Ola Electric Car

Ola Electric Car: A Cheaper, More Practical Alternative to Tesla

Ola, the prominent Indian electric vehicle (EV) startup, is poised to make a significant entry into the electric car sector. While it has gained recognition for its high-performance electric scooters and shared ride-hailing services, such as the Ola S1 Pro and S1 Air electric scooters, there have been instances of quality concerns with certain models, raising some valid questions.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of the automotive industry and the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles, Ola is actively preparing to make its mark in the electric four-wheeler domain. In line with this strategic direction, reports suggest that we may witness Ola’s inaugural electric car as early as 2024. This move places Ola in a favorable position to establish itself before the anticipated arrival of the entry-level Tesla vehicle.

With this foray into electric cars, Ola is poised to diversify its offerings and tap into the expanding market for eco-friendly mobility solutions. As the company navigates this new venture, its previous experience in the EV sector and commitment to innovation will likely shape its upcoming endeavors.

Ola Electric Car
Ola Electric Car

Ola Electric Car

Digital automotive artists have a unique ability to seize upon leaked car images and transform them into fully realized models. This is brilliantly exemplified in the case at hand. Drawing inspiration from recently leaked images, SRK Designs presents their interpretation of the electric vehicle (EV). Those well-versed in bespoke design aesthetics will readily appreciate the remarkable resemblance of this rendition to an actual production model. The entire exterior exhibits a sleek and streamlined appearance, a crucial aspect for achieving optimal aerodynamic efficiency. A low drag coefficient, a product of this design, holds the promise of exceptional efficiency and extended range.

Notable design elements abound in this concept. The front end boasts a gracefully sloping bonnet line that converges into an LED strip spanning the width of the front fascia, flanked by LED Daytime Running Lights on each side. The grille section is elegantly closed, with air intakes adorning the bumper’s edges, serving to enhance aerodynamics. Subtle hooves on the bonnet add a touch of character, while the futuristic and aerodynamically efficient alloy wheels contribute to the overall aesthetic. Flush-fitting door handles, blackened side pillars, and understated side creases further refine the vehicle’s profile. The gently sloping roofline imparts a sedan with coupe-like elegance, reminiscent of Tesla’s design ethos. Notably, the traditional side mirrors have been replaced with cameras, and a sweeping glass roof imparts a sense of expansiveness. In essence, the design language embraces a captivating minimalist style that resonates throughout.

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What We Think

Undoubtedly, the era of electric vehicles is on the horizon, with major automakers unveiling ambitious strategies to mitigate their carbon impact over the next decade. Even Tesla, arguably the foremost name in the electric car realm, has charted plans to establish a production facility within our nation’s borders. Its inaugural offering for our market will be the USD 25,000 Model 2. As the electric vehicle landscape flourishes, fresh contenders are poised to enter alongside the established legacy manufacturers. Among them, Ola stands as a notable contender, poised to challenge industry titans for a substantial stake in the world’s third-largest automotive market. However, Ola’s focus doesn’t lie in the budget segment; instead, its EV is anticipated to bear a price tag exceeding Rs 30 lakh. Rest assured, we’ll be vigilant for the latest advancements in this exciting pursuit.

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