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Modified Toyota Fortuner to look like Legender

The Toyota Fortuner dominates the midsize SUV market. Fortuner’s appeal appears to be unaffected by the fact that it has become a very pricy sport utility vehicle. Its dependability and inexpensive maintenance costs are the major reasons for its widespread use. There are still plenty of happy Toyota Fortuner owners out there who are driving around in their first-generation vehicles. The only drawback is that the SUV’s exterior and inside would look dated. In this situation, the SUV can be updated with a variety of new features. Here’s a video of one such vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner (type 1) that’s been expertly transformed into a Legender.

The video is now available on Autorounders’ YouTube account. The film depicts the journey of the type 1 Toyota Fortuner’s owner from Andhra Pradesh to Pune in order to complete the conversion. He hoped to get a type 1 Fortuner modified to resemble a Legender. The grey Fortuner 1 did not look bad at all. The team began working on the dents when the automobile was completely disassembled as part of the modification. After the paint was removed, a dent puller machine was used to repair the car’s minor dents.

Following the repair of the dents, a light coat of putty was placed to the vehicle and the excess was smoothed off. After that was finished, the crew got to work getting the automobile ready to be painted. All the original paint was stripped off the panels, and then they were cleaned to get rid of the dust. After that, we took off the doors and primed all the panels. The vehicle was taken to the paint booth after the priming had dry. This SUV is painted BMW’s Sapphire Black colour at the owner’s request. To make room for the Legender tail lamps, the rear fender and the tailgate needed to be fabricated before the vehicle could be sent to the paint booth.

Black paint was used on the doors, bumper, and entire vehicle, and a clear coat was put on top to make the paint shine. The Legender skins were put on the SUV after it had been removed from the garage. The Legender unit was installed after the grille, bumper, and headlights were upgraded. However, the type 1 top was kept. Aftermarket LED headlights in the manner of the Legender were installed. They have both LED daytime running lights and fog lights. On the underside of the bumper is another set of LED DRLs.

There was also a refinishing of the alloy wheels. The dual-tone alloy wheels, enhanced LED taillights, and revised bumper are all new features for this type 3 pre-facelift. This SUV’s inside has also been modified to match its appearance. Black paint was used to refinish the plastic panels, and a new type 3 steering wheel was installed. In addition to the roof liner, brown leatherette replacement seat covers were installed. Workshop added a touchscreen infotainment system, but the car already had 7D floor mats, a galaxy starlight roof, and ambient lights.

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