BMW M2 Gets A Much-Needed Makeover From AC Schnitzer

The debut of the first set of aftermarket components is upon us, and if there’s anyone capable of improving the somewhat unappealing appearance of the M2, it’s AC Schnitzer.

German tuner AC Schnitzer has officially introduced its range of aftermarket parts tailored for the G87-generation BMW M2. These components will soon be accessible through the company’s website, aimed at granting one’s performance Bimmer a touch of uniqueness and, ideally, a more agreeable visage than what BMW originally designed.

Although AC Schnitzer’s parts catalog for the M2 seems comprehensive, the initial release primarily emphasizes aesthetic enhancements rather than performance modifications – an area where the new M2 already excels in its factory iteration. While perhaps not as all-encompassing as their work on the M4, the modifications amalgamate CS- and CSL-style features. This includes the horseshoe power dome on the hood and an alignment with the M2’s angular design elements, all aimed at addressing BMW’s somewhat jarring design.

Presently, a single major performance enhancement has been unveiled: a spring kit designed to lower the vehicle by approximately 0.7-0.9 inches at the front and 0.5-0.7 inches at the rear.

AC Schnitzer’s exterior enhancements for the M2 are equally geared toward optimizing aerodynamics. These encompass a roof spoiler, a two-piece rear spoiler, and a ‘racing’ rear wing crafted from carbon fiber, accompanied by an optional Gurney flap. The company also provides a protective foil for safeguarding the car’s rear skirt. Unfortunately, the horseshoe-style hood is more of a sticker kit that accentuates the existing power dome rather than altering it physically.

The tuner has also revealed two sets of lightweight forged wheels for the M2, one featuring staggered fitment with 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear, both showcasing a Techgold finish.

Enhancing the M2’s exhaust system, AC Schnitzer presents a set of Carbon Sport tailpipe trim pieces designed to fit over the stock pipes. In the pipeline, the tuner is developing a full stainless steel exhaust system, which is anticipated to enhance the auditory experience of the S58 motor.

Inside the M2’s cabin, enhancements include aluminum pedals, AC Schnitzer-branded shift paddles (for the eight-speed auto variants), and a carbon-fiber style steering wheel. However, the steering wheel is incompatible with M2 models equipped with BMW’s steering wheel heating function and driver-assist safety packages.

Additional performance upgrades are in the works, primarily a tuning upgrade, though the extent of the power increase remains undisclosed. Theoretically, the S58 engine in the M2 could potentially attain the 543 horsepower output seen in the M4 CSL, yet AC Schnitzer’s exact approach remains uncertain. Also on the horizon is an adjustable suspension kit, projected to offer similar height adjustments to the current spring kit (with a slightly smaller change at the rear), coupled with adjustable dampers for compression and rebound.

Lastly, expect more design elements to make their appearance, including a front grille, front splitter, frontside wings, four-piece winglets for the air inlets, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a side skirt design package – all of which are previewed in the camouflaged items showcased in the accompanying visuals.

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