BH Series Number Plate

BH Series Number Plate – Explanation, Eligibility, Pros & Cons

BH Series Number Plate: The BH series licence plate was introduced by the federal government last year specifically for those with mobile professions. It was established to do away with the hassle of having to re-register a vehicle whenever its owner relocates to a new state. In this post, we’ll go through the specifics of obtaining a BH licence plate, including what they look like, any potential drawbacks, and the process.

BH Series Number Plate – What Is It?

The majority of the workforce in India is mobile. That means they have to uproot and relocate to different states frequently. If they take their car with them, they’ll have to re-register it and pay road tax in the new state.

The BH series licence plate was issued by the federal government in September 2021 in an effort to do away with this convoluted procedure. This set of licence plates allows those who frequently relocate for work to register a new vehicle with the DMV and drive freely anywhere in the country. The plates in the BH series are accepted nationwide, unlike standard licence plates.

BH Series Number Plate
BH Series Number Plate

BH Series Number Plate – Decoding

Traditional licence plates feature a two-letter state abbreviation, a two-digit regional transportation office (RTO) abbreviation, two random letters, and four random numbers. The final four digits of a phone number can also be obtained via bidding. This is the format for a standard licence plate:

MH 01 AA 1111

On the other hand, a BH series number plate looks like this:

22 BH 1111 AA

Here, the first 2 numbers signify the year of registration, 2022 in this case, followed by BH, which stands for Bharat. Then there are 4 random, computer-generated numbers followed by 2 random alphabets excluding ‘I’ and ‘O’.

BH Series Number Plate – Eligibility

The BH-series licence plate, as was noted earlier, is intended for those who frequently change employers. Therefore, the following are qualified to receive a licence plate from the BH series:

  • Central and state government employees
  • Employees of PSUs such as BHEL, ONGC, BSNL, etc.
  • Defence personnel
  • Employees of a company having offices in at least 4 states/UTs

BH Series Number Plate – How To Get One

You can receive a personalised licence plate from the BH series for your new vehicle if you meet the requirements. If you are a government employee, your dealer will require a copy of your official ID card, and if you are a private sector worker, they will need a copy of your Form 60 employment certificate. The dealer will next submit an application for a vehicle identification number, which you will receive a few days later. Number plate installation can be arranged with the dealer after you take possession of the vehicle.

BH Series Number Plate – Tax Structure

The road tax for a brand-new vehicle registered with a standard licence plate must be paid in full for the next 15 years at the time of purchase. There are a number of factors, including vehicle length, engine displacement, and other specifications, that contribute to the car’s overall taxable value.

Registration in the BH series of licence plates only necessitates annual road tax payments for the first two years of ownership. Then, every other year, you’ll need to renew your road tax. This highway levy can be paid online at the authorised e-vahan site.

As an added bonus, the GST-free invoice value of a car rather than its ex-showroom price is used to determine the road tax for a vehicle registered in the BH series. Also, the tax will be based on the lower price of the car if you get a good reduction on it. Find below the tax breakdown for a vehicle with a BH-series licence plate.

BH Series Number Plate

Road Tax Structure (Petrol)

Price Tax
Below Rs. 10 lakh 8%
Between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 20 lakh 10%
Above Rs. 20 lakh 12%


The above rates apply to gasoline-powered vehicles. Diesel automobiles will be charged an additional 2% while electric vehicles will be exempted from the fee. You’ll need to submit your tax return once every year for 14 years while the tax is being computed based on the information provided, and then once every year after that.

BH Series Number Plate – Pros

Here are the benefits of the BH series number plate:

  1. Hassle-free ownership across the country
  2. Low upfront cost
  3. Lower road tax

BH Series Number Plate – Cons

Here are the shortcomings of the BH series number plate:

  1. Not available for old or commercial vehicles
  2. Submitting road tax periodically could be time-consuming
  3. Cannot get a number of one’s choice as it is computer generated

BH Series Number Plate – Should You Get One?

We recommend getting the BH series number plate if you are eligible, have a transferable employment, and are planning to purchase a new vehicle. The benefits much exceed the drawbacks.

BH Series Number Plate – What Will Change For 2023?

The year 2023 will see a shift from the previous 22 to the new 23 for number plates bearing the BH prefix. It’s possible that next year’s licence plates will be a completely new set of numbers generated by a machine, replacing the used-up ones from previous years. Similarly, the two arbitrary digits at the end of the licence plate that do not include “I” or “O” are probably subject to the same rule.

Can I Convert My Car Registration To BH Series?

In the event that you meet the requirements for a BH series licence plate, you may submit an application for one by uploading the required paperwork and paying the appropriate registration fee. To qualify for a licence plate from the BH series, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Central and state government employees
  2. Employees of PSUs such as BHEL, ONGC, BSNL, etc.
  3. Defence personnel
  4. Employees of a company having offices in at least 4 states/UTs

Can I Buy or Sell a used car with BH Number?

If you are the current owner of a car with a BH-series licence plate, you may sell it to the purchaser without any issues. In order to get a regional registration number, the person who buys your car will have to apply for registration at their local RTO. Similarly, if you buy a car with a registration number in the BH series, you can re-register it at your local RTO.

Can I Transfer BH Registration To A Person Who Is Not Eligible For BH Registration?

Yes. Someone who does not qualify for a BH registration can nonetheless buy the car from you. However, the transfer isn’t complete until the new owner pays the registration fee and any taxes required by the state or union territory. According to the RTO’s or authority’s established registration sequence, a new registration number will be assigned to the new owner.

Are BH Registered Vehicles Transferredable?

Both BH-series eligible buyers and non-eligible buyers can legally transfer a BH-registered car to them. If the new owner qualifies for a BH-series number, a new one will be assigned. If the new owner doesn’t meet the requirements for the BH-series, then the new owner will be assigned a regular registration number in accordance with the registration sequence used by the regional RTO.

Can I Apply For BH Series Number Plate With My Old Vehicle?

Yes. Fill out form no. 27(A) and submit it to the RTO in your current state if you are a regional registration plate holder who has become eligible for BH and would like to re-register your vehicle with a BH number plate.

Who is eligible for the BH Series Number Plate ?

If you fall under any of the following categories, you can apply for BH-series number plate:

– Central and state government employees

– Employees of PSUs such as BHEL, ONGC, BSNL, etc.

– Defence personnel

– Employees of a company having offices in at least 4 states/UTs

What happens If I Sell The BH Number Plate Series Vehicle?

As long as the buyer meets the requirements set forth by the regional RTO, he or she will be issued a new BH series number plate should you decide to sell your BH series vehicle. If the new owner does not meet the requirements for BH series registration, the regional RTO will issue a normal series licence plate in accordance with the current number sequence.

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