Your Car's Transmission Might

5 Signs Your Car’s Transmission Might Need Repair

Besides the engine, transmission is one of the most critical components of your car as it transmits the power from the engine to the wheels and helps your vehicle to accelerate. Whether you are driving a manual or an automatic car, the transmission gives you convenience and helps you stay connected to your vehicle. But it’s not a one-way path; transmission comes with potential risks and damages if you don’t pay attention to repair and maintenance. 

You can act only when you are aware of the signs that indicate that your vehicle needs a transmission, and only then can you avoid costly overhauling. 

Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss 5 signs indicating that your car’s transmission might need repair. 

Warning Signs of Transmission Failure

Delayed Gear Shifts

It was a Monday morning when you were rushing for work. You grab the keys, put the car park to drive, but it didn’t work. 

Argh! Frustrated? 

If yes, then you got it right! Because this condition is called “delayed engagement.” It happens when the automatic transmission takes longer than usual to engage or shift into gear. Following the situation, a person has to wait a little longer before the vehicle starts moving. 

There isn’t a specific reason for the delay, but it could be due to low fluid levels, broken clutch parts, wear and tear of gears, or problems with the solenoid.

Sometimes the delay could be just for a second or two, or other times it can be for several seconds. However, in both cases, you might experience a jerk, and then the vehicle would move sluggishly. 

If you’re experiencing any such situation, it’s high time to take your vehicle to auto repair services before it’s too late. 

Low Transmission Fluid Levels

One of the biggest challenge while copying the transmission system failure is to deal with a leaking transmission fluid because the whole transmission system is based on the fluids and the lubrication. When a precise balance is maintained between them, only then the vehicle can function properly. 

Why is fluid important? 

Fluid helps in cooling, cleaning, and lubricating important components of the vehicle, such as gears and clutches. 

What other issues can arise due to fluid leakage?

Once the fluid is leaked, it can cause various other problems such as slipping gears, difficulty in gear shifting, and can even lead to complete transmission failure. It also indicates to the driver about the broken transmission’s seal and gaskets because these components are responsible for holding the fluid inside. 

How can you identify the transmission fluid? 

The fluid isn’t just like any other fluid but has a distinct sweet smell and a vibrant red color. If you notice a puddle of fluid on your driveway or garage floor, then you should get your vehicle checked ASAP because it will also damage other vehicle parts it has leaked onto. 

Burning Smell of a Transmission Fluid 

Generally, any kind of burning smell from the car should be a point of concern for you. But if you can sense a strange burning smell in your car, it is because the fluid has burnt completely or the transmission has been overheated.

That could have happened because the fluid was already leaking, the clutch plates were damaged or worn out, or the torque converter had been failing already. There could be hundreds of other reasons, but if the issue persists, you could have to face severe consequences such as a complete transmission system shut down or an engine jam. Don’t drive the car until the issue is fixed or resolved completely. A simple leakage fix can save you from huge trouble. 

Slipping Out of Gear

Did it ever happen to you that you were driving, but instead, you felt as if you were bungee jumping on the road? There was a noticeable struggle when you were trying to accelerate the car, and while doing that, you heard the grinding noises? 

It all happens when you have a problem brewing up, and the transmission system is failing. Stop the car for a complete inspection before moving on to your next destination, as your car might have a low fluid level, or the gears are damaged. 

If you ignore it, it can further damage other components of your car or could even lead to a serious accident due to sudden loss of power or wheel alignment issues while you’re driving on a highway. 

Slipping gears is a serious issue; get your vehicle checked before you wreck yourself! 

Strange Noises in Neutral 

If you’re hearing grinds, bumps, or any noise when your car is accelerating or even when in neutral, you may have a transmission problem brewing up. It could be related to transmission fluid or worn-out gear teeth. But whatever it is, it indicates that you need an instant transmission repair. 

Final Words 

A small transmission issue can turn into a BIG breakdown if left unresolved! If you are observing any of the above warning signs triggering your car, then maybe it’s time for you to act until it’s too late. Book an appointment for auto repair services as early as possible once you detect any transmission errors and get your vehicle back on the road.  

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