Jaguar F-Pace Price

2023 Jaguar F-Pace Price in India, Colour, Mileage, Specs and More

The Jaguar F-Pace is a luxury compact crossover SUV designed and produced by British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. It was first introduced in 2015 and has since become one of Jaguar’s most popular models.

Jaguar F-Pace Price in India

Jaguar F-Pace pricing ranges from 77.41 lahks to 77.41 lahks (Avg. ex-showroom). There are two models of the F-Pace. The highest model F-Pace costs 77.41 Lakh in petrol. The base model of the F-Pace costs 77.41 lakh rupees in diesel. While the starting pricing for the F-Pace automatic is Rs. 77.41 lakh.

Jaguar F-Pace Colour 

The Jaguar F-Pace is available in a range of colour options including:

  • Fuji White
  • Santorini Black
  • Indus Silver
  • Caesium Blue
  • Eiger Grey
  • Firenze Red
  • Portofino Blue
  • Carpathian Grey
  • Yulong White
  • Silicon Silver
Jaguar F-Pace Price
Jaguar F-Pace Price

Jaguar F-Pace Variants and Mileage

The Jaguar F-Pace is available in the following variants and estimated mileage:

Variant Mileage (City/Hwy)
F-Pace 22/27 mpg
F-Pace S 22/27 mpg
F-Pace R-Sport 22/27 mpg
F-Pace SVR 16/21 mpg

Jaguar F-Pace Top Speed

The top speed of the Jaguar F-Pace varies depending on the model, with the SVR being the fastest. The top speeds are as follows:

  • F-Pace: 135 mph
  • F-Pace S: 155 mph
  • F-Pace R-Sport: 135 mph
  • F-Pace SVR: 178 mph

Jaguar F-Pace Specifications

The Jaguar F-Pace has several notable specifications including:

Engine 2.0L Turbocharged Inline 4 or 3.0L Supercharged V6
Horsepower 247 hp to 550 hp
Torque 269 lb-ft to 502 lb-ft
Transmission 8-speed automatic
Drivetrain All-wheel drive
Seating 5 passengers

Jaguar F-Pace Features

The Jaguar F-Pace comes with a range of features including:

Feature Description
Touch Pro™ 10″ touchscreen display with navigation
Meridian™ Sound System 11 speakers and subwoofer
Adaptive Dynamics Suspension system for enhanced driving dynamics
Adaptive Cruise Control Maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front
Rearview Camera Provides a view behind the vehicle for easier parking
Blind Spot Assist Alerts the driver when a vehicle is in their blind spot

Jaguar F-Pace Competitors

The Jaguar F-Pace is a luxury compact SUV and its main competitors in the market are:

  • BMW X3
  • Audi Q5
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Porsche Macan
  • Lexus RX

Jaguar F-Pace FAQ

Is the Jaguar F-Pace available in hybrid or electric options?

Yes, the Jaguar F-Pace is available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid options, as well as a fully electric variant called the Jaguar I-Pace.

What is the maximum towing capacity of the Jaguar F-Pace?

The maximum towing capacity of the Jaguar F-Pace is 5,291 pounds.

Does the Jaguar F-Pace have all-wheel drive?

Yes, all-wheel drive is standard on all Jaguar F-Pace models.

What is the cargo capacity of the Jaguar F-Pace?

The Jaguar F-Pace has a cargo capacity of up to 63.5 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

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