Nissan Quest

2023 Nissan Quest Price, Colors, variants, Mileage, Features, Specs and Competitors

Introducing the stunning 2023 Nissan Quest, where innovation and elegance unite to redefine the modern minivan experience. Step into a world of automotive excellence where style, comfort, and versatility seamlessly merge to create a vehicle that captivates both the heart and mind. With its striking design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched performance, the 2023 Nissan Quest is here to elevate your journey to new heights. Prepare to embark on a captivating adventure where every moment behind the wheel becomes a delightful escape. Get ready to indulge in a minivan that not only meets your family’s needs but exceeds your wildest expectations. Welcome to the future of minivans with the alluring 2023 Nissan Quest.

2023 Nissan Quest Price

Rumors have been swirling that the Nissan Quest could make its grand return as early as next year. While official details remain shrouded in secrecy, enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation. If the whispers hold true, we can expect a resurgence of this beloved minivan, promising an exciting blend of practicality and style. While we eagerly await confirmation from Nissan, speculations suggest that the base price for the new Quest could fall within the range of 33,000 to 35,000 dollars. As we await official announcements, the prospect of the Nissan Quest’s comeback fills us with anticipation and the promise of a remarkable minivan experience.

Nissan Quest
Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest variants

  1. Nissan Quest S: The base model could start at around $33,000, offering essential features and functionality for those seeking a reliable minivan at an accessible price point.
  2. Nissan Quest SV: A mid-tier variant might be priced around $36,000, offering additional convenience and comfort features, such as upgraded infotainment systems, enhanced upholstery, and advanced driver-assistance technologies.
  3. Nissan Quest SL: Positioned as a higher-end option, the SL trim could potentially start around $40,000, incorporating luxury touches like premium leather seats, advanced safety features, a larger infotainment display, and additional convenience amenities.
  4. Nissan Quest Platinum: Positioned as the range-topping variant, the Platinum trim could command a price starting around $45,000. It would likely offer the most advanced features, such as premium audio systems, panoramic sunroof, rear-seat entertainment, and advanced connectivity options.

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Nissan Quest Colors

  1. Brilliant Silver Metallic
  2. Gun Metallic
  3. Pearl White
  4. Super Black
  5. Dark Mahogany Pearl
  6. Titanium
  7. Platinum Graphite
  8. Dark Slate
  9. Twilight Gray
  10. White Pearl

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Nissan Quest Mileage

estimated fuel efficiency of around 20-27 miles per gallon (MPG) in city driving and 27-32 MPG on the highway.

Nissan Quest Features

  1. Spacious Interior: The Nissan Quest typically offers a roomy and versatile cabin, with seating for seven or eight passengers and ample cargo space. Foldable and configurable seats provide flexibility to accommodate various passenger and cargo configurations.
  2. Advanced Infotainment System: Many Quest models come equipped with an infotainment system featuring a touchscreen display, smartphone integration (such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and available navigation system.
  3. Safety Technology: Nissan places a strong emphasis on safety, and the Quest often includes advanced safety features like a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning.
  4. Comfort and Convenience: Features such as power-sliding doors, power-adjustable seats, multi-zone climate control, keyless entry, push-button start, and available leather upholstery contribute to a comfortable and convenient driving experience.
  5. Entertainment Options: Rear-seat entertainment systems with DVD players or screens, wireless headphones, and separate audio controls are commonly available in higher trim levels, ensuring an enjoyable journey for rear passengers.
  6. Powertrain Performance: The Nissan Quest has historically been powered by a V6 engine paired with an automatic transmission, delivering a balance of performance and fuel efficiency.
  7. Exterior Styling: Nissan Quest models often showcase a sleek and modern exterior design, with distinctive front grilles, bold character lines, and stylish alloy wheels.

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Nissan Quest Specs


  • The previous generation Nissan Quest typically featured a 3.5-liter V6 engine.


  • Most models were equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that provides smooth and efficient power delivery.

Power Output:

  • The V6 engine in the previous Quest generation produced around 260 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque.

Fuel Efficiency:

  • The estimated fuel efficiency for the previous generation Nissan Quest varied, typically averaging around 20-27 miles per gallon (MPG) in city driving and 27-32 MPG on the highway.

Seating Capacity:

  • The Nissan Quest typically offered seating for seven or eight passengers, depending on the configuration and trim level.

Cargo Space:

  • The cargo space in the Quest varied depending on the seating configuration. With the rear seats folded, the Quest offered a generous amount of cargo room for transporting belongings.

Safety Features:

  • Previous Quest models often included a range of safety features, such as advanced airbag systems, stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and available advanced driver-assistance features like blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

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Nissan Quest Competitors

  1. Toyota Sienna: The Toyota Sienna is a popular minivan known for its reliability, spacious interior, and advanced safety features. It offers a range of family-friendly amenities and hybrid powertrain options.
  2. Honda Odyssey: The Honda Odyssey is another well-established minivan that offers a comfortable and versatile interior, strong performance, and a reputation for reliability. It features advanced safety technologies and various convenience features.
  3. Chrysler Pacifica: The Chrysler Pacifica offers a stylish design, a range of available features, and advanced safety options. It stands out with its hybrid powertrain option, ample cargo space, and innovative Stow ‘n Go seating system.
  4. Kia Sedona/Carnival: The Kia Sedona, known as the Carnival in some markets, is a minivan that provides a compelling combination of value, comfort, and technology. It features a spacious cabin, modern styling, and available luxury features.
  5. Ford Transit Connect: While not a traditional minivan, the Ford Transit Connect offers a compact and versatile option for families or businesses. It provides flexible seating configurations, cargo space, and efficient powertrain options.
  6. Dodge Grand Caravan: Although the Dodge Grand Caravan has been discontinued as of 2020, it was a longstanding competitor in the minivan segment. It offered practicality, affordability, and a range of family-friendly features.

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How to Book Online Nissan Quest?

To book a Nissan Quest online, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the official Nissan website: Start by visiting the official Nissan website, where you can find information about the Nissan Quest and its availability in your region.
  2. Locate the “Build & Price” or “Find a Dealer” section: Look for a section on the website that allows you to configure and customize your desired Nissan Quest or find a local dealership.
  3. Configure your Nissan Quest: Use the online configurator to select the desired trim level, features, colors, and any additional options you prefer. This will help you build the Nissan Quest that matches your requirements.
  4. Check availability: Once you have configured your desired Nissan Quest, check for its availability at local dealerships. The website may provide a search function to help you find dealerships near you that have the model in stock.
  5. Contact a dealership: Once you have found a dealership with the Nissan Quest you want, reach out to them to inquire about the booking process. You can usually find their contact information on the dealership’s website or through the official Nissan website.
  6. Book a test drive: If you would like to test drive the Nissan Quest before making a final decision, schedule a test drive with the dealership. This will allow you to experience the vehicle firsthand and ensure it meets your expectations.
  7. Finalize the booking: Work with the dealership to complete the necessary paperwork and finalize the booking of your Nissan Quest. They will guide you through the process, including discussing pricing, financing options, and any available incentives or promotions.

Nissan Quest FAQs

Is the Nissan Quest still in production?

the Nissan Quest had been discontinued. However, please note that the automotive industry is dynamic, and plans can change. It’s best to consult official Nissan sources or contact a Nissan dealership for the most up-to-date information on the production status of the Nissan Quest.

Will there be a new Nissan Quest?

There have been rumors and speculations about a potential comeback of the Nissan Quest in the future. However, official announcements regarding a new Nissan Quest have not been made. It’s advisable to refer to official Nissan sources or contact a Nissan dealership for the latest updates on the potential reintroduction of the Nissan Quest.

What are the seating capacity and cargo space of the Nissan Quest?

The Nissan Quest typically offers seating for seven or eight passengers, depending on the configuration and trim level. The cargo space can vary based on the seating configuration, with the ability to fold down the seats to create a larger cargo area. The specific seating and cargo capacity may differ between model years and trim levels.

What safety features does the Nissan Quest offer?

The Nissan Quest, in previous generations, has offered a range of safety features. These may include features such as advanced airbag systems, stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and more. The availability of safety features may vary depending on the model year and trim level.

What is the fuel efficiency of the Nissan Quest?

The fuel efficiency of the Nissan Quest can vary depending on factors such as the model year, engine size, and driving conditions. In previous generations, the Nissan Quest typically achieved an estimated fuel efficiency of around 20-27 MPG in city driving and 27-32 MPG on the highway. However, it’s important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary.

Where can I find more information about the Nissan Quest?

For more information about the Nissan Quest, it is recommended to visit the official Nissan website or contact a Nissan dealership. The official sources will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Nissan Quest’s features, specifications, availability, and any potential future developments.

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