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Tata Harrier Safety Crash Test: What You Need to Know

One of India’s most well-liked SUVs is the Tata Harrier, which is renowned for its beauty, size, power, and features. How safe is it, though? Since the Harrier has not yet been subjected to crash tests by organizations like Global NCAP or ASEAN NCAP, there is currently no official response to this query. The detailed results of the Tata Harrier crash test are shown in this blog post.

There are some hints, though, that the Harrier might be a pretty safe vehicle after all. Let’s look at them now.

Tata Harrier Crash Test

On April 1, 2022, a news story that claimed the Tata Harrier had been the first vehicle in the world to receive a 5-star safety rating after breaking the crash barrier during a frontal impact test by Global NCAP went popular on social media. In the famous barrier breakers group, the Harrier allegedly joined the Tesla Model S, according to the article.

Of course, this was a joke for April 1st, and the Harrier was not subjected to any test or evaluation. The post did, however, draw attention to the fact that many Tata supporters and consumers believe the Harrier is a very safe car due to its sturdy construction and platform, which was taken from the Land Rover.

Tata Harrier

Harrier Survives Accidents – Crash Test

The actual accidents involving the SUV that have happened in real life are another form of proof for the safety of the Harrier. The Harrier has been engaged in a number of significant collisions, although the occupants have suffered very minor or no injuries. For instance, a Harrier rolled over many times in June 2019 after colliding with a divider on a highway in Rajasthan, yet the driver escaped unharmed. Another incident included a Harrier hitting a truck on a highway in Tamil Nadu, however the cabin was unharmed and the airbags were activated.

These accidents demonstrate the Harrier’s sturdy body and efficient safety equipment, including airbags, ABS, EBD, and ESP. They do not, however, always represent how the vehicle performs in standardized crash tests, which gauge a variety of factors like structural integrity, occupant protection, and pedestrian safety.

Tata Harrier vs Competitors

The Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, MG Hector, and Jeep Compass are some of the mid-size SUVs with which the Tata Harrier competes. Only the Creta and the Seltos have thus far undergone crash testing by Global NCAP. In 2018, the Creta received 4 ratings for protecting adult occupants and 3 stars for protecting children. In 2020, the Seltos received a rating of 3 stars for both adult and child occupant protection.

The MG Hector and the Jeep Compass have already through ASEAN NCAP testing, however Global NCAP has not yet evaluated them. In 2019, the Hector received 5 ratings for protecting adult occupants and 4 stars for protecting children. In 2017, the Compass received a 5-star rating for both adult and child occupant protection.

Here is a table comparing the safety ratings of these SUVs:

Car Global NCAP Rating ASEAN NCAP Rating
Tata Harrier Not Tested Not Tested
Hyundai Creta 4 stars (adult), 3 stars (child) Not Tested
Kia Seltos 3 stars (adult), 3 stars (child) Not Tested
MG Hector Not Tested 5 stars (adult), 4 stars (child)
Jeep Compass Not Tested 5 stars (adult), 5 stars (child)


The Tata Harrier is a fantastic SUV that provides its buyers with lots of advantages. Its security, however, remains a puzzle that needs to be cleared out. We anticipate that Tata Motors or Global NCAP will test the Harrier in an accident soon to determine how safe it actually is. We can only rely on rumors and anecdotal evidence up until that point.

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