50 kmpl Mileage Cars

50 kmpl mileage car: What are the possibilities, and is it even possible?

50 kmpl mileage car: You may be wondering if and which possibilities exist if you desire a car that gets 50 km/l in fuel economy. In this article, we’ll talk about cars that get 50 kilometers per gallon, including what makes them tick and which models can actually do it.

50 kmpl Mileage Cars

A car’s mileage indicates how efficiently it uses gas. It can either be expressed in kilometers per liter or miles per gallon, depending on the region and the prevalent unit system. Better mileage is good for the economy and the environment because it cuts down on gas use and greenhouse gas emissions.

50 kpl vehicles get 50 kilometers on a single gallon of gas. Cars in the United States receive 10 km/l on average, whereas those in India get 18 km/l. A vehicle with a fuel economy of 50 km/l would be five times as efficient as the usual American vehicle and twice as efficient as the ordinary Indian vehicle.

However, getting 50 km/l in a variety of variables, such as gasoline type, engine technology, vehicle weight, driving style, road conditions, and weather, is challenging. Vehicle resale value might vary depending on how the mileage is measured and tested. You should learn about calculating and comparing mileage before purchasing a car that gets 50 km/l.

How is mileage calculated and compare?

Laboratory testing and road testing are the two primary procedures for determining and comparing mileage. A dynamometer, a device that mimics road conditions, is used to subject a vehicle to a conventional cycle of speed and acceleration in a controlled laboratory setting. While this technique offers a controlled and consistent means of calculating mileage, it may not be indicative of how a car performs in real-world conditions.

Test drivers, routes, and weather conditions can all vary in the real world, so it’s important to put a vehicle through its paces. However, due to the inherent uncertainty and variety of the components involved, it is possible that the results cannot be reliably compared.

50 kmpl Mileage Cars
50 kmpl Mileage Cars


Laboratory testing and reporting of mileage has varying norms and standards depending on where in the world you are. In India, for instance, the Modified Indian Driving Cycle (MIDC) is used in lab testing conducted by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to mimic city and highway driving. Labels and marketing for new cars in India must include the ARAI-certified mileage values.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) runs laboratory testing at both stop-and-go city speeds and at constant highway speeds to mimic real-world driving conditions. Expected EPA mileage estimates must be included on the labels and ads of all new cars sold in the United States.

However, there is a possibility that the results of these lab tests will differ from those of impartial organizations or individual consumers. Some of the greatest mileage automobiles in India in 2023, for instance, have ARAI-certified mileages between 23 and 27 kmpl, while their actual mileages may be closer to 15 and 20 kmpl.

Similarly, vehicles that achieve a combined EPA rating of 50 mpg (21 km/l) are still a rarity in the United States. The comparison is further clouded by the fact that these vehicles may run on electricity or alternate fuels rather than gasoline.

Checking both lab-tested and real-world-tested mileages from reputable sources and comparing them with other models using the same gasoline is essential when searching for a car with a 50 km/l mileage.

What are some of the Cars that claim to achieve 50 kmpl mileage in India?

Here are some cars that claim to achieve 50 kmpl mileage in India:

  • Mahindra Ertiga CNG – 42 kmpl claimed mileage in the city and 54 kmpl claimed mileage on the highway
  • Maruti Suzuki Eeco CNG – 35.8 kmpl claimed mileage in the city and 45.7 kmpl claimed mileage on the highway
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 CNG – 31.56 kmpl claimed mileage in the city and 40.84 kmpl claimed mileage on the highway
  • Maruti Suzuki Celerio X CNG – 34.05 kmpl claimed mileage in the city and 43.08 kmpl claimed mileage on the highway
  • Hyundai Santro CNG – 31.58 kmpl claimed mileage in the city and 41.06 kmpl claimed mileage on the highway


A car with a mileage of 50 kilometers per liter is extremely fuel-efficient and environmentally beneficial. But such a vehicle is hard to come by, and much harder to make using regular gas engines. Hybrid or alternative technologies, on the other hand, may have a higher chance of getting there. However, there may be obstacles and limits associated with these technologies, including their accessibility, cost, dependability, and compatibility. Therefore, it is essential to compare and contrast various models, methods, and sources of mileage measuring and reporting while searching for a car that achieves 50 kmpl in fuel economy.

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