Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Rare Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Spotted in Mumbai, Owner Gives Car Spotters a Ride

The collection of classic and vintage cars is a captivating hobby pursued by numerous enthusiasts. India is home to individuals with a deep appreciation for both expensive and exotic cars, as well as the charm of classic or vintage vehicles. Many of these remarkable cars were never officially sold within the country. Prominent figures like MS Dhoni exemplify this passion by amassing an array of vintage and classic cars and motorcycles in their personal garages. Often, such vehicles are rarely taken for a drive on the roads.

In a recent video uploaded by CS12 Vlogs on their YouTube channel, a vintage Ford F150 pickup truck takes center stage. Unlike the norm, the owner not only cruises the truck on the road but also extends the rare gesture of offering car enthusiasts a ride within it.

The video captures the vlogger and their friends navigating the bustling streets of Mumbai, a common sight on weekends when individuals showcase their prized possessions, including high-end supercars from marques like Porsche and BMW. Even a sighting of a Toyota Supra, an exceedingly rare gem in India, makes its appearance. However, the real spectacle unfolds when the camera pans towards a rather exceptional find.

This discovery happens to be an older-generation Ford F150 pickup truck, distinct from the contemporary models usually seen in India. Imported perhaps decades ago, this truck’s design indicates alignment with the seventh generation of Ford F150. It’s important to note that the video incorrectly labels it as a first-generation Ford F150, a misjudgment potentially arising from its design cues. In the present market, Ford’s 14th generation F150 stands tall as the world’s most popular pickup truck. Unlike its modern counterparts, this specimen boasts a single-cab configuration, differing from the dual-cab layout.

Details regarding the owner remain elusive, but the pickup’s left-hand drive setup doesn’t deter the driver from extending an invitation to the nearby car spotters. Excitedly, they climb onto the back of the truck, capturing a ride that’s sure to be cherished. Sporting a custom red interior, the pickup truck emanates a well-maintained aura both inside and out. Witnessing an older-generation Ford F150 on Indian roads is a rarity, a sight often more common in Western countries.

With a current registration in Delhi, the truck maintains its stock appearance, showcasing a substantial chrome grille that spans its entire front fascia. Enclosed within a chrome border, the headlights are accompanied by turn indicators positioned beneath them. Further embellishing the truck’s aesthetics is a chrome front bumper. Unfortunately, the video lacks details about the truck’s engine specifications. Historically, it was available with engine options such as a 3.8-liter V6, a 4.8-liter V8 petrol engine, and various diesel engine variants offered in different global markets.

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