements but also the potential inclusion of a turbocharged petrol engine under the hood. Such a move aims to cater to a broader spectrum of customers. Furthermore, reports suggest the potential introduction of an electric version of the Harrier, following the launch of its internal combustion engine counterpart.

Tata Nexon Facelift

A comprehensive facelift is also in the pipeline for the Tata Nexon. In recent months, test prototypes have been frequently spotted, revealing various discernible details. Notably, these images showcase a two-spoke steering wheel adorned with an illuminated Tata logo positioned at the center. Additionally, there are indications of a potential driver information display encircling the logo. The upcoming update also brings forth CURVV-inspired exterior styling, a refreshed interior layout, modern technological advancements, enhanced convenience features, and the introduction of new powertrain options.

The launch of the revamped Tata Nexon is imminent, with the unveiling just around the corner. At that juncture, all the intricate details will come to light, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the forthcoming enhancements.

Tata Nexon EV

Tata Motors has recently introduced a refreshed iteration of the Nexon EV, presenting consumers with two distinct versions: Prime and MAX. Notably, the MAX variant is equipped with an enlarged battery to enable an extended driving range. It’s important to note that both these alternatives are developed on the foundation of the existing Nexon platform.

Simultaneously, the compact SUV is undergoing a significant facelift encompassing rejuvenated exterior aesthetics, interior enhancements, and the integration of contemporary features. In light of these updates, it’s plausible that the electric iteration of the Nexon will also be granted its own array of improvements courtesy of the Indian automotive giant.

Tata Punch EV

Continuing the discourse on Tata Motors’ electric vehicle endeavors, there are indications that we might witness the introduction of an electric variant for the popular Punch micro SUV in the near future. It’s noteworthy that Tata Motors has already introduced electric versions of the Tiago and Tigor. Given the Punch’s proximity to these models in terms of pricing, size, and dimensions, there’s a possibility that the electrified Punch could share the electric powertrain employed in these vehicles. This strategic move would represent Tata’s endeavor to cater to the segment of the market seeking affordable electric vehicles.

Acknowledging that substantial upfront costs remain a significant hurdle in achieving widespread adoption, Tata Motors stands as the market leader in this domain. This potential expansion of their electric vehicle lineup is a testament to their commitment to advancing accessible electric mobility solutions.


During the 2023 Auto Expo held in Delhi, Tata Motors unveiled the CURVV concept. This innovative concept harmoniously combines the design elements of a coupe and an SUV. Currently, there exists a noticeable gap in Tata’s lineup between the compact Nexon SUV and the more upscale Harrier/Safari SUVs. This void leaves room for a mid-size SUV to contend with models like the Creta. The CURVV concept emerges as Tata’s solution to address this gap, promising to deliver a modern aesthetic.

The concept showcases its contemporary appeal through a sleek front profile, accentuated by an LED strip positioned beneath the hood, slim headlamps integrated into the bumper, a sporty front bumper, alluring side alloys, and a subtly sloping roofline that gracefully extends towards the rear. The CURVV concept’s potential offerings encompass both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric configurations, catering to a diverse range of preferences and requirements.

Tata Sierra

Concluding our list, we arrive at a truly captivating vehicle. While it’s plausible that the Sierra might not grace the roads in the immediate future, it’s still incredibly intriguing to delve into this distinctive product and gain insight into Tata Motors’ behind-the-scenes endeavors. The Sierra, presented in its electric form at the Auto Expo 2023, undoubtedly stands as a highlight. During its unveiling, a plethora of intricate details were unveiled.

One notable aspect is its foundation on the Gen 2 platform, which not only signifies its electric capabilities but also signifies its potential to be offered in both electric and traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) versions. With a projected launch around 2025, the Sierra holds much anticipation. There’s a lingering curiosity to see whether, by that juncture, Tata Motors might opt for a fully electric powertrain exclusively.

These various electric and ICE SUV models from Tata Motors underscore their dedication to catering to diverse market segments, promising an exciting future of mobility options.

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