2024 Mercedes-AMG GT

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Gets A Practical Makeover, Can Now Fit Golf Clubs

During Monterey Car Week, the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT took its debut bow, showcasing significant changes compared to its predecessor. Now closely aligned with the AMG SL convertible, this new GT model arrives as a larger, more practical, and more luxurious iteration. At first glance, this shift might seem to deviate from the previous GT’s sporty demeanor, but according to AMG product manager Kevin Wilde, it’s precisely what AMG GT customers desired.

Wilde notes, “Often, when envisioning a performance vehicle, the assumption is that it must be a lightweight, two-seater. However, what’s overlooked is the segment’s other half, seeking something more functional and practical.”

Traditionally positioned as a Porsche 911 competitor, the outgoing Mercedes-AMG GT excelled in performance yet lagged behind in everyday scenarios compared to the 911. The new generation seeks to address this.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT
2024 Mercedes-AMG GT

Wilde elaborates, “Functionality and everyday usability are crucial aspects of the new GT, without sacrificing its aggressive essence.”

The second-gen GT is based on the same MSA platform as the AMG-exclusive SL, resulting in more conventional proportions, a larger cabin space, and a fully front-mounted engine. The perception that the new GT is smaller is misleading; it’s, in fact, longer, wider, and taller than its predecessor.

The previous cab-rearward design, while visually captivating, compromised visibility and interior space. With a nearly three-inch increase in wheelbase and a reduced dash-to-axle ratio, the new GT offers more cabin room, while the lower and sportier seating position remains intact. Navigating city roads with the GT is now more convenient.

The interior design closely resembles the SL, with a minor exception—the GT forgoes the central touchscreen’s glare-reducing tilt feature. Performance bucket seats, though delayed for the SL, will be offered at launch for the GT, boasting more pronounced bolsters and fixed headrests. While they lack massage functionality, they still provide comfort during extended drives.

Enhanced headroom, even with the optional panoramic glass roof, is evident. Buyers’ high demand for the panoramic roof nearly made it standard, but with no preference for a sunroof that opens, it remains optional. The increased dimensions also allowed for the much-requested back seat, standard on the GT55 and optional on the GT63. While suitable for children or pets, the previous GT struggled with fitting golf bags, a concern addressed in the new GT.

Cargo space in the new GT is more generous, and the option to fold the back seats flat significantly expands it. Equipped with an advanced all-wheel drive system and a range of features, the new GT aims to enhance comfort without sacrificing performance. Wilde assures that the new car offers a sharper driving experience while ensuring a comfortable ride, a significant improvement over the previous GT’s harshness.

The 2024 GT launch will include GT55 and GT63 variants powered by the handbuilt M177 twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, paired with 4Matic+ all-wheel drive as standard. Wilde concludes, “The new GT delivers enhancements without sacrifices, staying true to its GT heritage.” While it’ll take some time before we can experience the 2024 GT firsthand, its improved features and ride quality certainly build anticipation.

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