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Ashok Leyland Celebrates 75 Years of Excellence with Nationwide Drive!

Ashok Leyland Celebrates: As part of the big events for Ashok Leyland’s 75th anniversary, the “Dream Drive” began in Bengaluru. The drive is a trip to different towns and dealerships in India, and it ends at the company’s factories all over the country. On five different paths, 10 vehicles will go all the way across the country.

From Bengaluru, Mumbai, Leh, Kolkata, and Dibrugarh, the drive will go through some of the country’s most important cities. The drive from Bengaluru to Ennore has started, and the other four “Dream Drives” will follow quickly: Mumbai to Alwar, Leh to Pantnagar, Kolkata to Hosur, and Dibrugarh to Bhandara. The goal of the campaign is to show how much the company cares about the country in many ways.

Along the way, Ashok Leyland will work with its large network of retailers, have direct contact with its most important customers, and learn from the Commercial Vehicle ecosystem’s many years of experience.

Ashok Leyland History

Ashok Leyland is a well-known Indian automotive manufacturer specializing in commercial vehicles. Here’s a brief overview of the history of Ashok Leyland:

1948Ashok Motors Established: Ashok Motors was founded in 1948 by Raghunandan Saran, an entrepreneur, and named after his only son, Ashok. Initially, the company started assembling Austin cars and Leyland commercial vehicles in India.
1955Collaboration with Leyland: In 1955, Ashok Motors entered into a collaboration with British company Leyland Motors Limited, leading to the formation of Ashok Leyland. Leyland acquired a majority stake in the company, and the new entity focused on producing commercial vehicles.
1963Manufacturing Heavy Vehicles: Ashok Leyland began manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles, including buses and trucks, using Leyland’s technology and expertise. This move helped the company solidify its position in the Indian automotive market.
1987Technical Collaboration with IVECO: Ashok Leyland entered into a technical collaboration with IVECO (Industrial Vehicles Corporation), an Italian company. This partnership allowed Ashok Leyland to access advanced technology for commercial vehicles and expand its product range.
1993Joint Venture with Nissan: Ashok Leyland entered into a joint venture with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd of Japan, forming a new company called Ashok Leyland Nissan Vehicles Limited (ALNVL). The collaboration focused on producing light commercial vehicles.
2007Acquisition of Czech Republic’s Avia: Ashok Leyland acquired a majority stake in the Czech Republic-based commercial vehicle manufacturer Avia. This move expanded Ashok Leyland’s presence in the European market.
2010Acquisition of Defiance Testing & Engineering Services: Ashok Leyland acquired Defiance Testing & Engineering Services in the United Kingdom, strengthening its research and development capabilities.
2016Acquisition of LCV Business from Nissan: Ashok Leyland bought out Nissan’s stake in the joint venture, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ashok Leyland. The company was renamed Ashok Leyland Ltd.
PresentGlobal Presence and Diversification: Ashok Leyland has grown to become one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in India and a significant player in the global market. The company produces a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and defense vehicles. It has also expanded its operations in various countries, exporting vehicles to markets worldwide.

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