Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport Test Various Mule spotted

There were reports of a Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport being tested on Indian roads. One ARAI car was also there, which is an interesting detail. The vehicle looks to be testing the ADAS feature and was likely imported from a right-hand driving region. The Swift Sport has not been officially introduced by Maruti Suzuki in India, but this test mule was likely brought in to test advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that could be included in future models.

The Swift Sport is a variant of the standard Swift hatchback that features a number of athletic upgrades over its less-aggressive sibling. These include new bumpers, wheels, and exhaust outlets, as well as new side skirts. The inside is upgraded with sporty accent stitching on the seats and door trimmings, a modified instrument cluster, and a height and reach the adjustable steering wheel, none of which are standard on the standard Swift. Furthermore, a 360-degree camera is available within the vehicle for your convenience.

The Swift Sport is driven by a 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that produces 127 horsepower and 235 Nm of peak torque. There is a six-speed manual transmission paired with this motor. With the Swift Sport, you can easily break the 210-kilometer-per-hour mark.

In the days ahead, we will learn more specifics about the recent events.

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