Kia EV5 Concept

Kia EV5 Concept Becomes Production-Ready EV at Chengdu Motor Show

The Kia EV5 sets new benchmarks for compact SUV design and comfort. Recently unveiled in its production form, the EV5 retains the concept’s distinct boxy shape while embracing a more conventional cabin layout. This debut took place at the 2023 Chengdu Motor Show, signaling the introduction of an electrifying era for compact SUVs, catering to the preferences of millennial families.

The EV5 harmoniously merges revolutionary design, outstanding versatility, and exceptional comfort, resulting in a meticulously balanced vehicle that caters to the evolving needs of modern families, enhancing their every journey.

Kia EV5 Concept
Kia EV5 Concept

Exterior Design

Kia’s ambition to redefine the established norms of the compact SUV category is evident in the EV5’s standout appearance, a result of their renowned “Opposite” design philosophy. The EV5 skillfully blends robust lines that evoke the interaction between nature and contemporary architecture, forming a visually powerful presence. Infused with the modern essence of the Kia Tiger mask, the EV5 boasts a distinctive wide stance, meticulously crafted with dedication and precision.

Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Director of Kia’s Global Design Center, emphasizes that the EV5 aims to redefine the compact SUV genre, embodying Kia’s unique “Forwards” design philosophy. During its development, close collaboration between Kia engineers and designers led to the creation of a vehicle that sets new standards in design, performance, and practicality, elevating driving pleasure and user experience to new heights.

Under the influence of the “Bold for Nature” design pillar, a core component of the “Opposite” philosophy, the EV5 exhibits powerful, assertive bodywork enhanced by softer, emotionally resonant surfaces. This design approach is aimed at stimulating creativity and catering to the environmentally conscious needs of families and individuals seeking innovation.

The EV5’s confident and dignified character is evident from every angle, with robust fenders and broad ribs contributing to its unique and potent styling. The rearward D-pillar emphasizes family-oriented practicality, yielding more space for rear passengers and cargo while providing an expansive field of vision.

The front end of the EV5 boasts a modern interpretation of Kia’s distinctive design cues, featuring a sleek digital “tiger face” achieved by the wide nose and robust bonnet. The traditional grille is reimagined to deliver a clean, robust impression. Adding to the front’s allure, the EV5 incorporates dynamic “star map illumination” formed by the Daytime Running Lights (DRL), taking inspiration from constellations to create dynamic shapes along the light line, enhancing the iconic Tiger Face design.

The rear of the EV5 is distinguished by its elongated and lowered spoiler, which maintains the SUV’s distinctive identity while optimizing aerodynamic efficiency. This highlights the EV5’s role as an innovative electric vehicle designed to usher in a new era of secure and sustainable family mobility. The elongated and technical lower slide reinforces the EV5’s solidity and protection, while the rear door divider provides a clean, sharp finish.

AC Schnitzer offers nine glossy and one matte color options for the EV5’s exterior. The matte colors include Ivory Silver, Frost Blue, Iceberg Green, Tide Blue, and Shale Grey, while the glossy options encompass Snow White Pearl, Clear White, Starry Night Black, Magma Red, and Ivory Silver, as well as Frost Blue and Iceberg Green.


Kia’s research has indicated that Millennial households view the interior of their electric SUVs not only as a means of transportation but as a complementary “room” that enhances their lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the larger EV9 SUV, Kia’s interior designers have meticulously reimagined the EV5’s cabin, aiming to create a space reminiscent of a living room rather than a conventional car interior.

Central to the EV5’s interior design is a seamless fusion of innovative forms and spaces, embodying the “Bold for Nature” design philosophy to achieve a harmonious coexistence between nature and man-made elements. This results in a transformative blend of form and function, delivering a captivating, engaging, and inviting environment.

The interior ambiance combines relaxation, inspiration, and wholesome family enjoyment through intricate design details and overall finish. The cabin features variable ambient lighting on the front bumper, as well as the front and rear door trim, enhancing visibility in low light conditions.

The EV5’s elegant center console is a standout design element that seamlessly merges modern functionality with intuitive interaction. Integration of elements such as heating controls and the next-generation Connected Cockpit (CCNC) navigation ensures occupants can effortlessly adjust settings to their preferences, resembling the comfort of their home surroundings. With Kia’s interior design expertise, EV5 owners can bring a level of luxury and style to their SUV’s interior, much like the choices they make for their home interiors. The car offers four main colors and five seat options, including two fabric choices and an artificial leather option for the base model.


The eagerly anticipated Kia EV5 is set for its market debut in the second half of 2023, with the initial launch taking place in China. Kia enthusiasts can look forward to more comprehensive details about this groundbreaking product at the upcoming Kia EV Day event. This dedicated occasion is poised to illuminate Kia’s electrification lineup and brand vision. Slated for October, the event will serve as a platform for Kia to outline its global electrification vision, shaping the future of mobility.

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