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10 Best 70mai dash cams – Find the Perfect Model for You

A 70mai dash cam can provide that extra sense of security when driving. 70mai makes a wide range of dash cams to suit different budgets and needs. This article will go through their key models so you can find the best 70mai for you!

10 Best 70mai dash cams

Dash Cam ModelBuy Now
70mai A800SLink
70mai A500SLink
70mai Pro Plus+ A500SLink
70mai Dash Cam 1SLink
70mai Dash Cam LiteLink
70mai Smart Dash Cam M300Link
70mai Dash Cam ProLink
70mai Dash Cam Pro PlusLink
70mai Dash Cam XLink
70mai Dash Cam A400Link
70mai dash cams
70mai dash cams

70mai A800S – Feature-Packed 4K Dash Cam

With top-of-the-line 4K ultra HD recording, the 70mai A800S captures the sharpest, most detailed footage. The 8 megapixel Sony image sensor gives amazing clarity even in low light conditions.

Useful driver assists are built-in too, like forward collision warning and lane departure alerts. The integrated GPS records your speed and route. With so many high-end features, the A800S is great for those wanting the very best video and driving data.

70mai A500S – Dual 1080p Dash Cam

The 70mai A500S uses dual Sony sensors to record crisp 1080p full HD from the front and interior cameras. This provides complete coverage of the road along with what’s happening inside the cabin.

The cameras can be positioned discreetly for a clean look. Night vision, collision detection and loop recording provide key capabilities. For full visibility in and out, this affordable dual cam is a great choice.

70mai Pro Plus+ A500S – Enhanced Dual Camera Model

Building on the A500S, the Pro Plus+ adds some premium features for greater functionality. The most noticeable is the inclusion of WiFi for connectivity with your smartphone. This allows easy video playback and sharing from the 70mai app.

Upgraded Sony Starvis sensors improve low light performance. And a larger aperture lens captures more detail. This enhanced dual cam is perfect if you want fuller features beyond just video recording.

70mai Dash Cam 1S – Beginner-Friendly Smart Dash Cam

As an entry-level smart dash cam, the 70mai 1S packs great value and simplicity. It records good HD footage and has basic driver warning assists. The built-in WiFi links to your phone for quick video downloads and sharing.

At a very affordable price, this 70mai dash cam nicely combines video recording with smart connectivity for the first-time dash cam user. It’s easy to install and operate too.

70mai Dash Cam Lite – Compact and Affordable Model

Living up to its name, the 70mai Dash Cam Lite offers a low cost, no-frills HD camera in a tiny package. Despite the small size, it captures quality 1080p video powered by a Sony sensor. The stealthy design easily mounts behind the rearview mirror.

With handy features like night vision, loop recording, and collision detection, it’s a great budget-friendly pick for basic road footage capture.

70mai Smart Dash Cam M300 – Mid-range WiFi Camera

Sitting in the middle of 70mai’s lineup, the M300 adds integrated WiFi for connecting with your phone via the 70mai app. So you can download clips for safe keeping and share videos easily.

The 1080p video is enhanced by HDR technology for clearer images in challenging light conditions. And the digital zoom lets you focus in on details. With good video and smart features, this is a great mid-range choice.

70mai Dash Cam Pro – Advanced Driver Assistance Features

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro focuses on built-in driver assistance capabilities. You get forward collision and lane departure warning alerts to help avoid accidents. Plus integrated GPS that tracks your driving speed, location and route.

The Sony Exmor R sensor provides stellar 1080p video, even at night. This model is ideal for those wanting more advanced safety technologies along with great road footage.

70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus – Top-of-the-Line Professional Model

As 70mai’s premium offering, the Pro Plus has all the bells and whistles. With the powerful MediaTek chipset, 4K ultra HD resolution, and Sony Starvis sensor, video is incredibly sharp. The “Night Vision Ultra” technology excels in low light conditions.

You also get advanced driver assists, built-in GPS with geofencing, WiFi/4G connectivity, and more. For professional-level performance and features, this top-tier dash cam delivers.

70mai Dash Cam X – Innovative Transforming Design

Uniquely designed to rotate from dashboard to windshield mounting, the 70mai Dash Cam X offers greater flexibility. The magnetic mount allows you to easily place the cam in different optimal positions.

Despite the transforming form-factor, it still captures excellent 1080p video with night vision and loop recording capabilities. The innovative mount sets it apart for added convenience.

70mai Dash Cam A400 – Hardwiring Installation Made Easy

While most dash cams use standard lighter socket power, the 70mai A400 is designed specifically for hardwired, hidden installs. This powers the cam automatically when the vehicle starts. The included hardwire kit makes professional mounting much simpler.

Of course, it also records crisp full HD video with Sony Starvis technology. But the integrated hardwiring harness is a big selling point.

Comparing Key Features of 70mai Dash Cams

To recap, 70mai dash cams range from entry-level models like the 1S and Lite for basic functions to the Pro Plus with maximum features. The mid-range M300 and Pro balance useful capabilities at moderate prices. Dual cams like the A500S and Pro Plus+ capture interior and exterior footage. And the X and A400 offer unique mounting options.

Recommendations for Different Use Cases

For budget buyers, the Dash Cam Lite provides quality 1080p video affordably. Those wanting integrated WiFi should look at the 1S or M300. For top-level 4K resolution, the A800S is ideal. The A400 makes hardwiring installation cleaner. And the X’s rotating mount offers flexibility. Consider your key needs and budget to narrow down the options.


70mai offers an impressive selection of dash cam models. From basic to 4K to dual channel to smart connectivity, they provide options for all preferences. We hope this overview helps you zero in on the perfect 70mai dash cam for your driving needs and budget! Drive safely!

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