Toyota Fortuner type 2

Toyota Fortuner type 2 with Lexus body kit looks sporty & premium

The Toyota Fortuner, like other vehicles made by the Japanese manufacturer, is renowned for its dependability and durability. Several Toyota Fortuners that have 2-3 million kilometres on the odometer and are still running strong have been featured on our website. Many of these Fortuner SUVs are beginning to look antiquated when put next to newer vehicles on the market. Those shoppers can choose from a variety of accessible customization and alteration options. Here’s video of a Toyota Fortuner SUV of the type 2 variety that’s been tastefully transformed with a Lexus exterior package.

Autorounders has posted the clip to their YouTube page. The SUV’s owner in this clip had left the Fortuner at a conversion shop. Although it was not in terrible shape, the SUV was starting to show its age. The team’s initial focus is on the car’s skin. The bumper, headlights, and grille were taken off. A dent puller machine was used to remove and repair all of the dents from the SUV’s panels. After the dings were smoothed out, putty was used to restore the vehicle’s finish. A sander was then used to remove the remaining extra putty.

After getting rid of the dings, a brand new Lexus-style grille and bumper were added to the SUV. Everything on the car was primed, and then it was taken to be painted. After looking at a variety of alternatives, the owner settled on red. They settled on Rubino Red, a luxurious colour typically seen on Bentley vehicles. This hue of Red was used to paint the entire automobile. The car was also given a clear lacquer for that lustrous look. The rear bumper was also updated alongside the front.

The new Lexus bumper has dual-function LED DRLs and a different set of headlights from the factory ones. When it comes to the profile, this Fortuner now has dual-tone wheels in place of the factory alloys. The SUV looked terrific with its new set of 17-inch alloy wheels, which instantly upgraded the vehicle’s aesthetic. The SUV’s new paint job in a deep red looked fantastic. In all likelihood, no other Fortuner in the country has a paint job quite like this one. The interior of this Fortuner has also been customised to match the exterior’s new look.

This Fortuner’s previously beige interior has been refinished in a striking Rubino Red and icy grey colour scheme. The crimson paint covers the upper dashboard of the car. A similar hue is used on the door. It has unique seat covers and leather-wrapped door cushions. The seat cover’s excellent tailoring contributes to the luxurious ambience of the interior. The black roof lining is a result of the addition of starlight roof lights modelled after those found in Rolls Royce vehicles. There are 7D floor mats and a customised steering wheel. This conversion job shocked both the client and his family.

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