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10 Best Qubo Dash Cam – Find the Perfect Model for Your Needs

Dash cams are becoming more and more popular these days. They offer extra security and peace of mind for drivers. Qubo makes some great dash cam options with features to fit different needs and budgets. This article will cover the key details on Qubo’s lineup so you can find the perfect qubo dash cam for you!

10 Best Qubo Dash Cam

Dash Cam ModelBuy Now
Qubo Dashcam Pro True 4KLink
Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro (with GPS)Link
Qubo Dashcam 4K (F+R) with Tyre Pressure Inflator ProLink
Qubo Dashcam Pro GPSLink
Qubo Car Dash Camera True 1080pLink
Qubo Smart Dash Cam 1SLink
Qubo Dashcam LiteLink
Qubo Dashcam Lite 2Link
Qubo Dashcam F1Link
Qubo Dashcam F2Link
Qubo Dash Cam
Qubo Dash Cam

Qubo Dashcam Pro True 4K – Top of the Line 4K Resolution

The Qubo Dashcam Pro delivers ultra HD 4K recording, providing the sharpest video quality available today. With super clear image capturing even in low light conditions, this dash cam really stands out. The wide angle lens gives you expanded coverage of the road.

Advanced functions like built-in WiFi for wireless video transfer and GPS for speed and location data make this a top-tier choice. If you want the very best visuals to capture driving footage and incidents, the Qubo Dashcam Pro True 4K is a fantastic option.

Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro with GPS – Built-In GPS for Location Tracking

The key highlight of the Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro is the integrated GPS technology. This allows the dash cam to embed speed and location information into your driving recordings.

So if you ever need evidence for an insurance claim or police report, you’ll have solid data to back up the video. Of course, it still shoots great HD video with a wide field of view. But the GPS elevation makes this a great pick for those who want that extra data baked in.

Qubo Dashcam 4K with Tyre Pressure Inflator Pro – 4K Video with Added Functionality

This Qubo Dashcam model combines a top-level 4K camera with a very handy built-in tyre inflator. So you get ultra sharp, detailed driving footage along with the ability to fill up low tyres when needed.

The tyre inflator connects directly to your car’s 12V outlet and has an easy-to-read pressure gauge. This saves you having to find a gas station or use a portable inflator. And you can fill tyres without removing the dash cam since the inflator tube connects via a separate port. It’s an innovative 2-in-1 device for drivers who want extra versatility.

Qubo Dashcam Pro GPS – GPS Capabilities in a Pro Model

Like the Dash Camera Pro mentioned earlier, the Qubo Dashcam Pro GPS version focuses on built-in GPS technology. It tracks your driving speed, route, location and more while recording.

This “black box” data provides next level evidence if you ever need to prove what happened in an incident. The HD camera captures excellent quality footage with a wide 140 degree viewing angle as well. At a more affordable price than the 4K model, this is a great GPS-enabled dash cam choice.

Qubo Car Dash Camera True 1080p – True Full HD Video

With a high resolution Sony sensor, the Qubo Car Dash Camera delivers crisp, true 1080p full HD footage of your drives. It performs well in low light conditions too.

The stealthy mini sized camera can be easily hidden behind the rear view mirror. But it still packs great features like collision detection to automatically save incident footage. For a straightforward HD dash cam that captures top quality video at a reasonable price, this Qubo model hits the mark.

Qubo Smart Dash Cam 1S – Entry-Level Smart Features

The Qubo Smart Dash Cam 1S is a good entry point into smart dash cams with connected features. It records HD video and has driver assistance alerts like lane departure and forward collision warnings.

The built-in WiFi allows you to connect to the Qubo app on your smartphone. From the app you can download driving recordings or share clips. At an affordable price, this Qubo dash cam integrates some nice smart capabilities in a beginner-friendly package.

Qubo Dashcam Lite – Budget-Friendly Option

With a super compact form, the Qubo Dashcam Lite is designed for simplicity and affordability. It uses an advanced Sony Exmor image sensor to capture excellent 1080p video despite its small footprint.

Key features like motion detection, night vision and loop recording make this an ideal basic dash cam. The price is budget-friendly too. If you want a low cost, no frills HD camera to start recording your drives, this one fits the bill nicely.

Qubo Dashcam Lite 2 – Updated Budget Model

Building on the popularity of the original, the Qubo Dashcam Lite 2 brings some improved specs. It bumps up to a 170 degree wide angle lens for expanded road view recording. The new f/1.8 aperture improves video image quality.

You still get the top value-focused features like impact and motion detection, night vision and seamless loop recording. For an easy-to-use and install budget dash cam with good HD video in a tiny package, the Lite 2 is a great choice.

Qubo Dashcam F1 – Mid-Range Feature Set

The Qubo Dashcam F1 hits a nice sweet spot between feature-packed higher end models and the more basic budget options. It records in clear full HD with handy tools like parking monitoring and GPS for speed and location data.

The built-in battery lets you unmount the dash cam and take it with you if needed. It’s a nice mid-range model with good video quality, useful tools for evidence recording and intuitive controls. The reasonable price makes it appealing for many drivers as well.

Qubo Dashcam F2 – Enhanced Mid-Range Model

Building on the solid F1, the Qubo Dashcam F2 adds some enhanced features. The extra-wide 180 degree viewing angle provides complete road coverage. It also bumps up the video resolution to sharper 1440p.

Dual storage options let you save footage to the cloud via WiFi as well as the micro SD card. There are added driver assists like forward collision and lane departure warnings too. It’s a great dash cam for those wanting very good video and modern features at a mid-range price point.

Comparison of Qubo Dashcam Models

To sum up the lineup, the Qubo 4K Pro model is ideal if you want the absolute best video quality and high-end capabilities. The GPS edition is great for embedding location data in recordings. The tyre inflator combo unit adds practical functionality.

In the smart models, the Dash Cam 1S is an affordable starting point, while the F1 and F2 provide excellent mid-range options. And the Lite and Lite 2 give you solid HD footage in a compact, budget-friendly package. As you can see, there’s a Qubo dash cam suitable for all needs and budgets.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a better idea of Qubo’s range of dash cams. Key aspects to consider are your budget, how much recording resolution you need, and any extra features that could be useful.

Dash cams provide that extra peace of mind when driving, and capture critical evidence if an incident occurs. We recommend researching the options closely to find the perfect qubo dash cam for your needs. Safe travels!

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