CNG Price in Delhi, State-wise List

The price of cng in New Delhi today, July 30, 2023, is 73.59 per liter. The price of cng in New Delhi, a city in the Indian state of Delhi, is a significant element that influences the daily life of its residents. The price of cng in New Delhi, like in other cities in India, is reviewed daily and is impacted by a variety of factors, including international natural gas prices, exchange rates, and central and state government levies.

CNG Price in Delhi

Here is the CNG price in Delhi as of today, July 30, 2023:

  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) price in Delhi is ₹73.59 per kg.

Last Months CNG Rate in New Delhi

Here is the CNG rate in New Delhi last month, June 2023:

Date Price per kg
June 1, 2023 ₹72.63
June 8, 2023 ₹73.29
June 15, 2023 ₹73.59
June 22, 2023 ₹73.59
June 29, 2023 ₹73.59

Last Year CNG Rate in New Delhi

Here’s a table of the CNG rate in New Delhi in June 2022:

Date Price per kg
June 1, 2022 ₹68.49
June 8, 2022 ₹69.43
June 15, 2022 ₹70.47
June 22, 2022 ₹71.47
June 29, 2022 ₹72.47

State-wise List For CNG Price

State Price per kg
Andhra Pradesh ₹69.50
Bihar ₹68.66
Chhattisgarh ₹70.38
Delhi ₹73.59
Gujarat ₹69.98
Haryana ₹73.14
Himachal Pradesh ₹74.06
Jharkhand ₹69.66
Karnataka ₹72.54
Kerala ₹74.65
Madhya Pradesh ₹71.28
Maharashtra ₹72.11
Odisha ₹71.54
Punjab ₹72.76
Rajasthan ₹71.66
Tamil Nadu ₹74.65
Uttar Pradesh ₹70.90
West Bengal ₹70.80

City-wise List For CNG Price

City State Price per kg
Ahmedabad Gujarat ₹69.98
Bangalore Karnataka ₹72.54
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh ₹71.28
Chennai Tamil Nadu ₹74.65
Delhi Delhi ₹73.59
Gurgaon Haryana ₹73.14
Hyderabad Telangana ₹74.20
Jaipur Rajasthan ₹71.66
Kolkata West Bengal ₹70.80
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh ₹70.90
Mumbai Maharashtra ₹72.11

About CNG

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a type of natural gas that is compressed to reduce its volume and make it suitable for use as a clean-burning fuel in vehicles, industrial processes, and residential applications. CNG is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel because of its lower emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Production of CNG: CNG is primarily composed of methane (CH4) and is extracted from natural gas reserves in a similar way to conventional natural gas. After extraction, the natural gas is processed to remove impurities and moisture. It is then compressed to a pressure of typically around 3,000 to 3,600 pounds per square inch (psi) to form CNG.

Advantages of CNG:

  1. Environmental Benefits: CNG is a cleaner fuel compared to gasoline and diesel, emitting significantly lower levels of pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter. It also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more eco-friendly option.
  2. Cost Savings: In many regions, CNG is generally cheaper than gasoline or diesel, leading to cost savings for vehicle owners. This can be particularly advantageous for fleet operators and commercial vehicles with high fuel consumption.
  3. Reduced Engine Wear: CNG burns more cleanly and efficiently, resulting in reduced engine wear and potentially longer engine life compared to traditional fuels.
  4. Abundant Resource: Natural gas, the primary component of CNG, is abundant in many parts of the world, making it a readily available and domestic energy source for countries with natural gas reserves.
  5. Safe Handling: CNG is lighter than air, which means it disperses quickly in case of a leak, reducing the risk of fire or explosion. It has a narrow range of flammability, making it safer to handle compared to some other fuels.

Challenges of CNG:

  1. Infrastructure: One of the primary challenges of adopting CNG as a mainstream fuel is the need for an extensive refueling infrastructure. While it is increasingly available in urban areas, the availability of CNG refueling stations may be limited in some regions.
  2. Reduced Driving Range: CNG has a lower energy density compared to gasoline, which means vehicles may have a slightly reduced driving range on a full tank of CNG.
  3. Vehicle Availability: Not all vehicles are designed to run on CNG. While dedicated CNG vehicles exist, some vehicles can be converted to run on CNG with aftermarket kits.

Applications of CNG: CNG is primarily used as a fuel for various applications, including:

  • Automotive: Many cars, buses, and commercial vehicles are equipped to run on CNG. Some are dedicated CNG vehicles, while others can be bi-fuel vehicles that run on both gasoline and CNG.
  • Industrial and Commercial: CNG is used as a fuel for industrial processes, such as heating, power generation, and manufacturing operations.
  • Residential: In some regions, CNG is used for residential purposes, such as cooking and heating.

Overall, CNG offers an attractive option for reducing emissions and promoting a cleaner environment while providing cost savings for vehicle owners and energy consumers. However, its widespread adoption may depend on further infrastructure development and vehicle availability in different regions.

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