Maruti Suzuki Sales

Maruti Suzuki Sales Soared to 1.8 Lakh Units in July, Setting a New Record

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest carmaker, recorded impressive sales in July 2023, reaching a total of 1,81,630 units, including passenger vehicles (PVs), commercial vehicles (CVs), domestic, export sales, and sales to other OEMs. The positive performance was observed across various segments.

In the mini segment, which includes popular models like Alto and S-Presso, Maruti Suzuki sold 9,590 units. However, there was a noticeable decline compared to the previous year’s figure of 20,333 units. This decline indicates a shifting trend among buyers towards slightly more premium vehicles with additional features and amenities.

Similarly, Maruti Suzuki’s compact segment, known for its consistent demand, also experienced a decline in sales. Last month, the company sold 67,102 units, down from 84,818 units sold in the same period a year before.

Despite these declines in certain segments, Maruti Suzuki’s overall sales performance remained robust, reflecting the brand’s continued popularity in the Indian automotive market.

Maruti Suzuki Sales
Maruti Suzuki Sales

Maruti Suzuki Sales July 2023 – UVs for the win!

In July 2023, Maruti Suzuki witnessed mixed results in the mini and compact vehicle segments, with a combined total of 76,692 units sold. This marked a notable decline of over 28,000 units compared to the previous year’s figure of 1,05,151 units. The year-to-date (YTD) sales for this space in FY 2023-2024 reached 3,27,917 units, down from 3,59,015 units in the corresponding period a year ago.

In the mid-size segment, Maruti Suzuki’s sole offering, Ciaz, recorded sales of 1,348 units in July 2023, slightly lower than the 1,379 units sold a year earlier.

However, the real success story for Maruti Suzuki was in the utility vehicle (UV) space, where models like Brezza, Ertiga, Fronx, Grand Vitara, Invicto, Jimny, S-Cross, and XL6 contributed to an impressive sales figure of 62,049 UVs in July 2023. This showed massive growth compared to the 23,272 units sold in the same month the previous year.

Regarding compact vans, Eeco remained the only offering in India, with 12,037 units sold last month, a slight decline from the 13,048 units sold a year before.

Considering the total domestic passenger vehicle sales, Maruti Suzuki recorded 1,54,685 units in July 2023, indicating substantial growth when compared to the 1,42,850 units sold in July 2022. In YTD terms, the total domestic passenger vehicle sales reached 5,66,181 units, up from 5,12,004 units during the same period of the previous year. Additionally, when including commercial vehicles, Maruti Suzuki sold a total of 1,57,244 units, with the Super Carry contributing 2,559 units last month.

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Sales to other OEMs

Maruti Suzuki’s partnership with Toyota India has been fruitful, with the company selling Toyota Glanza (rebadged Baleno) through this collaboration. Sales to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) reached 4,746 units in July 2023, experiencing a decline from 9,939 units due to the absence of Toyota’s Urban Cruiser (rebadged Vitara Brezza), which was sold last year.

On the export front, Maruti Suzuki saw a slight growth, with exports reaching 22,199 units in July 2023, compared to 20,311 units in the same month the previous year.

When considering total sales, which include total domestic sales, OEM sales, and exports, Maruti Suzuki recorded a total of 1,81,630 units sold in July 2023. This was an increase from the 1,75,916 units sold in July 2022, indicating a positive sales trend. The year-to-date analysis also showed strong performance, with 6,79,660 units sold last month, up from 6,43,847 units sold in the corresponding period a year before.

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