The experts agree: Tesla needs to update the look of its vehicles.

The electric automaker has never returned to redesign any of the models, even for an MY (Model Year) change

Experts and observers in Tesla’s field have reportedly called for a brand refreshment. Model S, the company’s longest mass-produced vehicle, turns 11 in June of this year, and while improvements are expected, there is currently no word on when they will be released.

In order to boost its delivery numbers in the following year, analysts believe that Tesla must improve its more cheap vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y.

In the last decade, Tesla has reportedly released three new models: the Model X in 2016, the Model 3 in 2017, and the Model Y in 2020. Yet, the electric car manufacturer has never revisited any of the models to remodel them, not even for a MY (Model Year) revision.


Constant over-the-air upgrades have helped Tesla improve the ownership experience, leading many to conclude that a typical model-year change isn’t necessary for Tesla. However, sources imply that this method could present problems if the company intends to become a mass-market brand with the debut of an EV priced at less than $25,000.

When a manufacturer sells 3,000,00 units of the same vehicle and many of them are parked together in a parking lot, customers want something that will make their car stand out, according to Sam Fiorani, an automotive analyst at AutoForecast Solutions.

Back in the day, when cars came packed with technology, sprucing up the exterior would entice customers to return. Tesla, on the other hand, hasn’t had to do that for a long time because the company spent the better part of the last decade courting early EV customers. The automaker may need to reevaluate its approach now that it plans to produce 2 million vehicles annually.

It has been reported that Tesla is experiencing a sales downturn and that the firm has responded by lowering prices and providing supercharger incentives.

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