Renault Kardian

Renault Kardian: New Urban SUV Teased for International Markets

Renault is gearing up for the grand debut of an entirely new crossover in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for October 25. This highly anticipated model, named the Kardian, falls within the B-segment crossover category and is tailored for international markets. Its initial release will take place in Latin America, marking the commencement of Renault’s brand-new product strategy beyond European borders.

According to Renault, this urban SUV stands as the “first in a future international range” and stands as a testament to the Renaulution on the global stage. In the quest for a name, Renault sought an evocative title that encapsulates both strength and agility, while being universally recognizable through its consonants.

While this might appear as mere marketing jargon, Renault asserts that the name Kardian encapsulates three core concepts. First, it conjures the notion of “cardio,” alluding to adrenaline, momentum, and a sports-driven spirit. Second, the name evokes “guardian,” signifying security. Lastly, and notably, the initial syllable is “car,” a symbolic touch that Renault finds hard to surpass.

As the name takes a backseat, our attention shifts to the visuals. The Kardian is poised for a Halloween-worthy entrance, adorned in a striking combination of orange and black hues. The crossover’s design language boasts sensuous curves, an artfully angled rear window, and sleek taillights with an intricate three-dimensional design. A distinctive liftgate, showcasing prominent badging, further enhances its distinctive identity.

With October 25 still a little way off, we anticipate more tantalizing teasers from Renault as the countdown to the official unveiling of this new SUV gathers momentum.

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