Mahindra Thar.e Vision

Mahindra Thar.e Vision: The Electric SUV That’s Ready for Anything

In a stride toward transformation, Mahindra and Mahindra, India’s fourth-largest car manufacturer, has unveiled its latest creation, the Mahindra Thar.e concept. This highly anticipated 5-door version of the Thar was revealed against the captivating backdrop of Cape Town, coinciding with India’s 77th Independence Day celebrations. This new iteration of the Thar.e concept car in Mahindra’s lineup underscores its dedication to electric mobility and has ignited fresh enthusiasm among Thar enthusiasts. The Thar EV aims to harmonize the exceptional off-road capabilities and heritage of the Thar with the eco-friendly advantages and futuristic attributes of an electric vehicle.

Yet, despite the company’s announcement that it is a concept, the availability of a commercial version for sale remains uncertain. Devotees of the Thar are eager to witness the iconic 4X4 Thar making its mark in the electric vehicle segment with hopes of being available for purchase in the near future.

The pricing details are currently pending disclosure.

Mahindra Thar.e Vision
Mahindra Thar.e Vision

Technology and Drivetrain

The Thar EV takes its foundation from Mahindra’s innovative INGLO platform, designed to accommodate various sizes and configurations of this conceptual vehicle. The Thar EV is set to feature a flexible wheelbase ranging from 2,775mm to 2,975mm, contingent on the chosen configuration. Its ground clearance is poised to fall within the range of 250mm to 300mm, while the front and rear overhangs are projected to span between 640mm and 740mm.

Within the larger context, the Mahindra Thar.e stands as one among five “born electric” SUVs that Mahindra plans to introduce by October 2026. All these vehicles will be constructed on the foundation of Mahindra’s INGLO platform.


The Thar EV’s powertrain is anticipated to be supplied by Volkswagen, a collaborative partner with Mahindra for furnishing electric motors and batteries. This electric SUV, the Thar EV, is set to integrate dual electric motors, positioned on each axle, resulting in all-wheel drive functionality. This configuration is projected to deliver a collective power output ranging from 335bhp to 390bhp, accompanied by a torque of 310Nm. The Thar.e model is set to be equipped with an approximately 80kWh battery pack, providing the Thar EV with an estimated range spanning from 400 km to 465 km on a single full charge. Notably, the Thar EV will also boast rapid fast-charging capabilities, enabling its batteries to attain an 80% charge within an hour.

Features and Technology

The Thar EV is set to incorporate an array of cutting-edge features and technologies, including regenerative braking, adaptive suspension, a digital dashboard, a touchscreen infotainment system, wireless charging, voice control, and autonomous driving modes. In addition to these advancements, the Thar EV will offer off-road enthusiasts a suite of capabilities, such as hill descent control, traction control, locking differentials, skid plates, tow hooks, and a snorkel.

Veejay Nakra, President – Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said,

“The Vision Thar.e stands as a testament to innovation and an avant-garde design philosophy that is distinctly Mahindra while holding a global identity. The Thar.e encapsulates the spirit of adventure that resides within us all, yearning for exploration without concessions. Aligned with the worldwide trend towards conscientious consumption, our emphasis on sustainable materials harmonizes with the overarching shift towards promoting a positive impact on the planet. This ensures that the Thar.e remains both timeless and exceptionally relevant in the present.”

Pratap Bose, Chief Design Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said,

“The creation of Vision Thar.e was a journey into embracing a bold and innovative future. Our design blazes a trail, serving as evidence of Mahindra’s dedication to forefront creativity and trailblazing ideation. While we have preserved the intrepid essence and off-road prowess inherent in the Thar, we have also carved out a distinct identity within the realm of electric SUVs. This pursuit extends beyond merely crafting another off-road vehicle; it shapes a vision that epitomizes a progressive stride in automotive design, all while honoring our origins. Thar.e signifies our proclamation of an exhilarating and conscientious future.”

AutoHexa Team

As Mahindra unveils the Thar.e, it marks a substantial shift in its range and a daring move toward sustainability. Blending an electric core with an off-road spirit, the Thar.e sets the stage for an exciting trajectory in the realm of electric mobility. Personally, I too am eagerly anticipating the exhilarating journey of riding in an environmentally conscious Mahindra Thar.

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